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Review: The King's Bastard - Rowena Cory Daniells

Book One of The Chronicles of Kind Rolen's Kin

Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 640
Published: July 2010

Cloaked in silent winter snow the Kingdom of Rolencia sleeps as rumours spread of new Affinity Seeps, places where untamed power wells up. Meanwhile, King Rolen plans his jubilee unaware of the growing threat to those he loves. Even though Byren Kingson is only seven minutes younger than his twin, Lence, who is the king's heir, Byren has never hungered for the Rolencian throne. When a Seer predicts that he will kill Lence, he laughs. But Lence Kingsheir sees Byren’s growing popularity and resents it. Enduring loyalty could be Byren’s greatest failing.

Fiercely loyal, thirteen year-old Piro is horrified to discover she is also cursed with unwanted Affinity. It broke their mother’s heart to send Fyn away, so she hides her affliction. But, when Fyn confesses his troubles, Piro risks exposure to help him.

This book is the reason why I love fantasy. It swept me away, it had me biting my nails and when I tried to do other things I couldn't stop thinking about it. Yes, it has been all I have been thinking about for the last few days.

Byren is the main character, a young prince who loves his family and country. But his brother doesn't care for his company any more, and is listening to bad advice. And when Byren is seen as a hero after killing a beast the anger grows in Lence. The other main characters are Piro, the youngest member of the family and she is hiding her magic so she will not be sent away since all those with affinity becomes nuns or monks, or are killed. Then there is Fyn, with little affinity he has served long, and no when it's time to become a monk for real he is not sure which path to take.

There is political intrigues and treachery around. Illien, the son of the late king's bastard has come to court and has soon charmed the king and Lence. He is spreading lies, and what his agenda is, I can only imagine. Oh how I loathe him from the start with his slick ways.

With Illien at court trouble start. There is also the subject of Lence not wanting to marry a foreign princess, a country that might just attack, trying to keep the peace along the warlords.

This is a book filled with adventure. Things seems to get worse and worse, and they have many personal battles in front of them. And beasts to killed. I was pulled into the story at once, Byren is a young hero that you just have to like. Piro is a little spitfire, Lence and Illien I disliked, and Fyn, well I am still unsure about him. He is nice, but I feel so sorry for him for having to become a monk just cos he is born in Rolencia. 

The book had me reading fast to see what happened next, and aching when things didn't turn out good. Lies can hurt more than mortal wounds. This is a story that you can't put down, and when it ended I knew that I have to read more. There are two more books in this trilogy that is being published this year. Because in the end if was a fantastic start to a fantasy series and one of the best fantasy books I have read in years. It suited me perfectly.
Politics, magic, intrigues, love, and friendship is mixed in this amazing tale. And I need more books.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Dunno really, I mean very fantasy, but he looks like a zombie.
Reason for reading: Asked by the author, and for that I am truly happy now.
Final thoughts: Hey, why are you still sitting there? Go and read this book now. For you fantasy fans I recommend it. For the rest of you, if you want something good, look no further.
Final grade: 4,5 cos I fell in love


  1. He does look like a zombie, doesn't he?!

  2. Just your telling of how this book made you feel had me excited and thinking I need to get back on the fantasy bandwagon. It almost comes across like George R.R. Martin.

  3. Chris
    He sure does, quite a scary non-zombie guy there.

    Yes come back to the lovely embrace of fantasy, lol. Don't you miss the heroes, wards, wizards, dragons, orcs and all things that can be found in fantasy :)
    Hm, Martin but with no crazy bloodbaths

  4. I love when a story takes you away from real life for a moment. :)
    It sounds really good, but it does has many pages. ;)

  5. Sounds wonderful. I'll have to pick it up. Great review!

  6. Sounds wonderful! I don't read very much fantasy but your review makes this one pretty tempting.

  7. M'kay...the cover scares me

  8. Well, you've got me convinced. I'm adding it to my list now. Great review.

  9. Awesome cover!!!!! Can't wait to read this.

    Great review!

  10. Awesome cover!!!! Can't wait to read this

    Great review!!!!!!!

  11. I'm not big on fantasy, but this sounds good. Great review.

  12. Nina,
    Don't let the pages scare you, I read it so fast cos it was so good :)

    I am sure you'd like it, the both of you.

    Oh yes listen to me, fantasy is nothing more than historical paranormal in the end ;) Lol, ok now I am just trying to tempt you.

  13. Mandi
    On cover 3 there is an even scarier guy

    Yay, I am sure you'll like this fantasy book

    Thanks, and the book was so awesome. I am sure you'd like it too

    Come on over to the lovely fantasy side ;)

  14. It sounds like you really enoyed this book!

  15. Hi B!

    I like a good fantasy read, and this one sounds great, I've seen a few covers similar to this one, Chronicles of the Necromancer Series is the one I'm thinking of... Series #1 and #3, by Gail Martin. I've been tempted to buy them, but now I'll have to consider this one too.

    Excellent review! Thanks for sharing!

    Dottie :)

  16. I love books that leave me feeling like it was the best thing I've read in ages or I just can't stay away from reading it. I'm glad this one was one of those kind for you!

  17. Hey Sweetie,

    I love fantasy stories...and this one sounds good.


  18. DC
    I did, but then fantasy is the best genre in the universe

    Hi Dottie
    I have the first book! :D Got it from bf (well ok I told him what to buy me but still ;) Have not read it yet though, I got the idea to finish a series before I start a new one, doubt it will hold up. Can't tell you about that series, but this one rocked

  19. Darlene
    We do need those kinds of books as readers, they just make me so happy :D Just what a book should do.

    Hi hon :D
    Yes fantasy is the best, awww fantasy, I am so glad I found this lovely genre

  20. This one sounds interesting.
    Great review! I havent read much fantasy, but the ones I have read I enjoyed.

  21. Oooh, now I can't wait to read this. Great review!


  22. See, I knew we were buds for a reason :) LOL, I think I'm going to get the Necromancer Series on ebook and I might as well check out The King's Bastard too. It sounds epic, and if it could keep your attention for 600 pages, it must be worthy! (Everything I've read about this book says it pretty good, and it's a trilogy, so more to come!)


    Dottie :)

  23. Naida,
    fantasy is the best, and yes you should have a look at this one.

    Yay, good to hear :) I do recommend it

    Lol, yes there must be a reason :)
    The 600 pages honestly just flew away, I am a freakishly fast reader when I fall in love with a book. I am in a crazy reading frenzy

  24. Thanks for the great review! i keep seeing this one around, i'm glad to hear that it's good.

  25. Carrie
    fantastic :) Nothing warms my soul like fantasy. I do think that it always will be my fav

  26. I haven't read this author yet, looks like I so need to look into it :)

  27. Cherry,
    Oh yes, you do that :)

  28. The book had me reading fast to see what happened next, and aching when things didn't turn out good.

    That's what happens when you read a good fantasy book... so glad you love this one..

    As for the cover - I find more and more fantasy book covers are a mix of UF and fantasy....

    Probably to attract the current UF market...



  29. EH
    UF, hm, can't see it, but you do make a good point there.

    Love love good fantasy, truly nothing makes me feel so happy. And that is why my re-reads are all fantasy

  30. Great review as always. I'm terribly guilty of judging them by their covers..I wasn't going to go back to this one because I thought it WAS a zombie story. Glad to know I was wrong :)


  31. Jules
    No no, no zombies here :) Just magic, beasts, and soldiers



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