Friday 20 May 2011

Review: Any Man of Mine - Rachel Gibson

Series: Chinooks  hockey team 6
Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 384
Published: May 1st 2011 Avon

What happens in Vegas . . . doesn't always stay there.
Autumn Haven's Las Vegas "to-do" list said to catch a show and play the slots—not wake up married to a sexy jerk like Sam LeClaire. The first moment she saw him eyeing her like a luscious piece of the dessert buffet, her usually responsible self told her to run. And she did—right into the wildest fantasy weekend of her life. But Monday morning jolted her back to reality, and before she could say "pass the coffee," Sam was gone.

Now a successful wedding planner, Autumn hasn't clapped eyes on the heartbreaking hockey superstar for over two years . . . until she organizes his teammate's "Special Day," where Sam makes a big play to pick up where he left off! But she has vowed any man of hers plays for keeps. Is Sam the man for her or does she banish him to the sin bin forever?

My thoughts:
Yes this is book but with some books you can read out of order. I jumped in head first and I had no trouble at all. Since this is about hockey players finding love and they all got a book of their own. Even if other players were mentioned here I never felt lost. So you can read this one without having read the other books.

Many have said it and yes I agree, Sam is pretty much as an ass for much of this book. He is a hockey player who likes his women tall, with big boobs and not much between the ears. Once he tried something else and that was Autumn. Married her and left her pregnant. No wonder she does not like him. He says she blows hot and cold, well that is because you are an ass mister. She is a struggling mom with a job that takes a lot of time. I liked her at once. Sam, well Sam took some time to get used to. He stood his son up a lot too, and the things he said sometimes. You do not say to your son that some things he does are something a sissy would do. Now it sounds like I hated Sam, but I didn’t. He was just a jerk that did not think about other people any more.

That sounds hopeless doesn’t it? It was, but Sam started to change a little at a time. He understood that he should be there for his son, and that it was a woman like Autumn he should have in his life. Not a silly braindead model. He is a man who changes, and it’s not like he is fully changed at the end. Things like that take time, but he is almost there. And I liked that because change takes time, and here it certainly did. He did really want Autumn, and I forgave him.

A different sort of contemporary romance. I did not fall for the hero at once; he had to work to prove he was a good man. It was a love story about how to fall in love with the same person twice.


I am having a weird day, but when I see his neck I think zombie!

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  1. Hmm, that cover makes me think vampire hockey players! :)

  2. You have felt the same as almost everyone else who has read this book. I like the idea of reading a series about hockey players so I want to start with book one. I hope the rest of them are better than this one...thanks for the honest review.

  3. LOL about your thoughts on the cover. :)

  4. My daughter loves this series.

  5. Sam really does sound like an ass! Glad to know he changes and begins to redeem himself though, otherwise I would be avoiding this one:) Good to know too that you can read these books out of order and not be lost!

  6. When I first saw the cover,it seemed like the girl was a vampire about to drink the guy's blood :D
    The book sounds like a cute read. Sam does sound like a jerk. I am glad to hear that by the end of the book, he sort of redeems himself.

  7. Yes, that neck is extremely pale, is it not. But I guess an icehockey player is inside a lot of his time.

    I have read another review recently, but the book does not call my name.

  8. Not really grabbing me. I like a hero with some issues, but Sam sounds like a real jerk. I do like the hockey players finding true love premise though.

  9. I agree with you about the cover, but maybe b/c the new Twilight sequel is oming out this summer. Also nice to know that this works as a stand alone novel!

  10. Great review.
    I've been wanting to try this one.
    I love the cover.
    It seems so intimate and yet sad.

  11. I'm not sure this is one for me but it doesn't sound too bad. The cover reminds me a bit of one I just read - Exposure.

  12. At least he shows growth! I agree on the cover - definite zombie or vampire feel.

  13. ^.^ Seems like an interesting series, I love series about groups of people and how they each get their own books. Like the Gaelen Foley series. I love her books! Anyways...good review!

  14. I don't know. I dont like assholes even if they change...can leopard change its spots btw?

  15. He really sounds like an ass! I've never heard of the author and not sure if this is for me. But good to hear he gets nicer in the end.

  16. He left her pregnant? He abandoned his child? Dang, he had some major redeeming to do!! I didn't know about this series. My interest is piqued.

  17. "He says she blows hot and cold, well that is because you are an ass mister." I laughed out loved when I read that :D

    It was good to hear that you forgave him, now I'm curious to find out if Autumn did ;)

  18. Sabrina
    He was certainly an ass. Luckily I knew that he would be an ass, but still...what an ass!

    Lol, that sure makes more sense than my zombie thought

    I do think the other books are better from what I have read. It was just that he was such an ass

    I am weird sometimes, lol

    I do have book two in the shelf so I should read that one and see

  19. Jenny
    Everyone sure agrees that he is an ass. But he works on it, and he is perfectly lovable at the end

    Lol, yes it sure looks that way. Kind of makes me think about a vamp drinking from a zombie...ok where am I getting these zombie thoughts from?

    Now that makes sense. poor guy, have to be inside all day long

    Major issues. But at least issues that could be worked on unlike some

    Lol, perhaps that is the reason. She sure wants a bite

  20. JuJu
    I do think you can see it better than the rest of us. It does seem a bit sad :(

    It does remind me now too when you say it

    I might just go with both. She a vamp, he a zombie ;)

    I like books like that too :D And a sports team sure works well

  21. Ana
    Nope they can't. You would not like this book, I can tell you that. But then again it was not cheesy since he was such an ass ;)

    I have heard about her before. It was connected with this series and it sure made me wanna read her books :)

    To his defence, he did not know she was preggers. But he still up and left her after a whirlwind romance and wedding. And did not come back even though she said she was pregnant

    Lol, I try my best ;)

  22. LOL I love this review! Especially when you called the lead an ass. ;D He would have to grow quite a bit for me to like him again.

    Oh and your FF was good. Your poor characters... no good HEA for them! LOL

  23. Melissa
    Lol, I am glad you liked it ;) And he does grow and mature.

    Yes by know you now my secret of non-existing HEAs. Therefore I need to spice things up and write HEAs when you do not expect them any more...must try that ;)

  24. I haven't heard of this author before but it sounds kinda fun!

  25. I don't think the hockey angle would work for me at all, but thanks for the great review.

  26. I like the hockey player premise. I've read contemporary romance involving a football player and enjoyed that.
    Nie review! I like that the hero kind of won you over in the end :)

  27. I'm so into hockey right since its playoff season and my home team is still in it. Sam sounds like a jeak in the beginning for leaving like that but good to know that he ends up changing.

  28. Amused
    Readers seem to like her books (well except for the issues with this one)

    It works well for me :D But then we do like hockey here

    I like it too! Cos I know it, and it's nice. Haven't read one with a footballer player though

    Now I can't remember where he was from but at least he was from Canada ;) So perhaps you'd like him even more then

  29. I agree with you here. I did end up liking the hero, but not as much as I wished I did. I will read her again though.

  30. I enjoyed this book. This is one of my favorite series. Have you read any of the other books? If you haven't girl...I highly recommend all of them.

    This is another great addition to the series. Sam was a jerk but I like jerky heroes especially if they grow up. The ending was sweet.

  31. Julie
    Yes I would certainly liked to have thought more of him. But he was such an ass for such a long time

    Not a big fan of jerks as heroes. They are just jerks! Lol
    But nope have not read any of her other books, though I have See Jane Score so I hope to read and enjoy that one :D

  32. Hmmm, new book and series to me. :) So glad you could dive in in the series and get along with it. :) Thank you!



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