Friday 29 October 2010

Review: Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews

 Kate Daniels, book 2

Genre: urban fantasy
Pages: 260
UK pb publication: October 2010 Gollancz

As a mercenary who cleans up after magic goes wrong, Kate Daniels has seen her share of occupational hazards. Normally, waves of paranormal energy ebb and flow across Atlanta like a tide. But once every seven years, a flare comes, a time when magic runs rampant. Now Kate's going to have to deal with problems on a much bigger scale; a divine one.

When Kate sets out to retrieve a set of stolen maps for the Pack, Atlanta's paramilitary clan of shapeshifters, she quickly realizes much more is at stake. During a flare, gods and goddesses can manifest - and battle for power. The stolen maps are only the opening gambit in an epic tug-of-war between two gods hoping for rebirth. And if Kate can't stop the cataclysmic showdown, the city may not survive.

I may not be in love with Curran yet, but here my heart did skip a beat.

Kate Daniels needs to find some stolen maps for the pack, but a mysterious man keeps getting in her way. The flares are getting worse and soon strange creatures are after here, this time Gods wants to come out and play. Curran still annoys and this time she becomes responsible for someone else  too.

My thoughts:
Kate can still kick some serious ass, and she is not afraid to take anyone on. I like that she is so unafraid and that she can stare down the mighty Curran.  But for the most of this book I kind of wanted her to get together with Bran, he was such a hottie in my head, but then I love a good Celtic hero. But then came the quote that made me for the first time fall for Curran. I may not be a Curran lover yet, but I can see myself heading that way.

"Animals expresses love through food. When a cat loves you, he'll leave dead mice on your doorstep, because you are a lousy hunter and he wants to take care of you." - Aunt B

Awww, Curran likes her. Ok I am starting to see why everyone adores him. Still Bran had my heart in this book.

The kid Julie brought something more to the book, I got to see some motherly instincts from Kate, because she is so reckless and will get herself killed. I keep hoping someone will tell her to slow down.

The magic still rocks, the dystopian world is a great invention, the things that keep showing up are interesting and I wonder what will happen next. And then there is Roland, I need to know more! I need to know about him, and for that reason alone I would keep on reading.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
An interesting UF series, a kick-ass heroine, and a plot that drives the book forward. I am aching to know more, and to see if Curran wins me over. Because he is on his way doing that. I would give it a 3,5 because it was good, and I would recommend this series. But I think it can get even better, and there is only one way to know that, and that is by reading book 3.

Cover: At least her expression is better here than on book 1.

review copy from the publisher, all my thoughts are my own


  1. Glad to know you'll continue reading this series!

    Please remember to read those Curran POVs after each book. You'll get more insight to what he's feeling in certain situations! :)

  2. Sounds delightful! I really like the name Curran. Characters from fantasy books always have some really good names.

  3. B,

    I read the first book in this series - but it didn't really grab me.

    I am interested to see how well you like them as they go along. I may re-visit the series if you like it well enough. :)


  4. Yay - keep reading - trust me!!! And I second the Curran POVs :)

  5. Keeeeeep Reading!!! And I too recommend the Curran PoV. Very interesting to read them.

  6. I think the second installment is actually the weak link of the whole series. I enjoyed it but not as much as the first and the last two books. Too many monsters, too much action (as you already pointed out)and not etirely satisfactory resolution of the romance (?) with Bran. When have a bit more time I'm going to write my own review.

  7. Maija
    I am just too curious for my own good. I had totally forgotten about his POV! Must read it on Sunday when I come back

    It does sound nice, and yes that is one great thing about fantasy, the cool names

    I will let you know! The first was ok, this one was better and this continues then yay

  8. Patti
    I promise :D Cos need to know about Roland!

    Curran's Pov it is.

    I do not mind the action, I actually love action so I didn't mind. But yes kind of wanted something to happen with Bran

  9. *sighs* Yep... this is a series I need to read! Ugh... you are gonna make me want the whole series to devour aren't you... :)

  10. Great, another series I'm going to have to add to my TBR pile. Awesome review!

    Teens Read and Write

  11. I'm excited about this one..I love it when you unexpectedly fall in love with a character!!

  12. Melissa
    Oh perhaps that is my evi plan yes ;)

    The TBR Mountain of Doom cannot be stopped.

    My fav thing to do also :D

  13. You're still in book 2!! *squee*

    "I keep hoping someone will tell her to slow down."

    - you are in for a lovely reading surprise Blodeuedd!! Wish I am back to that time again where I first discovered Ilona Andrews but have 4 books to read instead of having to wait a year for the next book :(

  14. Keep going hon. I so love this series.

  15. Keep going hon. I so love this series.

  16. Cherry
    Yes it's lovely to know that I have so many before me cos I hate waiting, hate hate it.

    I will :)

  17. I'm glad you haven't given up on this series! Book two is when I started to get Curran. Just wait till the next one, then you'll see why we all love him like we do Barrons.

  18. This does sound like a good series.
    Glad youre enjoying it!

  19. Bucky
    Oh no, Barrons, another guy people keep loving and I am yet to discover ;)

    It was fun, and I do like strange futures

  20. Another series I've been meaning too start on, sigh ... so many books so little time.



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