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Joint Review: Entangled (anthology)

Genre: Paranormal romance/historical romance/paranormal suspense etc
Pages: 335 Ebook
Published: September 7, 2011
Source: for review
All proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

Lis: Alrighty, I’m not a big fan of anthologies. The stories are always too short, underdeveloped and usually focused on one thing. In short, they are not as fleshed out as I like to be and for me to read an anthology there have to be some damn good authors in it who know what they are doing. 

Blodeuedd: I am with Lis on this one. I am not a big fan of anthologies, because I always want more and everything is so rushed. But lately I they have surprised me and I have found myself liking short stories.

Lis: I was pleasantly surprised by Entangled. Not only does it revolve around my favorite themes: ghosts, werewolves, vampires and other creepy crawlies, the stories were well written. (yes I ate my hat!). To top it off, the proceeds for this anthology go to the breast cancer foundation. 

Blodeuedd: Some of the stories I liked and some clearly suffered cos I was in a hurry. All in all it was a  nice little anthology with many authors to choose from, and many different subgenres. I do think everyone would find something to choose from.

Lis: The foreword is a tear jerker and very fitting for this anthology. 

So without further ado: the reviews:

Halloween Frost by Jennifer Estep
It’s Halloween at Mythos Academy, but Gwen Frost and her friends are in for more tricks than treats when they run into a mythological monster intent on killing them.

Lis: This story is set in the Mythos world. Since I’m not familiar with this world as I have not read any other work by this author, I felt a little left out. Yet, it wasn’t so bad. It’s about Gwen Frost and her friends. They are in some trouble when they encounter a mythological monster hell bent on killing them. It was a good YA story and I’m now intruiged by this world

Blodeuedd: This story is a short from her Mythos Academy world. I have not read book 1 and this story took place after that, but I still could read and enjoy this story (perhaps it came from reading tons of reviews). I liked Gwen who is the heroine, we got to see her fight and we got to hear about her doomed crush. All which made me interested in this world.

The Fat Cat by Edie Ramer
In a battle for the souls of seven women, a wizard has the god of war on his side; all the witch has is a fat, black cat.

Lis: Edie Ramer never manages to disappoint me and she sure didn’t with this wiyty, fun story about a witch, a talking male cat and a pretty but rotten warlock. I really loved Tory and her comments. It’s an awesome story with a surprising ending. 

Blodeuedd: A witch adopts a fat cat and together they try to bring down a warlock. What a cute story about Tory and her adopted cat Samson. He is really old and ugly looking, but he talks to her so she had to adopt him. And as a catlover I approve. And the end was the best thing about this story.

Medium Rare by Nancy Haddock
What’s spooking the spirits of St. Augustine? As the witching hour of Halloween approaches, ghost seer Colleen Cotton must team with a by-the-book paranormal investigator to locate the one ghost who can save the city’s specters. If she fails, her own great grandfather’s spirit may be lost forever.

Lis: Even ghost gets therapists in this story. As well a team of ghost hunters as there is something up in the city of St. Augustine. The ghosts are spooked (pun intended) and it’s up to Colleen Cotton to find out what as she teams up with a ghost hunter. Very enjoyable story with a sweet story. One of my favorites in this anthology!

Blodeuedd: I liked this one. It had a good heroine, a good story and there was some tension between her and Brock. All in all making it an interesting story. Freaky ghosts too and it worked really well as just a short story. 

Sweet Demon by Misty Evans
When Chicago’s vampire king insists Kali Sweet join his empire, the vengeance demon must rely on her ex – the half-human, half-chaos demon who left her at the altar three hundred years ago – in order to escape the vamp’s clutches.

Lis : What are exes for if not to help you out? Kali Sweet is in a bind when a big bad vampire asks her to join his empire. She must rely on her ex, the half chaos demon, who left her at the alter some 300 years ago, to help her out. Very nice story that felt like a prelude to so much more. It’s filled with intriguing characters. 

Blodeuedd: I like the setting of this one. A demon named Kali who has her own practice and who also runs errands for a council. She deals in vengeance and her she has to deliver it to an evil vampire and she also meets an old lover. I did like the evil vampire, but then I always like the baddies.

Sian‘s Solution by Dale Mayer
When a vampire discovers the human man she loves has been captured and hung in a blood farm, she goes against her own kind and risks everything to save him.

Lis: Love conquers all, even between a vampire and a human. She’s willing to do anything to get her human lover back, even if it means exposing herself. Not my favorite story, but not bad either. 

Blodeuedd: I liked this one too, I think it was the world that made it so. Vampires and humans share the earth but stay on their sides. I do think I’d like more of this world, yes I would. I always like the dark ones.

A Bit of a Bite by Cynthia Eden
A killer is stalking the streets of Crossroads, Mississippi, and it’s up to Sheriff Ava Dushaine to stop him. But when suspicion falls on werewolf alpha Julian Kasey—Ava’s ex-lover and the man who still haunts her dreams—Ava knows that she’ll either have to prove his innocence…or watch the whole town go up in flames.

