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Review: Dragon Blues - Edie Ramer

Genre: Paranormal romance (with a hint of suspense)
Pages: 274
Published: February 15th 2011

Once a dragon
Saxophone player Noah Long shifted from dragon to human 2500 years ago, but the dragon blood still coursing through his veins has kept him healthy and virile. Now his secret is out, and the man who discovered it will do anything to make Noah's blood his own. Noah's only ally is martial arts expert Lila Fox, who heats up the fire in his belly and his heart.

Twice a killer
Lila Fox's first kill was at age sixteen after her stepfather put her mother in a wheelchair. Fourteen years later, she kills another abuser to save a woman's life. When her sister is in trouble and ends up at Noah's place, Lily comes to help. She teams up with the strangely compelling Noah, and discovers he's not all man and has a few tricks of his own.

My thoughts:
I have read reviews of her books and now I finally got a chance to read one of Edie's books, and it did live up to the good things I have heard.

In this book we meet Noah who once was a dragon but then turned human to pursue a woman, but he never shifted back to dragon after that. He has lived alone for long, and he only lives for his music and his treasures (cos he is a dragon and he lives the bling). He is strong, but also vulnerable, he is lonely, and saddened by the all the years on his own. But he is also protective and sweet, and I liked him (of course it did help that he had a cat he loved too).
Then there is Lila, she is also a broken by things from the past. An abusive stepfather used to hit her mum and Lila was left on her own raising her little sister. She also did something she can't forget to protect her mother. She is very protective, strong, can kick ass, but she also finds it hard to trust people and let go. And when these two meet there is that passion simmering beneath the surface wanting to break out. Together they could be so great.

Which brings me to the rest of the book. First there is Lila's sister who Noah calls Beauty and this is because of a certain beauty and the beast fairytale, an aspect to the story I truly liked. But this Beauty is a drug-addict, beaten down and with a scumbag boyfriend. She only causes trouble. The other aspect is the suspense part. Someone thinks that Noah's blood will make him live forever and the hunt is on and that person does not care who he kills to get Noah. Blood will flow.

I am coming to the end then. Edie is a great writer and pens a wonderful story.

Recommendation and final thoughts:
It's a good paranormal romance, and it does feel original. There is this sadness to Noah that I really enjoyed, and it made me wonder if there are any other dragons left in the world. A good suspense part and some nice passion. Plus, the story about him in Wales was good ( I will say no more.)

Reason for reading:
Lis had reviewed one Edie book and I sure wanted to do the same :)

Ok so not the best, but do not let the cover fool you. There is a great story beneath it.


  1. B,

    Great review. Edie Ramer is a new to me author - I will have to google and find out more. :)


  2. It does sound intriguing!

    That cover reminds me of another book (possibly a kids book), but I can't remember what.

  3. I must admit that I never thought that "sad" and "dragon" can be used in the same sentence and concern the same person. Usually dragons cause some sadness but they are rarely portrayed as sad themselves. Good review!

  4. This sounds like a very unique and intriguing idea for a book. Good to hear that it lived up to expectations.
    Noah sounds great!

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  5. New author to me. I have to admit that what attracts me to it is Noah being a saxophone player, it adds a different dimension to the story.

  6. Glad to hear it is good. I follow Edie on Twitter, so will definitely look into her books.

  7. B, thanks so much for your excellent review! You made me laugh with your comment about the "bling." In book 2 of the series, Noah won't be so sad. I already have an idea and I'm looking forward to writing it.

  8. Okay, I want to read this one and glad to hear from Edie that there will be a second. Great review!

  9. Oh this sounds good. Bonus is that Noah is a saxophone player (when I met hubs he was a saxophone player too - so sexy!). :)

  10. I have to say I never thought dragon stories would be of much interest to me, but I'm finding I really like them. This one seems great, I love the sound of Noah, so this must go on the list!

