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Review: First impressions - Alexa Adams

A tale of less Pride and Prejudice
Genre: Historical/Fiction/Pride and Prejudice Variation
Pages: 190
Published: 2010

In Pride and Prejudice Fitzwilliam Darcy begins his relationship with Elizabeth Bennet with the words: "She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me; I am in no humour at present togive consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men." What would have happened if Mr. Darcy had never spoken so disdainfully? First Impressions explores how the events of Jane Austen's beloved novel would have transpired if Darcy and Elizabeth had danced together at the Meryton Assembly. Jane and Bingley's relationship blossoms unimpeded, Mary makes a most fortunate match, and Lydia never sets a foot in Brighton. Austen's witty style is authentically invoked in this playful romp from Longbourn to Pemberley.

My thoughts:
Now this was a fun one. I think this is how PP was supposed to be, but then Austen decided to bring in some drama and Pride and Prejudice.

This one changes right at the start. Darcy holds his tongue and dances with Lizzy, and finds her rather witty. So he never tells Bingley to walk away from Jane, and he tells Mr Bennet that his younger daughters are making fools of themselves. I like this Mr Darcy with less pride because it all makes sense. It begins with little things and then the rest falls into place.

How about the rest then. Oh more fun, I promise you. There is a match I always wanted, a match that made me laugh, and we hear about all the rest too. I liked that.

She is also writing in a style very similar to Austen, it feels old, and that does make it feel real. It turns out to be a good variation with less drama, and the characters are on their best behaviour..well most of them. What could you really expect from Wickham? ;)

Recommendation and final thoughts:
This was a short variation, but I enjoyed it. She kept it authentic, and it truly felt like a way the story could have played out. 

Reason for reading:
I like Austen variations, that is hardly a surprise any more

Hm, but I guess it fits.


  1. I think I'll have to pass. I just don't don't understand why so many people have to change the story.

  2. I wonder which matches were made that are not in the original! I alwas thought Mary should have married someone.:) Sounds like a cute book!

  3. Okay, I'm very curious about this one. I need to find out how this Darcy plays out! Hmm.... :)

  4. A nice one, I might be tempted! Less pride and prejudice, more fun!

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I wrote the book to please myself, and it is always a joy to learn that I managed to please others as well. I guess it was safe to assume that I was not the only one craving a certain match. I still can't believe that more writers haven't done the same. Thanks again!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This sounds delish! Great review!

  8. Carol
    Lol, well cos it sells, and who buys them *raises hand* ;)

    You know I can't tell, but I really liked Mary's match, and Caroline's was amusing

    He was, he held back that tongue of his and he behaved in a more like a gentleman ;)

  9. Ana
    It was very amusing, and fun to see how things could have played out. Ok I always say that, but here it was a sweet road, and a sensible one

    I bet she would :)

    It was lovely, and short, lol, I liked that, needed that too

  10. Alexa
    If you are talking about the match I think you are talking about then yes, I always marvel over that too. Such a good match, I have always wanted it.

    Thanks for stopping by :) I am glad I won this book

  11. This sounds good. Now you've got me wondering about that other

  12. I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at the moment and I've never read the original. However, I'm not finding a lot of zombie flavor in the book so I think I'm getting a basic sense on what the original PP was about. I'm planning on reading the original and because I wish Darcy wasn't such an ass and just danced with Elizabeth when he first had the chance, I'll definitely be reading First Impressions =)

  13. Hmm, another Austen variation. How many are there, really?

  14. I enjoyed the review, Blodeuedd. I like Alexa's style as well.

  15. Wasn't Pride & Prejudice originally entitled First Impressions? Or is that another novel I'm thinking of? Hmmm..

    *grins* You're always giving me something new to add to my list! XD Even though it may be a while to get sounds like an interesting AU to P&P.

    Fabu review, Blodeuedd!!

  16. I passed the link to your review along to a friend who's a bit cynical about Austen variations... we shall see.

  17. awww!! this one sounds really sweet!! i like some austen spin offs but not all of them, but this one sounds like i might need to try it!

  18. You know I have never read an Austen book. They do sound good, but I just never seem to get there. Glad you enjoyed this one. :)

  19. Sounds fun...I love Jane Austen spinoffs :)

  20. Darn you! Just win I promised myself I would never read another P&P spinoff here you go posting another review of one! LOL! My amazon account hates you right about now, because I just bought the book!


  21. Naida
    All I can say that it's a good match ;)

    I read the zombie one, lol, funny. I have red the original too, and I am very wicked cos I prefer variations ;)

    I would say a lot :D

    Thank you Monica :)
    It was different style from what i have read so far

  22. Redd
    I think you are right, not sure, but I had that impression too. I like to think of this novel as the one JA wrote, and then an editor said, oh no, we need more drama, heartbreak, and pride and prejudice ;)

    Lol, thank you :)

    There are good one, ok ones and bad ones out there, but that's the case with all books in the end. Still I read them all hihi

  23. Melissa
    Do you mean the classics or the variations? Cos yes I struggled with PP back in the days, the language, not so fun. (I prefer the movies) I am bad

    I do too, lol, but then I do not need to tell you that. It shows

    Lol, no you didn't, hihi, oh I feel evil now, your poor account, but then it is so hard to resist JA variations

  24. I went through an Austen phase a couple years ago so will add this book to my reading list and hopefully try it one day.

  25. Jenny
    I am enjoying my Austen phase a great deal :)

  26. I will be reading this one..sounds fun!

  27. Staci
    I hope you like the matches they made too :)

  28. I'm probably one of only 5 book bloggers out here that haven't read PP actually. I've just never been able to finish an Austen before. This does sound interesting though!

  29. Ladytink
    I know there are others out there :) And I have only read two Austen books

  30. I've found spin offs of P/P are either hit or miss..this sounds like it might be a good one. Putting it on my wishlist for when I'm in the mood for a little Darcy!

  31. I love Jane Austen but I am always willing to step out of my box to read other variations people have come up with! Wonderful review. :-)

  32. Bucky
    True, hit or miss :) A woman always need a bit of Darcy in her life, lol, I just can't get enough

    It is so worth trying, I love JA variations, they are so fun



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