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Review: The Golden Chain - Margaret James

Genre: Historical fiction/Romance
Pages: 336
Published: May 1st 2011 Choc-Lit

Can first love last forever? 1931 is the year that changes everything for Daisy Denham. Her family has not long swapped life in India for Dorset, England when she uncovers an old secret. At the same time, she meets Ewan Fraser - a handsome dreamer who wants nothing more than to entertain the world and for Daisy to play his leading lady. Ewan offers love and a chance to escape with a touring theatre company. As they grow closer, he gives her a golden chain and Daisy gives him a promise - that she will always keep him in her heart. But life on tour is not as they'd hoped, Ewan is tempted away by his career and Daisy dazzled by the older, charismatic figure of Jesse Trent. She breaks Ewan's heart and sets off for a life in London with Jesse. Only time will tell whether some promises are easier to make than keep ...

My thoughts:
This is a stand alone novel, but it also is a continuation of The Silver Locket, in that book Rose and Alex fell in love and later adopted a child, Daisy. Fast forward and she is 15, going on 16, and she falls in love for the first time. You can read it without having read the other one; you will just get more surprises. This is a good thing too.

Daisy was young, but she was also ready to try new things, and to make mistakes. She was pretty headstrong and found out that she wants to pursue acting with Ewan, who she has fallen for. So they leave because her parents also know they can't stop her.  They can just try to keep her safe, and that is sure why I liked her parents. Because if not then Daisy would surely have left without a word. Sure she makes mistakes later when she falls for a scoundrel (yes I still love that word). But she is growing up and finding herself. And for being so young she has a good head on her shoulders.

Ewan then, well he will make mistakes too. But as I said these two are young, and the love is there, and you all know I wouldn't be leading you down the wrong path. There will be a HEA.

While her previous book was about war this one is about the stage, and the trouble of finding a job. Following your dreams, and finding yourself. And there is some drama too, love trouble, and a certain "evil" Sir Michael who does not like the Denham family.

This was a sweet book and you always knew when they were down on their luck that things would get better, or at least I hoped so. You always need hope in dark times. The setting was interesting, and the romance was always there in the background, but it was more important what they were doing. Which I liked. A nice balance between historical fiction and historical romance.



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  1. Aww... That sounds like a really good story to me. Thanks!

  2. I love the cover on this book. YOu are really pulling out the gorgeous covers this week.

    The story sounds lovely too. I do enjoy that era.

  3. Sounds indeed like a fun, light read and I love it when a book has the right balance. Never heard of Margaret James before, will check her out. As always, loved reading your review!

  4. Scoundrel is a fun word and always a great guy to read about! Sounds like a great story. Thanks!

  5. It is nice to read a romance which would hopefully end well as sometimes sad, dreary stories can drag you down.

  6. What a lovely cover!
    The Golden Chain seems like a perfect book for a light read - sometimes I like romances with HEA.

  7. Great review! The cover is gorgeous, and the story sounds very lovely, too.

  8. Must ditto everyone on how pretty the cover is! And it's a favorite historical era of mine.

  9. That does like a sweet coming of age novel with some romance - I think I'd enjoy something a little different at the moment!

  10. When I read the summary I almost thought it was the same as the first book, it sounded somewhat similar to that one :)

    It does sound like a sweet read.

  11. Ooh, this sounds perfect!! Love the cover! Is this ebook only?

  12. Hey Blodeuedd! Just wanted to pop in to say hi and see what you were up to! I hope all is well for you and bf honey! Hugs to you!
    And thanks for peeking in at my place every once in a while!!!

  13. oh this sounds like something I really would love to read. Hm... more surprises... *ponders if I should get the first book or dive into this one* Hm... And you say "I'm" bad! ;D

  14. Shannon
    I am glad you feel that way.

    I know, it is wonderful! I loved the other cover too, all silver and this is all gold. So fits the era and the title

    Thanks! I can never hear enough of that :D Have a look. I never know where to put her, not romance, not fiction. Just in the middle.

    I am obsessed with it, lol. I do love using it, and it tells it so well

  15. Mystica
    I cannot handle those kinds of stories, mostly they just make me angry cos I need happiness

    Isn't it :) Light and sweet are two good words when it comes to books

    It's so simple yet so powerful

    It's actually an era I have not read much about, since I am mostly back in the Medieval and regency times

  16. Mel
    Yes, just what it is, a coming of age story. And she handles things well, cos we all make mistakes

    Ladybug did? I have to think about that. Well yes both leave, but the exception is that she has great parents that support her, and no wicked guy ;)

    Ebook? Nope, this was print.

    I missed ya honey! I hope all is well with you too. I am so glad when I see the light on at your blog once in a while :D
    All is well here too, bf is so cute, lol, I am having one of those he is so cute! days

    Lol, well if you read this one you wont know about things, instead you will learn them here and go all, no way! ;)

  17. Nice cover, and sounds like a sweet read.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  18. I don't mind romance as long as it's in the background. This sounds like a sweet read.

  19. Good to know you enjoyed this book, but I am not sure this one is for me. I sounds a bit too much like drama/real life story.

  20. I haven't heard of these books before, I need to go look up the first one! And I love a good HEA, so these sound like great books for me:)

  21. Brandi
    It sure was!

    It did stay there, because there was so much else going on too

    It does? Well you got a point, perhaps not an escapism story

    A HEA is a must. Though there was one book without a HEA and I like it. But then that was a fiction book

  22. I haven't heard of this, but it's a great review.

  23. Great cover! It's very different to see parents like Daisy's who dont necessarily try and stop her.

  24. Sounds like a lovely read. :) And you got your HEA ;) Thanks for the review!

  25. This sounds like a very sweet story. I agree with the other commenters that the cover is beautiful. I love the hairstyles from the 1920s and 1930s. I would love to cut my hair like that. :)

  26. Thats a beautiful cover!
    The book does sound very good.

  27. Ah yes, there is something so uplifting about finding hope in darkness. Sweet sounding romance, and I'm glad it had that HEA!

  28. The cover of this book is very beautiful. That alone would make me want to get it. Glad to hear that the story is good too. ;)

  29. The book sounds just lovely, as it should - a very nice review, making me to want it so much!

  30. This does sound like a sweet story.

  31. Chris
    It was

    Glad you think so

    Perhaps you would enjoy it too :)

    I liked that so much, but then her mother had rebelled too. So they knew things like that can't be stopped, it will only bring heartbreak

    I woman needs her HEA ;)

    it would sure be different, and fun to have hair like that

  32. Naida
    It sure is pretty

    I am very happy about the end..can't say more hihi

    Lol, you sound like me then, I do buy cos of covers sometimes

    I am glad to be of service madam :)One never knows what might tempt ya

    It is :D

  33. Sounds nice and I love the cover!

  34. Elysium
    It sure is catching

  35. I've never heard of this one but it sounds so good. What a cover - it really draws your eye.

  36. Darlene
    The perfect cover really :)



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