Tuesday 17 May 2011

Review: The Ballad of Gregoire Darcy - Marsha Altman

Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 336
Published: May 1st Ulysses Press

This riveting sequel to Pride and Prejudice perfectly captures Jane Austen’s style and wit. Manner of Devotion brings old favorites and new characters to life with well-researched historical details. When Fitzwilliam Darcy discovers he has a long-lost illegitimate brother, he feels compelled to help his new sibling find a place in the world. Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds herself pulled into a web of commitments and conflicts when her sister Mary Bennet finally falls in love. As plotlines and characters intertwine, Austen fans will feel that familiar anticipation of a conclusion that is at once exciting, surprising, and utterly satisfying.

My thoughts:
This is not your usual kind of variation. No this is the family saga kind of variation. This book is the fourth in the Darcy and Bingley Pride and prejudice sequel. Kids have been born, people have gotten married, there has been trouble and fun times, and lots of secrets.

I have not read the previous books but then I am a fast learner. In the beginning of the book was a family chart so I just checked who had married who and read the introduction by Altman. And then I was up to speed and could get started.

In this one there is general focus on the Bingleys, Darcys, The Maddox family (that is Caroline Bingley's husband who is only a doctor ;). But there is also other things going on. Mr Darcy found out that he has an illegitimate brother called Gregoire who now is a monk in Spain. But things get out of control and he comes to England. As a devote monk he has difficulties living a normal life. I do fear he was a bit too saintly for me, but it was an interesting.

The other history sure took me by surprise. It seems that in a previous book Mary had an affair with a seminary student and got pregnant! Yes pregnant, I sure missed a juicy story there. And now she is in an unwed mother and she will get courted, but can she trust love? Oh I am still shocked by the whole unwed mother part..Mary! Yes, that is the juicy stuff going on in this series.

It was an interesting variation to read. Altman sure knows these character and creates wonderful and sad scenarios. here are ups and downs just as in every normal life.


The Winner of Mr Darcy and the secret of becoming a gentleman is....Missie!


  1. Ohmy, sounds deliciously torrid! Thankfully I am not a slavish P&P fan so I rather like the inventive variations -- will have to look for this series now!

  2. You read so many wonderful variations of Jane Austen! Where do you find all these wonderful books. It sounds interesting that an author has actually made a series out of a variation for P&P, that's pretty awesome! Great review, I'm glad you're still enjoying these. :-D

  3. Sounds great - and so shocking about Mary!

  4. Not my sort of book, but really glad you enjoyed it.

  5. I think I'd like to read these ones. I love family saga type of stories so it would be interesting to read where these characters go in a normal lifestyle.

  6. Another Darcy book! Glad you enjoyed it Blodeuedd. And congrats Missy!

  7. Mary you bad, bad girl...you shouldn't have read so many BOOKS! ;)

  8. I'm not crazy about Austen retellings, but my mom likes them, so I'll have to tell her about this one.

  9. You seem determined to get me to read Pride and Prejudice or a variation off!! :)

  10. Chris

    I love the inventive kinds, I do not mind if they change things..well as long as the peeps who belong together are happy and together.

    All thanks to Goodreads :D I love their feature that shows other books like the book I look at. Cos there are a lot of books out there

  11. Alyssa
    So shocking, oh Mary, I never thought that of ya

    They are my kind of books lol

    Now I can't remember how far in they were..14--12 years? But so a lot has happened

  12. Aurian
    It's the last one for MAy, I promise ;)

    LOL. It was the books, they ruined her mind ;) Oh Mary, bad girl

    I am glad your mum likes them :D

  13. Mel
    LOL! I am evil like that ;)

  14. Mary got knocked up in book 2, "The Plight of the Darcy Brothers." Because it turns out she's human after all! And sorry for posting from the wrong account. I'm glad you enjoyed my book. I tried to make the introduction as quickly thorough as possible.

  15. I love the sound of all of these P&P variations you read. This one sounds very twisty!

  16. This sounds good! Mary as an unwed mom?? lol Sound intriguing.

  17. *squeee*

    I won! *dances*

    The Darcy Family saga, huh? I honestly had no clue such a series existed, though I should have guessed it.

  18. Shocking! Mary in a scandal, juicy indeed.

  19. Okay, I'm curious about the whole series now. Pregnancy? A monk brother? Hm... Interesting!!

    Congrats to Missie too!

  20. the cover totally stinks...I would not read it just because...but the story within does sound a little fun!!

  21. I agree with you about the cover. I like how it is an entire series though.

  22. See I'm living through your review for these books again. ;) Thank you!

  23. This one sounds fabulous...the cover would totally turn me off, but I just love the sound of it. Fab review :)

  24. I don't know! It does sounds interesting and I do love drama. ;)

  25. A family saga variation of Pride and Prejudice sounds perfect! Anything which involves Darcy has to be interesting :)

  26. Marsha
    I never really liked Mary, but after you made the Italian knock her up, well she changed in my eyes. She become human :)

  27. Amused
    So very twisty ;)

    I know, horrifying , lol, and awesome!

    Congrats!!! I hope you enjoy the book

    Lol, I wonder what lady Catherine said? ;)

    Yup preggers! And the monk, what a weird enigma he was

  28. I read the other books in the series and enjoyed them immensely. The Mary thing is a surprise, but the way it was doen was quite good. Glad you liked this one and picked it all up quickly :)

  29. Staci
    Covers, oh covers. They can sure mess with a book sometimes

    I wonder how many more books there will be. The kiddies having kids perhaps

    Lol, and you are welcome to do it any time :D

    Melissa Swim
    It is certainly a bit strange..do not know what to make of it

    And there sure is drama in it! :D

    Mmmmm Darcy, I really should watch PP again

  30. Jenny
    I do think it was all thanks to the intro, it was a great one

  31. I'll be reading this one soon. Can't wait! I hope you read the first three books. I loved them. :)

  32. Anna
    I really should read those because I am super curious about how Mary met her "man"

  33. Guess what I got in the mail today? My book! Thank you again. I'm so happy.

  34. Good :) I hope you enjoy it!



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