Thursday 21 October 2010

Review: The Claiming of Suzy - KT Grant

Genre: Contemporary romance, hot
Pages: 139
Published: September 2010
Review by Lis

Suzy Bean is a woman who lives in the moment and loves her overabundant curves. The man she secretly loves, JC Mosino, is the only one who can make her untamed sexual fantasies a reality. After having way too much fun during a party, JC drives her home where their passions ignite. Suzy believes this is night she and JC will go from being friends to lovers. Unfortunately things go awry and Suzy ends up throwing JC out.

Now Suzy's whole world has been turned upside down. She's given up smoking and is sexually frustrated when she meets a handsome, flirty stranger, who rubs her the wrong way. This chance meeting is one she'll never forget, for Mr. Hunk is her new boss, Xavier Marks.

JC's craving for Suzy is consuming his thoughts, and he wants nothing more than to work things out and become her lover. He has a plan, but has to move fast as Xavier works to seduce Suzy. JC will do whatever he can to claim his brassy, buxom beauty for his own.

Okay, let me start this review by saying that this book made go Grrrrrrrr. Books like this are the entire reason why I prefer m/m books sometimes (probably also the reason why I have more male friends than female friends ;-)). Though men can be idiots just as much as women, as this book definitely proves!

Alright, now that I have that of my chest, lets start the review. No, the above does not mean I hated the book or that it was bad. Let me explain.

The Claiming of Suzy is about Suzy who wants to do the nasty and she wants JC to do said nasty and boy is she a woman on a mission. Unfortunately for Suzy, JC is an idiot and just as they are about to get to the nasty the wrong words come out of his mouth. Proof that some men are just pretty until they open their mouths.

Fortunately for us, Suzy kicks JC to the curb. You go girl! But the story does not end there. While JC remains an idiot throughout the story, Suzy has got it bad for him. Not even the handsome and lovely (can I have him?) Xavier, her boss, can change her mind. Silly woman.

The heart knows what it wants and it wants Xavier.

The Claiming of Suzy is an interesting light read centered around a big big big and very common misunderstanding. The writing is good, but simple. The character are a bit on the flat side as there is no real depth to them. They are there to play out their parts and nothing more.
What I did like is that Suzy is not just you drop dead gorgeous runway model. She is fully figured with her curves. She is beautiful in her own right. Like any woman she has her vices and her insecurities and she is not afraid to show them.

This book did not work for me as I had a big “been there done that” feeling when I read. It held no surprises and I predicted how this would go as I read this book. However, this does not mean that the book is bad. While it has it bad points, it might just be the fun read you are looking for.


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  1. It's too bad when the story doesn't feel genuine or completely original. I appreciate your honest and in-depth review! :)

  2. Melissa, that is always the problem with book reviews, personal views are always involved. To me the book didn't work for the reasons described in the review, but I'm a big believer of finding out for oneself if a review is right or not :-)

  3. I'm curious with the "can I have him?" comment. :D I may have to find out for my self now. ;)

  4. I don't like such books. I have no urge to find for myself whether it works for me or not. I know it won't. Call me prejudiced, call me an idiot, I won't read such a romantic mush. EVER. Thanks for the review - now I know that I should avoid it.

  5. Melissa
    She does say it like she sees it :)

    So funny, you two often comment after each other ;)
    That one did make me wonder too.

    No mush...ever? I love mush, it makes me mushy happy

  6. Lis
    Excellent point. I need the good reviews, the ok reviews, and the negative reviews before I make my mind up. Cos in the end we are all different

  7. Good review! I like it because it's honest but pleasant. Thank you. And you are right it’s one person’s opinion, you never know how you’ll feel about the book until you read it.

  8. I'm reading this one next week..we can compare notes :)

  9. Although this isn't really my kind of book I have been curious about it because I enjoy reading Grant's blog. I hope her book will be successful but, after reading your review, I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be reading it myself.

  10. sooooo not my kind of book.
    Thank you for the honest review that lets me know I should steer clear of this one. . .

  11. Grrr, the Big Mis can be so irritating.

    Glad you enjoyed this read Lis and thanks for the honest review and recommendation.

  12. Ana
    No mush...ever? I love mush, it makes me mushy happy

    I can tolerate mush but only if it is served with some action or fantasy meat ;). Alone it makes me do bad things, like throwing a book out of the window.

  13. Not going to read this. Thanks for the honest review. It does not sounds like it's a book for me..flat characters are not the greatest. :)

  14. Host
    So very true :) it's up to all of us, I sure wanna read this one, but then Kate did tempt me with certain carpet

    Looking forward to seeing that review

    Her blog is the best isn't it, so funny, perhaps her other book would be more to your liking

    Thanks for coming by :)

  15. VFG
    WOmen can sure be annoying sometimes, lol, but then it's truthful, lol

    Haha, I have been known to throw books ;) But mostly I love mush, I need that sweet stupid story once in a while. So I go for total mush, or none at all.

    Aww too bad to hear

  16. awww, i'm sorry you didn't like this one that much :(

  17. Thanks for the honest review.
    I don't like it when the characters are flat either.
    I agree, the heart always wants what the heart wants. Plain and simple.

  18. Melissa (Books and Things): well Xander is a hottie. Waaaaaaay better than JC. *sigh* Maybe I'll run into a Xander look-a-like tonight!

    anachronist: That is true. Sometimes you just know that a book is not for you. Though granted, I did sometimes find out I was wrong.

    host: Thank you! :-) That is the thing. I like reading reviews to get a feel for books, but you can't go by another's opinion. You have to find out for yourself. There is a very wise quote on that somewhere!

    Mandi: have fun! I hope you enjoy the book!

    Simcha: I haven't read any of her other books, so I can't tell, but you never know :-)

    brizmus: Glad I could help ;-)

    VampFanGirl: Thanks! :-) Yes, the Big Mis is very common in books, especially the last two years.

    Nina: you're welcome! :-) Hahah captain cardboards always remind me of Galahad in the Arthurian romances!

    Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...: nah, trust when I say I have read much much worse and this didn't even come close!

    naida: yup that is too true, even if it is an asshole. You see it too much, even in RL

  19. Carrie
    That does happen :(

    And that is why the heart rocks, lol

  20. I love the review style and your voice in this post Lis! I'm going to send a link of this one to my friend that likes this type of book.

  21. Staci
    She does have a great voice, they are so fun to read

  22. Staci: woa *blushes* thank you! :-)



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