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Guest Review: In the company of Vampires - Katie MacAlister + 'Gator Battle Award'

Dark Ones, 8
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 343
Published: 2010
Review by Lis

When Francesca arrives at GothFaire to save her mother from the trickster god, Loki, things go from bad to worse. Her immortal ex, Benedikt, is there, full of secrets-and with a new girlfriend. Now Fran must battle a power-hungry group who wishes to dominate both the immortal and mortal worlds-and the woman who claimed Ben's heart. It's a good thing Fran's no ordinary mortal...

Before I start this review…
I must tell you that Katie MacAlister is among my all time favorite authors. Her books perfected my English and introduced me to Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. There is really hard not to like any of the books Katie MacAlister writes. In the Company of Vampires is the very very long awaited continuation of Ben and Fran(cesca)’s story that started over five years ago in the Goth Faire series. Can you say SQUEE? That is why I asked B. for this review (yes, seriously. I asked her!) so I can share the SQUEE that is In the Company of Vampires with you!

So In the Company of Vampires ey?
Yes, ja and da! The story most definitely did not disappoint and started of with a bang when Fran’s roommate is kidnapped and that is just the start. Trouble starts brewing with a capital B. Make that furiously boiling. Fran soon discovers her mum is missing and sets out to find her, but not before the return of everyone’s favorite Viking trio. Did I mention Vikings? Yes I did. I really shouldn’t mention what they do with the ‘weasel’ Gold/card (i.e. visa card) they got from the Goddess Freya to blend in. If you want to know what clothes they buy, you have to pick this book up, but let me tell you, it’s Viking approved and it’s outrageous.

Fran left the Goth Faire five years ago to go to college and also got a job. In all that time she didn’t see Ben, her Dark One (that would be soul mate). Fran fights the whole system. She wants her and Ben to be together because they belong together and can make it work together, not because of some destiny. In effect they are practically broken up. So it shouldn’t hurt to find out Ben has a girlfriend….right?

So with romance trouble, mystery mayhem, pillaging and rutting (their own words) Vikings, a bitchy friend, liches, demons and carnivals, Fran has enough to deal with right? Well there is also the little problem of her arch enemy…Loki.

That makes that is book is full of plot and then some. It makes for a highly entertaining story that moves at a fast pace. The Vikings are constantly entertaining us with their comic relief and annoying Fran to no end. At points I thought it was a little too much, but they were too cute to be a bother.

What I liked
The above is not enough? Well, yes, but here’s an in depth view of the book. With Katie MacAlister, no character is alike. Well except that the Dark One’s have the overprotective macho man thing going on. The same goes for Ben. But Fran is no woman to mess with. She is not so accepting of the whole Beloved thing. She wants Ben to love her because of love’s sake, not because she’s his Beloved. That cause some bumps in the road and Fran to overlook some vital issue.

Ben for his part is very accepting. Of course he doesn’t really have a choice. MacAlister made him a perfect blend of caring, seductive, romantic, protective and accepting. Ben let’s Fran work out her issues on her own, though he does wait awfully long.

Katie knows how to spin a story and to use the right words so they make not only a unique story, but also unique characters.

So was there anything I didn’t like?
Actually yes. I mentioned that his story is action packed and fast moving. There are several plots coming up in the story and while the book is awesome (yes, you’re going to hear that several more times) I did think that she wanted too much for the book and should have toned it down a bit in order to work the other sides out. In the end something happens that isn’t quite resolved. While minor, I didn’t like it. Though I have a funny feeling that this will be resolved in another book.

There is also quite a lot of comic relief. While funny and appropriate, it could have been a little less so that there would be more focus on the plot.

All in all…
In the Company of Vampires is an amazing book and it was well worth the five year wait. I do hope to see more of Fran and Ben, be in a sequel or as a subplot in another Dark One novel. To me it was quite a fulfilling story and I hope you like it too. It can be picked up as a stand alone book, but it is recommended that you read Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend that combines the Goth Faire stories. 

Thank you Lis for this :)

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  1. Company of Vampires sounds fun! I already downloaded on the free books this morning!! and posted it on my blog too!! :)

  2. Company of Vampires and rutting (?!) Vikings seems very fun and tempting - thank you for a lovely review!

  3. Have I been nominated? *speechless and breathless Ana swoons and drops dead*. Thanks a lot !!!

  4. Staci
    Love free books :)
    I so wanna try a MacAlister book now

    Yes *deep breath and best Oscar voice*
    I present Ana with this award and one day if needed she will fight gators, lol

  5. Hey Hon!

    I've been reading back several post...all of them great! I haven't had a lot of time to blog hop of late so when I get a day like today I make up for it...

    I've missed my visits and hope to get back on schedule soon so I can keep up with the post as they're happening! ;-)

    Big hugs

  6. In the Company of Vampires sounds like a good read.
    Thats nice of sourcebooks to offer those free eBooks this weekend.
    Thats a cool award!
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. The Katie MacAlister books are in my TBR and I've been anxious to start them. Just haven't had enough time :)

  8. Hawk,
    It's always fun when you stop by :) And thank you, I have sure read some awesome books lately.

    They are great :) I have read that Chadwick book, but not the other two. And sure wanna since I just read a Marie Force book

    It is one author I want to try now too :)

  9. I've read one of these in this series, but wasn't thrilled with it. However, I need to find the beginning of this series and I bet I'll be enthralled too. :)

    .. and Blodeuedd... Thanks so much for the award! *puts on gator fighting gloves* Wait.. do they make such things? ;)

  10. Melissa
    That is something I'd like to do too, cos they sure sound fun :)

    Hihi, yes let's fight some gators

  11. Thanks for the nomination girl!

    Staci: ICOV is by far the best book out of the whole Dark Ones series!

    Ana: you just wait and see, it gets better!!

    Naida: it so is! :-)

    Yvonne: ohhhh start them soon! They're worth it!!!

    Melissa: Which one was that? There were some that were less, but this one is worth reading!

  12. Great review! I might need to check this one out. I love the info on the free eBooks for this weekend...I'll have to check them out and see if I want to download any of them. (not that I need any more books to add to my list of to be read).

  13. You're welcome Lis :D Oh and do check out the book ;)

    Lol, one can always have a look and save them for a rainy day :)



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