Lis: Wooooweeeee, this story was hot!! And one of which I would have loved to see more of. Note to self: see to more of author’s work. It’s a world in which the supernaturals are known to humans. Now a killer prowls the street and it’s up to sheriff Ava to catch him. Things become complicated when suspicion falls on her never forgotten one night stand, the werewolf alpha Julian. 

Blodeuedd: I do like a good werewolf story. I was not blown away, but then I was kind of tired when reading it. At least you got Lis' happy thoughts on it ;)

Sinfully Sweet by Michelle Miles
When Chloe bakes a little magic into her pastries, she attracts the attention of Edward, the sexy half-demon, half-witch, who’s come to warn her those who murdered her sister are now after her.

Lis: Be careful who you bake what for, you might get a hell of a lot more than you bargained for. That’s what happens when Chloe bakes some goodies for sunfully hot Edward. Nice story, loved the set up!

Blodeuedd: A nice little story about a witch and the incubus that show up. A little passion, a little fighting, and a story that made me crave cupcakes!

A Night of Forever by Lori Brighton
Who is Aidan Callaghan? Mary Ellen James is intent on uncovering the truth about the mysterious man, but as she soon finds out, some things are best left buried in the past.

Lis: Some things are better left deep in the closet. Of course, Mary Ellen doesn’t listen and sets out to find out who Aiden Callaghan is. He is definitely not the quiet, boring man she thought he was. Dayaaaam this story was hot and I found myself like this one despite the setting. 

Blodeuedd; A nice little love story set in the 1800s in England and dealing with, oh yes vampires.  Lori has previously also written a story about Mary’s sister and this story was just as good. Enjoyable. Lol, I like how I said it was sweet and Lis said it was hot, I better mentioned passion too then ;) 

Feel the Magic by Liz Kreger
Jenna Carmichael’s magical attempt to rectify Jessica Manfield’s birth identity takes an unexpected turn when the past comes back to haunt her.

Lis: Some mistakes come back to bite you in the ass. This is what happens to the witch Jenna. Funny little story that never quite managed to catch my attention. 

Blodeuedd: This one was fun. Jessica wants to become a cat, yes you heard me. And Jenna is the witch to do it.

Breaking Out by Michelle Diener
Imprisoned in a secret facility, powerful telekinetic Kelli Barrack and two other ‘special’ inmates grab a chance to escape, only to confront their worst nightmares on the outside.

Lis: This story reminded me very much of Christine Feehan, but didn’t make it any less bad. A powerful telekinetic and two other special ability inmates make a daring escape from the facility they are held in. All the while something is brewing between them!

Blodeuedd: I am afraid this one and the last were the ones I read quickly since I was pressed for time. It did make it hard to focus and to know if I liked it or not.

Ghostly Justice by Allison Brennan
Demon hunters Moira O’Donnell and Rafe Cooper are dragged into the dangerous world of nocturnal predators to find “Ghostly Justice” for a virgin sacrificed to an ancient blood demon.

Lis: Time to get justices in this short story that is set in a series I’m not familiar with. Moira and Rafe try to get justice for a virgin sacrificed to a blood demon. That justice doesn’t come easy of course and there are many obstacles to overcome. Good story, hot too with lots going on. Very black and white too!

Blodeuedd: It was ok, but this one was another one that I was not blown away by.

Come back tomorrow when Lis and I interview Lori Brighton and Edie Ramer and give away several books :D Open to all too.


  1. My problem with anthologies or short story collections is that I will fall in love with one story, and compare all the remaining stories to that one. I'll be disappointed that I couldn't explore that story more.

  2. Lis and Blodeuedd, terrific comments from both of you! I'm so glad you both enjoyed most of the stories. And it's interesting to see the differences sometimes. Thanks for the double review!

  3. Sounds like a fun anthology. And I love that the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

  4. I actually think the vampire story sounds awesome.

    Thanks for the joint review. It was fun. I don't normally read many anthologies either, but if it has werewolves, vampires and other creepy crawlies, then I'm game.

  5. Anthologies are like a basket of tangerines - the first one is not bad, the second a bit better, then the third proves to be really sweet and delicious; after that you simply don't fancy the rest, regretting that they all couldn't be like the third one.

    I love the result of your cooperation, though, fresh and funny! If you ever want a partner for a joined venture you know how to find me!

  6. The only author i'm familiar with is Cynthia Eden. Anthologies are always a mixed bag. It's either so good you want more or there just isn't enough to connect to anyone. On the other hand I own a pile of them because I enjoy a quick escapist read sometimes and it's always great to discover a new author.

  7. i wouldlove to read halloween frost!! it's so rare to see a halloween story :)

  8. I love the joint review! So much fun to read both your opinions on teh stories. Anthologies can be hit and miss, but the proceeds is a cause that's close to my heart and looks like it's more hit than miss! :)

  9. What an entertaining dual review, Lis and Blodeuedd! I loved your comments, and I think I'm safe in saying that all the authors thank you for featuring ENTANGLED! Breast cancer is goin' down!

