Sunday 1 August 2010

Review: Branded by Fire - Nalini Singh

Psy-changelings 6

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 345
Published: 2009

When a brilliant changeling researcher is kidnapped, DarkRiver sentinel Mercy, a cat, and SnowDancer lieutenant Riley, a wolf, must work together to track the young man-before his shadowy captors decide he's no longer useful. Along the way, the two dominants may find that submitting to one another uncovers not just a deadly conspiracy, but a passion so raw that it'll leave them both branded by fire.

This was my fav book so far, I think it has to do with the fact that this time it was a changeling couple. They had great chemistry and no one was ice-cold or without feelings, instead the feelings were overflowing.

Mercy is a sentinel for the DarkRiver pack, and Riley has the same status over at the SnowDancer wolves. Here they are working together to bring the packs together. Mercy is going crazy since all the dominant cats are mated and she is left alone and she needs a man who is not weaker than her, but the doesn't want someone stronger either. And then there is Riley who pushes all the wrong buttons, or should we say right buttons. But wolves and cats do not play nice together.

This book worked for me cos of the feelings between these two, the book was warmer. Mercy was cool, even if she did have a lot of trouble with what she wanted. Riley got used to the whole situation faster and knew what he wanted. He was strong, and oh yes I liked him. I also learnt that wolves and cat can play really nice together.

To sum it up, this one was hot.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Meh
Reason for reading: Borrowed
Final thoughts: The best one of the series so far.


  1. I think they keep improving with each book. :)

  2. I've been wanting to read this author but haven't had a chance yet. Great review!

  3. Even though these aren't my cup of tea...I'm thrilled to hear you loved it!

  4. Oh this series looks good! Thanks for sharing. She's on my want-to-read-her-books list. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend! I lost my internet connection! *horror*

  5. Yvonne
    I hope you get the chance soon

    I am enjoying the ride for sure

  6. Sassy
    Oh no! *gasps in horror* How did you survive that ordeal

  7. Well it looks more than hot judging from the cover. LOL

  8. Wisteria
    Lol, well I can't argue with that

  9. *Jumping up and down* This one was your fave, yay! I loved it too and now we've only to wait a little longer for another changeling/changeling pairing with PLAY OF PASSION. The hero is Riley's brother. YUM! Can't wait!!

  10. VFG
    I am soooo happy this turned out to be my fave, love those changelings, they are so fun :D
    Oh...oh, now I remember, that is gonna be awesome too I hope

  11. Maybe I need to pick this series back up, if they just keep getting better.

  12. these do sound good, your reviews make me want to read them.

  13. I love the cat and dog dilemma and chemistry! Sizzling!

  14. Carol,
    Aye, that is something to think about ;)

    I know, gotta love that, and they sure had some chemistry.

    My work here is done here then ;)

  15. I think I have the first in the series on my nightstand. Haven't read any of Singh, must rectify that. Thanks for the review!

  16. Jenny
    Do read the first and see if you fall for her world. The cubs are so sweet, and the world is pretty cool



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