Tuesday 15 February 2011

Review. Aztec Gold - Caridad Pineiro

Genre: Romantic adventure paranormal
Pages: Ebook, 108
Published: January 2011 Carina press

Six months ago, Cynthia Guerrera's lover and fellow archaeologist Rafael Santiago trekked into the Mexican jungle in search of one of the fabled Cities of Gold-and never emerged. Guilty over their parting, Cynthia won't rest until she knows what happened. When the discovery of a conquistador's journal corroborates Rafe's intended path, Cynthia is determined to finally leave the safety of the museum to rescue him, despite the conquistador's dire warnings, and her own traumatic past.

Arriving at a remote village deep in the jungle, Cynthia is both elated and angered to find Rafe alive. But he is far from well, having watched his team be decimated by a bloodthirsty demon-goddess. When Rafe reveals he has been gifted with supernatural powers-powers he plans to use to kill the beast and save his brother, still held captive in the temple-Cynthia must face her own inner demons to fight alongside the man she loves.

My thoughts:
This one is a mix of genres, I can't put it in just one. There is adventure and suspense, then there is the romance and the paranormal aspects, so all in all a nice little mix.

It a short story, but plenty of action still. Cynthia, the heroine, is an archaeologist, but she stays at the museum cos of something that happened in the past. But she is still strong, and of course smart. Rafe, her lover, has been missing for six months, and he is more the Indiana Jones guy that looks for treasures in the jungle.

The journey there is enough time to make me wonder what is going on, and when they get to where they are headed, that is when the action comes in. Oh yes this temple has a real Goddess who likes to eat people, yummy. Suspense and action.

And don't forget the romance, there are some hot moments earlier on where she remembers Rafe, and more passion are promised when they meet again.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
Like I said, there is something for everyone. Just think Indiana Jones with powers, and all the weird things that happened in those movies, plus smexing. A fun short read.


Reason for reading:
It was short, and I like her books. Thank you netgalley.


  1. Another ebook!! You really need to get an ereader!

  2. B,

    Nice review. :) Is this a modern day tale or a period piece? It sounds modern - but I get a period vibe from the cover.


  3. Indiana Jones with powers? Really? Okay, that does sounds good.

  4. I like the South American appeal!

  5. I like that she's an archaeologist :) Sounds good!

  6. Oh I was thinking about getting this one, but couldn't this month! This looks so good. I'll have to get it to read it for later. Thanks for the great review!

  7. I'm all about short books lately...makes me feel like I got more accomplished!

  8. I loved Idiana Jones movies - although they seemed so childish it was still fun. Sounds good!

  9. Chris
    I know, crazy ;) I so want an e-reader of my own, I just wanna keep this one, but that would not be nice :(

    It's modern, but they find this old pyramid and things so perhaps that is the vibe :)

    Lol, yes Indiana Jones got some cool powers

    It's a wonderful continent for this kind of book

  10. Elysium
    I liked that too, and I have always wanted to become one

    I just saw it on netgalley and thought what the heck :D I need something to read on my e-reader and I do like Pineiro so yay that I got it

    It's a wonderful feeling, and it took no time at all to read it...awww lovely

    I had the hugest crush on him...it was the hat ;)

  11. I am surprised you read it, lol! But I have to admit, this is an awesome book! And it is for everyone!

    Great review honey!
    Hope you had a great day! =)
    Hugs to you!

  12. Sounds very good, I've been in the mood for a nice romance. I do like Indiana Jones. Great review ;)

  13. An adventure romance sounds right up my alley.

  14. Hi Cecile
    Surprised? How? But yes I read it, just had to get it, so fun to read on my borrowed reader

    Who doesn't ;) There is just something about him

    Gotta have an adventure or two sometimes too :)

  15. The hero's name is Rafael Santiago? *swoon* This book sounds great! I love a good romance/adventure.

  16. Lol, I like that -Indiana Jones with powers. Sounds fun!

  17. Nice! I love the sounds of this one. I really like when the book can fall into a few different genres. I get my fill of a little bit of everything. :) Thanks!

  18. Diana
    Lol, I love a good name too, and this one does say swoonworthy to me ;)

    Perfect mix :) Plus crazy demon goddess

    I like that too, though it makes it really hard for me to come up with a genre ;)

    I like the colors, a lot

  19. Well I love Indiana Jones. To add powers to the mix makes me want him badly! Great review Blodeuedd!

  20. VFG
    Thanks :D
    I sure had the hugest crush on him when I was a kid ;)

  21. Great review! :-) I like the fact that it is such a mix of genres...those are always fun to give you a little twist to the normal reading routine!

  22. Deanna
    I do love mixes, they are just so hard to put in that genre up at the top ;)

  23. This sounds different, and really good.



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