  11. @Michelle
    Go forth and google ;)

    It's a bit cute, but something teen over it too.

    Poor guy had just been alone so long. He had distanced himself from humans over time. Poor little sad dragon

  12. @Brandi
    Good writing, solid story, and dragons. Gotta love real dragons right. They are the kings of the sky

    He has played a bit in Nashville, and he sure loves it, so yes something else to the story.

    She is fun and nice :D I am so glad to have finally read her book. Thank you library :D

  13. @Edie
    I saw that later :D Cool, a series. Are they all about Noah and her or? Are they finding dragons? Ok ok I shall stop asking questions

  14. @Melissa
    I was glad too, I love it when I get more, and here..I hope for dragons

    Really? Cool :D Then you would love it

    I have always liked them. But then those are the big bad dragons that tear villages apart. But this new forms of dragons are nice too

  15. I'm not sure that's for me, but boy, is that cover great!

  16. whoa, 2500 years old!
    btw, i just awarded you:

  17. It sounds original with Noah used to being a dragon instead the standard werewolf nowadays.

  18. Are they all about Noah and her or? Are they finding dragons?

    B, yes. My Haunted Hearts series (from Dead People) are going to be stand-alones. But for the Dragon series, I'd like to do a continuing series with Noah and Lila. There will be other dragons in the next one. I have the premise and a really cool title (which I can't say yet).

    I'm writing Haunted Hearts sequel first. It will probably be about 6 months before I publish the next Dragon book.

    Thanks for asking!

  19. This sounds good, I enjoy paranormal romance.

  20. I don't normally do dragons but this review makes it sounds good.:)

  21. hmmmm interesting! dont think this is for me =/ But thanks for the review! =D

  22. LOL. I love, love, LOVE what you said about the cover! I honestly saw it and was like...I'm not sure about this...but then I read your review and it does sound like such an interesting book! I mean, he's a dragon that transforms into a human, that is just awesome! This will be hitting my TBR list for sure!

  23. Thanks for the answer Edie :)
    Yay for some more dragons, and getting more Noah and Lila. And I can waity, who knows, perhaps I will have a reader of my own by then

  24. Bermuda
    I am glad others like it :D Honestly I am way to picky.

    Awww thanks *hugs*

    So true, I do love my werewolves but they are so many out there

    Romance, and dragons, what more does a girl need :=)

  25. Redd
    I am glad it does :D

    I know the feeling. So many books, gotta pick and choose

    I loved it cos he truly was a dragon. He was not a shifter, but a dragon. And it was fascinating

  26. Very cool. Never heard of it before but it's definitely going on the TBR now! ^_^

  27. Not loving that cover at all, but I do like the premise! It sounds very interesting! :)

  28. That's it! Gotta read this book! ;)

  29. I never read this author before, but I'll add her to my list. Great review!

  30. It sounds like something I might like. I'm always really wary of dragon-themed reads though.

  31. Yea! the book lived up to the hype. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review Pumpkin!

  32. Ooh this does sound good. I have a thing for shape shifters too. I agree about that cover, definitely could be worked on a little bit.

  33. So glad that the story is good because that cover is baddddddd...I thought it was a YA fantasy book for sure.

  34. Alisha
    I am glad to have brought it to your attention, and I hope you give it a go

    Not a fave of mine, but then I am so very picky. Anyway the story behind is great :)

    I hope you like it if you give it a shot :D

    Add away, it's not that much either since it's an e-book ;)

  35. @Laytink
    Wary? How come? Perhaps you are like me, I am a bit like that when it comes to angel books

    I was a bit afraid, like I am always with books that look good, but I enjoyed it

    Since she is an indie author I guess much can't be given to covers. And they really should not matter in the end

    It does give off that feeling. But hey goodness behind it

  36. Interesting to say the least. Bold move to become human

  37. Inked
    I guess it was no fun eating sheep any more and looking at treasures :)

  38. Yup! Sounds really good! Wants!



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