Friday 12 November 2010

Review: A bitch named Karma - Stephanie Haefner + I am guestblogging

Genre: Romance, chick-lit
Pages: 164
Published: 2010
Review by Lis

Karma may be a bitch, but sometimes she knows what she’s doing.

When author Lexi Marshall’s perfectly fabulous life of designer clothes, nights on the town with her sexy boyfriend, and a successful writing career literally go up in flames, she must take on Karma and fight to gain control over her life.

Lexi believes her cliché-filled novels are the reason for Karma’s wrath and after a high calorie pity party, she’s determined to rebuild her life to what it once was...that is, until her gynecologist utters a phrase she never expected or wanted to hear: she’s pregnant. Unfortunately, the father is her fresh out-of-the-closet best friend and not the new man in her life.

B. really does know what kinda books she sends to me. Once again I was surprised at the book. The blurb reads like one of the many many many romance books out there with a main character in a bind and pregnant and out on the market for a baby daddy. Furthermore I thought that the blurb didn't match the cover. Yes, I told you I'm shallow right? I like me pretty covers and this one is a bit standard. No, now worries, this is not going to be a bitch review.

For the first part of the book or so, I found the main character, Lexi, a shallow, self obsessed, airheaded bitch. Yes, I know not nice. This is why I only read very very few romances with women in the lead. So for the first part I was pretty much raising my eyebrow at various instances along with rolling my eyes and sighing.

But it gets better. A lot better, in fact. It turns out that Karma can teach this woman something and sometimes you just need to hit rock bottom to know something has to give even if that is you.
So I quite enjoyed the second part of the book along with the support cast that make this story so much richer. Though at parts it really sucked to be Lexi. I mean, I would cringe if I found out my best friend was gay after I slept with him and then to learn you're pregnant. Ouch.

There are several more instances that made my cringe in sympathy, but it was good to read that Lexi could change, grow and learn. She is a strong-minded woman. One that could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it. I liked that a lot, because I just hate characters that give up and wait for a man to rescue them!

The writing is funny and witty and that is something I enjoyed more than the story. While this might not really have been my thing – and really, this book had the unfortunate timing of being read just after I read a wicked awesome book by one of my favorite authors – it is not a bad read. I can really recommend it if you looking for a breezy, amusing but serious contemporary romance read.


And now to a message from me :) I am a guest today over at I swim for Oceans

Melissa asks the strangest and funniest questions, so come over and see.


  1. Sounds like a good one, I wouldn't have picked it up, I think, based on the cover. I'm so superficial when it comes to covers.

  2. Thanks for the review! And the cover, while I do like it, I don't really think it quite matches the story. But, as a first-time published author, I had very little say :(

    Lexi is very superficial in the beginning and I do want readers to kinda not like her, but still want to read hopefully I accomplished that! :) The point of the story is how much she grows and changes and finds joy in things she never ever though she would!

    And I just completed the sequel, Karma Kameleon!

  3. I have to say tho... I do like the title. :)

    Thanks for the review. This does sound interesting!

  4. Ladybug: thanks. Yes it does. While it's not my cup of tea, it might just be your flavour!

    Stephanie: I know! It's not that easy and it has been one of my hand-ups with e-publishers. Don't get me started on the subject.

    Well, you definitely accomplished that! I hated the girl ;-) But I do love a good story where a character grows, though the plot is important too.

    Hihi...guess what I'm listening to right now! :-) Good luck!

    Melissa: The title is fitting because Karma can be a real bitch!

  5. I like the title, too - but it doesn't sound like the cover represents the book that well!

  6. You know, I might be not a fan of romance novels, especially with half-naked women on the cover, but I am a fan of your reviews Lis. You might persuade me to take a book I would never take otherwise. But I am still fighting! ;)

  7. ladybug
    The cover sure is risky.

    Lol, I know, very cool title.

    You got a point there

    She is the best, I wish I had that much humour in my reviews :)

  8. Stephanie
    Good look with the sequel!
    It's very strange that authors have so little so say about the covers since it's they who write the books.

    Thanks again Lis :)

  9. Yeah...and from what I hear, it's not just epublishers. Look at Harlequins...the authors have zero say in covers or titles...and some of them are horrible!!! The titles make me cringe!! LOL!!

    Thanks for all the great comments...hopefully a few of your will take a chance on a book you might not have otherwise. Several readers have loved it and they never read any form of romance!

  10. This one sounds fun and of course, I totally loved your witty review!

  11. Another great review. It sounds like it turned out to be a good one.

  12. Karma can definitely be a bitch! :D I'd hate for karma to stride into my life.

    Book list

  13. Sigh, photobucket stole my cover :(

    Lol, when I need to laugh I just find a harlequin title ;)

    Staci, Yvonne :)

    Thanks for stopping by MsC

  14. I am soo bitching about photobucket... I couldn't see the cover pic! Must be really nice *big grin* to get photobucket's knickers in a twist! :D

    I like humor between the story lines, always makes for a good read.

  15. Cherry
    I am just amazed how quick they were! It wasn't that bad, sure in her knickers, but still, not showing. Must upload it somewhere else

  16. ACK!! It's the scaryone again! XD With a fabu review to add to my tbrlist. Although, I don't quite know what happened to the book cover.

    And the story sounds a bit nailbiting..why take on Karma? That's a scarry thought! lol!

    Thanks for the review and the new addy to my list!! =)

  17. The cover is back, thank you imageshack.

    Lol, yes Photobucket is very quick to take pics away, how on earth they had time I do not know

  18. Yay! So glad the cover is back!!

  19. Good review. Not something I would read but you make a very good case.

  20. Steph
    Yes had to get another account, and now I just hope they don't delete it ;)

  21. Thanks!! Never thought it would be a problem! :)

  22. Stephanie,
    Neither did I, I mean she is not showing anything



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