Saturday 2 October 2010

Review: A touch of dead - Charlaine Harris

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 224
UK publication: August 2010 Gollanz

Now, for the first time, here is every Sookie Stackhouse short story ever written—together in one volume.

Stories include “Fairy Dust,” “One Word Answer,” “Dracula Night,” “Lucky,” and “Giftwrap.”

Since this book consists of 5 short stories I am going to review them all.

Fairy Dust
In this one Claudine, the fairy needs Sookie's help.

This was an ok short story, Sookie used her power, and the fairies showed their true nature.

One Word Answer
A man shows up at Sookie's house to give her that which belonged to her cousin.

This one explains more about Hadley. I remember reading the book where Sookie went to New Orleans and being a bit confused. SO this one could have been good to read beforehand.

Dracula Night
Eric is going crazy planning a party because every year Dracula himself attends one, and Eric really wants it to be his.

This one was my favourite, and I am not saying that because Eric was in it, ok that played a part. But it was interesting with the whole myth about Dracula, and there was Sookie and Eric interaction.

An insurance agent asks Sookie for help and together with Amelia she plays detective.

A little detective work and an ok story.

Sookie finds a wounded shifter in the forest, it's Christmas and she is all alone and takes him home.

This one had a little heat in it, a tiny bit. But it was a good and surprising story.

Overall I found myself enjoying these stories more than the books. Sookie fits really well in a short story, and these were from different times during her life after she met Bill. This one explains some things, and some are just pure amusement. A little treat for Sookie Stackhouse lovers.

But, I do feel like you should have read the first 8 books so you really grasp things. Like the fairies, her grandfather and who Amelia is, no to mention the whole were community. In the book it also says when the stories takes place.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Simplistic
Reason for reading: From the publisher
Final thoughts: I was amused, and it reminded me that I really need book 9.



  1. I haven't read this one yet, I've been holding off for some reason. Maybe it's what I need to renew my interest in the series? Nice review.

  2. Lovely review B!

    Ms.M. adores this series and I have the first 3 in the stacks to read. Haven't had time to read them yet of course.. lol

    This one sounds good!

    Thanks for sharing..

  3. I really didn't like the whole addition of the fairies to the series and so I don't think I would like the first story but the rest of them sound like they could be worth reading. Maybe I'll give this book a try.

  4. FV
    Perhaps, at least I liked this one better than the last couple of books in the series.

    Thanks Lea :=)
    Only the first 3, that should mean you haven't even read the shower scene yet, oh, you really should read book 4 ;)

    The faeries did come all suddenly, and I didn't really care that Sookie become even more special suddenly. So yes perhaps the rest would be better for you :)

  5. I'm not a huge Sookie fan, so a collection of short stories would probably be just right for me.

  6. B,

    I enjoy this series a lot - but sometimes I think Sookie needs to stand up for herself a little better and not let the vamps take advantage of her the way they do.


  7. I "discovered" the anthologies about 3 books in so I read the rest of the series in order with all the anthologies and it made it MUCH better reading!
    The only one I did not like was the Christmas on when Sookies grandfather gave her a man for sex - that was just wrong.
    I loved the Fairies story (they are too funny) and all the stuff with Amelia the whacky witch. I think these characters added more humor and lightness to the series.



  8. Great review! What a great idea to put the short stories together in one book. I'm still in the middle of reading this series, but eventually I will get to this one.

  9. Oooh, I never know about this book! I've to admit that I'm not a big fan of Sookie Stackhouse series because of Sookie herself but since you said Sookie fits well in this short stories, perhaps I should give it a try.

  10. Lovely review! I love the Sookie Stackhouse novels, so I'll definitely read the short stories at one point. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I have this book in my TBR mountain and would have read it after realizing that this is actually an anthology of Sookie stories... but I haven't read the Sookie series yet so am glad you said that a reader would get a better appreciation out of this book if the series is read first in sequence :) Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  12. Bermuda
    I think they would be just right, sometimes a little is more

    I agree, they all tend to walk right over her and still she is portrayed as so strong and independent..sometimes

    I liked the shifter story, well most of it. Cos then came the end and I was like wtf? Creepy is the word. But then he is a fairy, what to expect.
    But yes so much better to read them far into the series

  13. I had no idea that she wrote a short story!! Your post reminds me that I need to read #2!!

  14. Yvonne
    Yes better to wait until you have read some more :) And I really like the idea of this one

    Not a fan of book Sookie or tv Sookie? But yes I kind of get it. Not my fav either all the time. But the rest makes it worth it

    Thanks Irena :)
    Do read this one then too, it really explains that one book

  15. Cherry
    My advice would be to wait, because there is also a major spoiler in one of the stories, make that most of the stories. Totally screams spoiler alert

  16. Staci
    yes, she has written a couple, and they were fun, I really don't know how I ended up liking them more than the books

  17. I'm in the minority, but I really don't care for this series. I'm glad you enjoyed the short stories!!

  18. "One Word Answer" should really be at the beginning of the book about Hadley, shouldn't it?! That was so frustrating to me.

  19. I haven't heard of this yet! I love the whole Sookie Stackhouse story (despite the fact that she annoys the heck out of me haha) great review!

  20. I know I've read 2 of these short stories, but I only remember one. Thanks for the review. Looks like a good book. I need to get back into this series. I'm so behind.

  21. Carrie
    I wouldn't say that, I felt the books were good first but they sort of stagnated later on

    I agree, why couldn't it be, it would have made it so much easier

  22. Melissa
    Lol, she does that sometimes ;) But as someone who enjoyed the stories then you should read this one too

    Short stories do tend to be forgotten after a while, they are just so short

  23. Haven't read this one but I do like the Sookie series, like potato chips not very nourishing but you still want more :)

  24. Teddy
    Lol, yes they are just like that :D great way of putting it

  25. I thought they were cute fill-in some blank stories.

  26. ducks heads***

    Still have not read or watched anything in this series yet...

    Lovely that Soookie continue to thrill you..


  27. Jennie
    That they were, kind of nice with something light

    Lol, don't duck, you should know all the books I have started yet

  28. This sounds good. Great review!
    Dravula Night sounds interesting.
    I read the first book in the Sookie series but then gave up because it just didn't grab my attention.

  29. Naida
    They were, well, they take some time to get used too. But these short ones were actually nicer



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