Saturday 28 August 2010

Review: Sweet Anger - Erin St Claire

 aka Sandra Brown

Genre: Romance
Pages: 250
Published: 1985

Television newscaster Kari Wynne blamed her shattered life on one man--D.A. Hunter McKee. He hadn't directly caused her husband's death, but he had destroyed his reputation. Still, the desire that exploded every time they met was almost overwhelming.

Oh yes old school romance, I do confess to have rolled my eyes once... or ten times.

Kari looses her husband and then the DA Hunter Mckee opens a case against some of her husbands associates, and he is also blamed there. She is upset and starts slandering him on tv where she works, he falls in love and will they ever be together...

Ok she the first time they meet he yells at her, while watching how pretty she is and when she leaves he realises that he is in love with her, ok buddy it's called lust. Then one time when she had fainted and opens her blouse and sure spends some time looking at her bra and thinking how pretty she is. This after really going after her in court.

I can't say I liked Hunter, his sudden love for her was a bit, maybe it was the 80's love. And she, well she hates and hates, and then she suddenly loves him.

Also I did spend some time time giggling at the sexscenes too, like when she was thinking that she wanted intercourse. The sex and making out wasn't that hot. But then things to evolve in 20 years.

All in all it was an ok book, and I am blaming some things on the 80's because I have sure read books like this one before.

The book had romance, drama, and one angry couple.

Cover: Lol
Reason for reading: I actually won this in Good Reads First program, never thought I'd win.
Final thoughts: Sandra Brown has written some great books, later.


  1. I have almost every single category that Sandra Brown wrote in her early days. Love them!

  2. That book would drive me nuts. :)

  3. KT
    Lol, all of them!? :)
    I too loved her, but I never read these, and I stopped when she went too thriller of that it was

    It was a child of its age ;)

  4. Oh, wow, an 80s romance! I remember sneaking a peek at those when I was a teenager. They seemed so scandalous back then! So much has changed.

  5. Not really sure the book is for me, sounds like it might be a bit unbelievable(the love vs. hate) :)

  6. **Popping in to say hi honey and I hope you have a great weekend!!!**

  7. Yes, Brown broke my heart going from fabulous romance with mystery. Just like Julie Garwood did from historical to blah mystery.

    Another great old school Brown category is Seduction by Design. Owner of an amusement park tries to seduce his virginal head of operations employee. So hot!

  8. hehehehe the old 80's romances.... i love the covers but sometimes they are just too old school for me

  9. Diana
    Lol, yes when I read my first, I thought nothing could be as scandalous at that one, how little I knew ;)

    I guess love hate was the thing back then..ok it still is but I never really liked it. Not if it was too much hate

    Ho hon :) ALl good on the northern front

  10. Katie
    I know, why do they change :( But then surely more like Brown's new genre I guess.
    Hihi, who knows I might have read it, cos I looked at some old books of hers, nad yup I have read some

    I agree there...though I will never tire of Barbara Cartland cos they are just lovely pieces of sillyness

  11. Some author confuse anger with conflict...and over do it. If it's an early book in the writer's career that might have been the problem you felt in the story.

    Obviously, she must have over come that in her later books.

    I've never read Sandra Brown but I'll take a look next time I'm at the Book Store.

    Good review honey!

  12. Great review! Sounds like a typical romance - been there, done that - but it's a proven formula for good summer entertainment, I guess.;)

  13. Houston
    I used to read her books but at some points they were just too thriller for me..or perhps I just stopped liking the genre. But anyway, it ws sure fin to have a look at her earlier stuff :D

    Romance is never wrong even when it feels silly ;)

  14. I havent read any 80 romances, but I can imagine they might be a bit outdated like this one.
    Still sounds like a fun read tho!
    Great review :)

  15. Naida
    Mostly the way they talked, and some things were, well they held back ;)

  16. My grandmother had books with cheesy covers like this when I was a kid. I think they're the reason I didn't read romance for so long lol. I'm almost positive I haven't read any that are this old though.

  17. Woot! I loved this blast from the past review! Isn't it amazing how much times have changed? Thank gawd too.

  18. Tink
    Lol, well i sure is cheesy, what were they thinking back then?! I am glad you got over that horror and started reading ;)

    It was so much fun cos it was so different. How time changes in 20 years, freaky.

  19. LOL this cover is hilarious...and the book. I'm now really interest to read an 80 sex scene.

  20. Susi
    Lol, it was something else for sure. You must dig out an old book and have a look



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