Friday 13 May 2011

Review: Love Drunk Cowboy - Carolyn Brown

Series: Spikes and spurs 1
Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 384
Published: May 1st 2011 Sourcebooks Casablanca

All Austin Lanier wants is to sell her inherited watermelon farm, slip on her stilettos and run back to corporate America. Until the drop dead sexy cowboy next door, Rye O'Donnell, decides he'll only take the farm if he can get the fiery woman who owns it as part of the deal...

My thoughts:
This book was just sweeter than watermelonpie (now I have never tasted that, but it fits the language in the book. And I also totally made it up, lol.)

Austin is a city girl who inherits her granny's watermelon farm, and she falls in love with the life. She used to come there every summer as a kid. She is nice and I have nothing bad to say about her. Then we have Rye, her sexy bull riding neighbour. There is chemistry there at once and he wants her so much. My heart went all awww there because he truly falls in love with her at first sight, and I love a man like that.

The book was so sweet and nice, and they took is slow which I loved too. They formed a friendship, they went out on dates, sure it was all during a short period of time but it still felt slow. Above all this book is a sweet love story about a couple that is nothing alike. A city slicker meets a cowboy. But then the city slicker is pretty country after all. A fancy career and nothing else is not perhaps the best thing to have. You also need love and a family of your own. At least this is what Austin will find out; oh and that actually doing some farming is good for the soul.

I liked their courtship dance; I liked the country language thrown in here and there. Maybe because it felt “exotic” to me. I liked the sweetness of the story and that there was no big drama, just these two falling in love, and making decisions. Will she stay?

I want a cowboy of my own! This book was easy to read and it left me with a smile on my face. Since this is a series I do wonder who she will write about next. There are some good candidates, and I will definitely read that book.  Until then I recommened this book to you all. 

Sweet and nice with a hunky cowboy on top.

Yes sweet :D



Short message.
I hope my Legend of M post comes back, if not then I have the comments that were posted saved, I also have the Vlad comments saved. So no need to comment again on that one.

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  1. If there is nothing else to, even not then. Sorry but I am like a bear with a sore head today and this book is so not my genre. Of course I would eventually read it. I've read even some Harlequins although I hated every minute of it.

  2. Cute review! Sounds like a good book. ^.^

    Did it save it as a draft? Try looking there. That's what it did to Lizzy and Amy...not for me though.

  3. I'm going to have nightmares about watermelon pie now.

  4. Thats a cute cover and title too.
    Glad you enjoyed this one.
    Yes, I noticed blogger was having issues today. It ate some of my comments.

  5. I've never heard of a watermelon farm before, wonder what its like. Great review! The story sounds very fun.

  6. I have this one on my Nook. I got it for free and it looks like something I'll like.

  7. This does sound really cute:) I love a good, sweet story that just makes me grin like a loon when I'm reading!

  8. Not into cowboys, but you make a good argument for me actually reading this one. Plus the title is too funny.

    Oh and a HEA for your FF?! *thud* I think I fainted! ;) Just don't tell how Silk manipulated her way to the alter. lol

  9. Girl..sweet was the correct word for this book. I really enjoyed it too. Rye was yummlicious! Great review and I love your little made up
    "sweeter then watermelon pie"!

    Crazy blogger! Took down my post too and comments!

  10. I do love a good cowboy!

  11. I had to try Watermelon wine after reading this book. :) It was too sweet for me though-kinda like this book was.

  12. You've given me a hankering for Watermelon pie even though I don't like Watermelon or pie! (It's pastry I don't like much - yuk) :)

  13. No, not really my kind of book. I have a few contemporary authors that I pick when tired of the paranormals and need some easy reading. But those are enough.

  14. Ana:
    Lol, I understand, be a bear. You are so fun that way :D And I know what you mean, if someone says the word thriller or mystery then I groan from pain

    Carole R
    Nope, not even as a draft, evil blogger. Sure it might come back but I just reposted that post now. Did not care to wait

    Lol! I hope it doesn't swallow you whole

  15. Naida
    I sure like cute and sweet.
    Yes major drama yesterday

    I haven't heard about anything like that either before, sounds strange, lol

    Yay, I hope you like it :D

  16. Jenny
    I sure love that too :D I need sweet sometimes. Makes me feel all happy and giddy

    Yes I understand your shock, it shocked me too when I realised that I was heading for a HEA even though I tried to turn away from it ;) But I will keep Silk's secret ;)
    And the book, everything was sweet :D

    Lol, I had to think of something cos I did like the way he talked. Awww I just wanted to hug him

  17. Amused
    Me too!!

    I did feel like trying it too, but then I hate all wines so it would not make a difference.
    I like cute so I did not mind

    I love pie...and watermelons..oh, now I realized why I told my mum to buy watermelon and put it in the salad for today, duh!

  18. Aurian
    I like to mix it up..well I think I need to mix it up. Last year it was chick-lit and this year it is contemporary romance

  19. mmm..watermelon. When you figure out how to make that pie, let me know. Great review B. Not my usual kind of book but I would try it :)

  20. makes me smile too after reading your review. wonder what watermelon pie tastes like. sounds like something good for summer.

  21. Jenny
    Lol, I will let you know when I manage that task :)

    Thanks :) Just the way it should be. Mmm, I think that it would be the perfect summerpie

  22. Now I'm thinking I should've loaded this one up on my Kindle when it was a free offer!!..Darnit!

  23. Staci
    Oh sad :( That happens, but nothing to do about that now

  24. This sounds like a very cute and sweet book! I love anything country! I'm all over that. :-D Great review and I'm glad you enjoyed it a lot.

  25. Deanna
    I'd love to see how country country really is :D Country here is more...euwww lol



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