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Review: The Waters rising - Sheri S.Tepper

Series: A plague of Angels #2
Genre: Futuristic fantasy sci-fi
Pages: 512
Published: Dec 2011
Publisher: Gollancz
Source: For review

The long-awaited and much-demanded sequel to A PLAGUE OF ANGELS, continuing the story of Abasio, once a farmboy, now, so Blue, his talking horse, is happy to inform people, a man who goes hither and thither helping orphans in this world where renascent mythical beasts and fairy tale 'archetypes' now live. When he comes across little Xulai from Tingawan, one of the Ten Thousand Islands, far across the western Sea, she informs him that she too is an orphan, and implores his help carrying out the last request of the Princess Xu-i-lok, who has been dying since the day she married Duke Justinian, who refused the royal order to marry Alicia, the Prince's sister. Xulai is Princess Xu-i-lok's Soul Carrier, and the task she must complete means visiting the scary forest in the dead of night - but it is the only thing that will bring the princess a measure of peace. Abasio, helper of orphans, promises though she must do this alone, he will be near, to aid her if necessary and it is, for there are dark things abroad. Xulai's job is not yet done, for with the princess now dead, the grieving Duke is left a widower - and Alicia, Duchess Altamont, still wishes to marry him. It's not just the man she wants, but his lands too and her plans do not bode well for anyone except her .

My thoughts:
This book was strange, but wondrous strange. But then all Tepper books I have read have been like that, she takes in things and turns into something utterly amazing and weird.

First, yes it is book two, but book 1 does not have to be read to understand this book. The only person from book 1 around is the hero Abasio. But here is he is all new and a bit different. I do not know how much time has gone by, and it takes place in a new land. It is a new book and it was published almost 20 years after book 1.

 I thought book 1 gave me answers what might have happened to our earth, but here I finally found out what The Big Kill, and the Time when no one moved around was. This our earth, which we destroyed and in its wake technology was no more. Which makes this a futuristic sci-fi book in a fantasy world. She explains it well at one time, how people when they do not understand something makes it into magic. There are a few things left over from the old times, and some do know things. Like when the baddie, Alicia curses someone. Some say it is magic, some know better. She took the pattern of that person and sent a cloud. Yes DNA and virus. The mix works so well, because what would happen if 99% died out? If machines were destroyed? 

And like that was not enough, now the waters are rising and even the highest mountain will be under water. Can humankind be saved? And do we deserve to be saved?

It's a book to read slowly because now and then something new comes along and everything slowly dawns on me. It's a good book, it is a strange story and I can't believe that this used to be earth. There are talking animals, the Kraken, a lovestory, and wicked witches. There is also a child's journey and the question why she is so important?

Tepper needs to be read to be understand. I do not think I can make her world justice. But when you step in to her world you will be enchanted with it.

Now I get it ;=)


  1. WOW! Published 20 years after book one. It's a good thing that book 2 can stand on its own. And I love that strange is good sometimes.

  2. Missie
    Yup, 20 years! Maybe she never meant to write another one and then she did cos the last one, well it was left a bit..bittersweet

  3. hmm - not sure about this one yet. I'll think on it. Your comment about now getting the cover interests me though.

  4. I like the sound of this one - I am in!

  5. I echo Missie's surprise. 20 years?! That's crazy! Hopefully the end of book one didn't leave anyone with any questions because that's a long time to wait. Though you said you didn't have to read book 1 to read this one, so they're obviously able to stand alone:)

  6. Dana
    Hihi, I can't tell you about that but it is all explained

    Might be freaky enough for ya ;)

    Nah, the end of book 1 was bittersweet and fulfilling. But I am still glad there was a book 2 so that Abasio could be happy

  7. wow, a second book 20 years later!
    This does sound good.

  8. *waves weakly* Darn Mondays...

  9. Oh yea... you have me curious! I am thinking you have not only sold me on this one but the first one as well. 20 years? AND this one was fulfilling and weird? Oh yea, that's me. :)

  10. Reading from your review, Tepper has a very good author's "voice".

  11. You made me sit up and take notice with this sentence: "turns into something utterly amazing and weird." Now you're speaking my language!

  12. Having never read a Tepper book before I have no clue as to what I might be missing out on. I love your reviews because I always come across author's that I've never known about!

  13. Hmmm, I think I like the sounds of this one. Sounds like a really neat take and ride. :) Thank you!

  14. Naida
    I know, talk about a wait! But then no one waited since I believe it was not planned

    *gives cookie, the good kind*

    I love weird, I am reading another weird book at the moment and they are just so fulfilling. The strnage is awesome. And so different from UF or PNR strange cos that is just other...

  15. Cherry
    Yes, that she does

    Haha, I am glad I found anotehr weirdloving booklover ;)

    She is weird! Lol, there is no other way to explain it. When I read the first book by her for a lit class I just shook my head at the strangness, and wondered how she came up with it all. Talk about a vivid imigination

    That is certainly is

  16. That is an AMAZING amount of time between book 1 and 2. I wonder what took so long or if it was planned that way. I will have to recommend this to my Fantasy Sci-Fi friend Loa....I think this would be right up her alley!

  17. Felicia
    I honestly do not know. Since book 1 ended all...yes how to say it, it ended. So perhaps later on she wanted to write more ;)

  18. I wonder why it took 20 years before this one was published? Credit for her to actually write the sequel, after 20 years I would've simply been to lazy to do such a thing. hahaha

    What a world without technology! I can't imagine not having my FB and Blogger :0

  19. Carole
    Lol! I fear I would be too lazy too and just say, eh, not today ;)

    And yes without blogger and FB I would go insane

  20. I've wanted to read the first book since you talked about it. Now after this one I want to read both. I love this cover!

  21. Darlene
    Do read them :) Tepper is just so cool, there is no other way to describe her

  22. I haven't read anything by Tepper but I have heard good things about her books. I'll have to see if I can get a hold of the first book in this series.

  23. I haven't heard of this author but it sounds like a story I'd love; a bit dystopian too? I'll have to read book 1 first as I'm anal like that ;)

  24. Another great review! Not sure if I will ever read it, but it sure sounds like a very intense book.

  25. Simcha
    Do give her a go, she is good and different :)

    Well..yes that too, honestly it is one big mix of things :)

    You can say that again


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