    Nancy Haddock

  10. Mrs Q
    I do hear you, I have that problem too. In the last one I read there was this one I really loved and none of the others could compare

    I do like that too

    It has lots of things :D And that sure made it fun. I like that they certainly are not the same at all

    Lol, that is just one awesome way to put it! So very true and that is how this one was.

    I will keep you to that :D

  11. Edie
    I am glad you enjoyed it :D
    Reading some of Lis' comments sure made me think. So fun that we look at things differently

    I am very happy to review a book that fights breast cancer :)

  12. I only have half of this one read and I pretty much agree with both of you. Love the dual review! What I do love about anthologies is that I get a taste of writers I may not have otherwise or introduced to new series by authors I already love (ex; Alpha and Omega). So, I do like anthologies. :)

    Brilly review gals!!

  13. I'm not a big fan of short stories either,but it's a good way to taste the author's style. Thanks for the review and recommendation ladies :)

  14. Karen
    I do like that too, quick reads and a taste of the authors style. Though I did notice with one I read this summer that I would not have rushed to read more by that author, lucjily I had read a real book by her before and loved it ;)

    I am sure you'd enjoy it then!

    That it was. Certainly more hit than miss, my misses was mostly cos I was falling asleep ;)

    So many new authors in this one for me, and like you say, that is the fun part.

    even if I can enjoy them I agree with you, still not what i prefer

  15. I have to agree with both of you; generally, I'm not a fan of short stories, whether they are in anthologies or being sold separte (like e-book short stories). But, I find, there are always the exception to the rules, and the one good thing about anthologies is it can usually give you a good idea about the writing style of various authors, a sample if you will before you dive into all of their books. Sometimes it is an accurate sample, and sometimes it isnt.

    Great job reviewing this book--I enjoyed reading both your comments on each story. Sometimes I think that quick "reviews" like that, when worded carefully, can tell a potential reader more than even the 500 word reviews can. :D


  16. I'm happy to hear this anthology was better than most! What a fun review format.

  17. I've really come to enjoy reading short stories lately and discovering new authors through them. It's a good way to sample an author's style and determine if you want to read more of their work. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed this book. Perhaps I'll give it a try.

  18. What's not to love about a story/anthology with a black cat in it?! :)

  19. I was curious about this one. I think Stacia Kane wrote the forward in this book. And it sounds like an anthology I need. But I don't know many of these authors. So I wasn't sure. Sounds like one I might need to get though. :) Thank you both of you!

  20. The Fat Cat sounds really cute. :)

  21. Some of these sound as if they were part of an author's series; others as if once you read them, they'd inspire you to find out more from that particular author.

  22. Fun review!! And you really can't beat a book when the proceeds go to such a great cause.

  23. I have this one to read next on my kindle. I can't wait. I agree with you on anthologies-most stories are just too short to enjoy fully

  24. I can't do anthologies. I really tried recently, but I felt so unfulfilled. Great reviews though!

  25. There's always a couple stories that are stand outs for me in anthologies and I like that I can read some new to me authors.

  26. Thanks for the review girls,
    I enjoyed it, and am pretty sure this is the anthology for me. Lots of witches in it.

  27. I don't like short stories and anthologies for the reasons you both mentioned.

    I loving joint reviews! It is just an awesome idea and it really worked here. Great job!

  28. Fun joint review!! Love it.
    I do enjoy short stories. These do sound good.

  29. I have never really embraced anthologies but I'm always open to them. This one sounds like it could make for some great reading!

  30. TBQ
    I am glad you liked it :) And yes sometimes short reviews are good. And it's not like you can a lot of short stories witout spoiling it ;) So we tried for the basics and it worked :D

    And I guess short ones in the end are like longer books. Cos in the end there are those books you like and those you don't.

    I am glad you liked this new to my blog format

    So try, and in the end it's also cheaper to sample a short story than a long one ;) Hihi, I like that.

    LOL! Yes I am sure you would enjoy that

    Yes she did, and it was such a good foreword. I really enjoyed it. Some were new to me too, some I had heard of and was yet to try

  31. Diana
    it was a good one and the end, So good :D

    I think that was a porblem I had with some, 2 perhaps, I do think they were a part of a series. And sometimes it work and sometimes now

    True, I do like a good cause.

    It's sad really, so short *sobs* And you alwys want more of the good ones

    Melissa Swim
    I hear you! I do feel like that sometimes, but then I come a cross a pearl and change my mind...and then a bad one shows up

  32. Jenny
    Same with me, perhaps same of all really. I mean one canät like everything

    I am sure you'd like the witchy ones ;)

    I am glad you felt it worked :D
    Sometimes I just give them a chance, but I do not search for them for those reasons mentioned

    Then I am sure you'd like these

    I think I am like you then, I am open, I am just not embracing them

  33. I love how you've both reviewed/commented on each of the short stories in the anthology; fun to have both of your opinions. I've only read one anthology before so I'm keen to give others a try.

  34. Teddyree
    I liked this too, cos of there was a story I didn't love, then Lis perhaps liked it and could tell you why it was good :)


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