Thursday 7 October 2010

Review: The Usurper - Rowena Cory Daniells

King Rolen's Kin, book 3

Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 489
Published: September 2010

Now a slave, Piro finds herself in the Merofynian Palace where, if her real identity is discovered, she will be executed. Meanwhile, Fyn is desperate to help his brother, Bryen, who is now the uncrowned King. Bryen never sought power but now he finds himself at the centre of a dangerous resistance movement as the people of Rolencia flee vicious invaders. How can Byren defeat the invaders, when half his warriors are women and children, and the other half are untrained boys and old men?

First, the guy looks totally scary, fear not though, he is not a zombie. I guess he is meant to be Fyn, the prince destined to become a monk because of his magic.

This book picks up where the last ended. Piro is on her way to Merofynia as a slave and she will serve princess Isolt. While her capturer expects her to be a spy for him. Byren has a camp filled with women, children, and some soldiers. He is trying to figure out how he can win his country back from his cousin, and kick out all the Merofynians. All while the young Fyn has been shanghaied and is now a sea hound. They all want to restore the throne.

I liked Piro's adventure, because later she meets this young mage, and I do like when I suddenly gets hopes up for possible romance. Byren's tale was war, as before, he is the fighter, the brave one and the one destined to be king. While Fyn really stepped up in this one, he showed he is courageous and noble, and he falls in love, sort of.

There were also some new faces, the young mage Tyro, princess Isolt, and then the evil Palatyne who wants to rule the world, and marry the young pretty Isolt. He does not care who he kills on hsi way to his throne. He feels like a very believable bad guy. Greedy for power.

The only negative part is the end. Oh it's a very happy fulfilling ending, but at the at same time it's open, and some major conflicts are left, especially in the romantic department. I want more, I need more, I must ask Daniells.

This is still a good end to a fantasy series that kept me enthralled and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. The political plots, the hidden agendas, the magic, it all makes this an interesting tale of good, bad, and all that lies in between.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Too zombie looking
Reason for reading: From the author
Final thoughts: Epic fantasy

The winners of Cattitude by Edie Ramer are:
Stella Ex Libris


Jen M

Congrats! Will email you both soon


  1. OK creepy cover, fab review even though I don't think I could read it. Not my kind of read.

  2. You're adorable! Your comment on the cover being too zombie looking cracked me up!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    I love the covers for this series... they are all really dark. Now to read the first in the series.

  4. I need more time in the day to read. There are just so many great books and series out there.

  5. Inked
    Not a fantasy lover? Then not everyone is :)

    *nods* scary indeed

    Lol, I am glad to have made you laugh today

  6. Shellie
    Nr 2 was the one I really liked, that one was magical. But yes get started

    Don't we all wish that, sighs, would be lovely

  7. whoa, that cover really is extraordinarily creepy! I kind of love it, though, and with that review, I might be checking out the first one!

  8. I'm not big on fantasy, but this sounds like a good one.

  9. Brizmus
    Do check that first one first, and that one has a pretty creepy cover too ;)

    I hope you do :)

  10. Based on the cover art I would say the guy looks pretty scary to this chicken.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. ps did you get a new header?? I like it a lot!

  12. Congratulations to Stella and Jen!!

    I haven't read this series yet... looks like this one is a good read! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Dc
    Lol, he does look really scary, I would not want to meet him one dark night

    Yes, got it today :) Well there has been a process and now it's ready, yay

    I am sure you would enjoy it, book one sure offers a lot

  14. Hmm... I like fantasy, but not always high fantasy. It IS zombie looking! lol

  15. Melissa
    It is the perfect scary zombie.

  16. Yep....I want to read this series for sure!! Rockin' review!

  17. Staci
    Go find that first book ;) A woman needs some epic fantasy now and then in her life

  18. sounds like a page turner. I guess the ending leaves it open for the next book.

    congrats to the winners!

  19. Naida
    I heard back and she said she has ideas, so i sure hope there will be more



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