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Review: Mr Darcy presents his bride - Helen Halstead

Genre: Historical romance, regency
Pages: 320
Published: 2007

When Elizabeth Bennett marries the brooding, passionate Mr. Darcy, she is thrown into the exciting world of London society. She makes a powerful friend in the Marchioness of Englebury but the jealousy among her ladyship's circle threatens to destroy Elizabeth's happiness. Elizabeth is drawn into a powerful clique for whom intrigue is the stuff of life and rivalry the motive, and her success, it seems, can only come at the expense of good relations with her husband. This novel also continues the stories of other favorite Pride and Prejudice characters including Georgiana Darcy and Kitty Bennett, each of whom have amusing adventures of their own.

I truly can't get enough of these it seems. This book takes place after the wedding, Lizzy is to be introduced to society, Lady Catherine is furious, Kitty wants a man, Georgiana is to be presented, and all the rest are there too.

First I must mention that this book had some sadness, and that was sure unexpected, but it was a part of the story. Still made me sad.

Lizzy and Darcy is as loving as always, but I must confess that this book showed a side of him that I didn't like. He was jealous, got all grumpy, and I even thought he was a bit whiny. She still loved him, but this was not the Mr Darcy one meets at the end of the book. Sure the book showed an epilogue of 12 years later, but if it was like thsi in the beginning so how did they suddenly got really happy and content?

To the rest, oh my, this book wanted matches for all, I shall not say who actually married but in play were: Kitty Bennet, Georgiana Darcy, Anne de Burgh, Colonel Fitzilliam and Caroline Bingley. I must confess I enjoyed that, I wanted a HEA for all of them (ok not all, but it worked out ok.) I am sure if she had continued Mary had gotten a man too, but yes, Mary, she was rude and really unpleasant in this book.

An ok Austen sequel, but I just feel now afterwards that I didn't love Darcy as I should have.

For fans this could be a book to read, since I liked the fact that she went all matchmaker on the whole bunch. But I would have liked a happier Darcy and not that sadness part.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Fitting
Reason for reading: Ok, you see I went to visit a friend and I went to her library and omg, omg! Big city library, in awe! I wish I could have stayed for 2 weeks and read and read. But I still managed to grab a few books,and will continue to read like crazy. Some cool books coming up this weekend. 
Final thoughts: An ok sequel.


  1. I want a happy Darcy too!! Still sounds like a fun read!

  2. You're braver than I, Blodeuedd. I can't read these Austen spin-offs. First I can't understand why we can't leave well enough alone. And second, Darcy and Elizabeth are perfectly happy in my mind and to see them go through any distress bothers me. I suppose I'm too in love with the original...

  3. I don't think I want to read any of the sequels to Pride and Prejudice. I struggle that there are so many of them and I don't want to mess with the lovely memory I have of the book.

  4. A very cool review! I can't imagine a jealous, grumpy Darcy... But it sounds like a cool book.

  5. Uhoh, Darcy is whiny?? No way!! :) Thanks for the great review!

  6. I'm also hesitant to read Austen sequels. Mainly because Austen wrote the characters best - and I'd think Elizabeth would have more sense than to get involved in intrigues ;) I envision her and Darcy living a quiet, contented life in Derbyshire and, when they are in London, sticking together and finding the whole 'society scene' amusing.

  7. Hey B:

    I love your enthusiasm for these books. I never was much of an Austen fan to begin with but I may try one again in the future.

    Nice that everyone got HEA's. Too bad about Darcy the grump though..

    Great review as always!

  8. I refuse to read a book in which Mr. Darcy doesn't make me fall completely in love with him ;-) Will be skipping this one!

  9. I love the sequels and I'm going to add this one to my list.

  10. Staci
    Even with the grumpy Darcy it was nice ;)

    Alas, no zombies, seamonsters or vampires in sight.

    Oh I like them. ever since I found them I have been all over them. Sure I love to leave them there happy but then this other part of me wants more...and more

  11. Vivienne
    Lol, I love messing around with them, I just want more because I liked it so much

    He was a bit, bleh really, but it was still fun to see what could have happened

    I know! I just didn't care for him and that is just wrong wrong wrong

    I think that is how I would like to picture them too. Now she was the toast of the society, and it she got a bit weird too

  12. Lea
    Lol, I seem to read a lot and hm, I have more coming up ;)
    Truth be told, I do not love the original, I love the tvseries, maybe that is why i love these books

    >Haha, that is teh spirit, no grumpy Darcy!

    Yay, another fan ;) yes please do

  13. I loveed this book but I do understand your comments. Although, I tended to think that it showed a truthfulness to Darcy that you don't see in all novels. I certainly saw things in my husband I didn't like when we first married but after 26 years we've grown into a very happy married couple. Just my thoughts! Great review! I'm like you and love this genre.

  14. Alaine
    I did not think of that but that is true. I guess I am all in my fantasy world how darcy should be, but this was how he was. Not bad, just normal in the end

  15. I like the sound of this one. I dont think anyone can top the original Mr.Darcy.

    Great review :)

  16. Naida
    Nah, he is just too special, but I love how they keep on trying

  17. I'm almost afraid of reading P&P sequels. I have in my mind the ever after I want, and I don't that I want that disturbed.

  18. Carol
    I can totally understand that :) Then there is me who wants more more and more, lol, I can't get enough

  19. I have wanted to read this one for a while, but maybe I'll pass. I certainly don't need a whiney Mr. Darcy. Grow up! Thanks for the review sweetie :)

  20. Jenny
    It's good for a rainy day, but Dacry sadly didn't do it for me

  21. Hmm...not sure I'd like the Darcy in this book, but these Austen sequels are a guilty pleasure!

  22. Anna
    Mine too ;) I can't stand away from them. But yes, Darcy was, not Darcy really



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