Saturday 24 May 2014

Becoming Elizabeth Darcy - Mary Lydon Simonsen

In 2011, American Elizabeth Hannigan, suffering from the flu, falls into a coma and wakes up in the bed and body of Elizabeth Bennet Darcy. Beth soon realizes that the only way back to her life in the 21st Century is through the Master of Pemberley, Jane Austen's Fitzwilliam Darcy. But first she must uncover the dark secret that brought her to Pemberley in 1826 in the first place.

Becoming Elizabeth Darcy is a story of love, loyalty, and loss, where a modern woman is called upon to resolve the problems of Jane Austen's most beloved couple.

My thoughts:
This was kind of time-travel and yet not. You have to read and see. The lines are blurry in a way and I never truly knew what was going on.

Beth is really really sick, and as the ambulance takes her away she wakes up in a strange bed. She is suddenly Mrs Darcy, but how did it happen? And where is the real Elizabeth?

Yes it had me wondering, would Beth go home, would she stay? Was she dead, was Lizzy dead? But I can't tell you those things. Instead I can say Beth is there cos Lizzy and Darcy were having problems. A dead child, miscarriages. Sad really, but also it rang true, if that had happened of course they could have drifted apart even though they still loved each other.

The end was a great ending but at the same time I had wished for something else too. But, trust me, everyone was happy, this book has a HEA after all.

I wish I could go and be Mrs Darcy for a day ;)


Kindle Edition, 326 pages
Published (first published December 1st 2011)
Historical romance / Jane Austen variation


  1. *waves weakly* not for me...

  2. sounds like an interesting read for Jane Austin fans

  3. Me and you both, Linda :) Sounds like an interesting read!

  4. Time travel but not? damn you, now I want to know what you mean.

  5. At first your review had me thinking it probably isn't for me but then the last paragraph made me think it could be.

  6. You've got everyone guessing!!

  7. Oh it's interesting, I read a book a little like that. I wish I could be her too!

  8. This sounds like a very interesting book, I'm curious to see how it will turn out!

  9. I want to be Mrs. Darcy for MORE than a day ;)

  10. I have read time travel Austen spinoffs before, and if done right, they do entertain!

  11. time travel and the Darcy's ... I'm curious but that cover is kinda ugly :)

  12. Huh...I need a book like this. :)

  13. Stop making me want to read P&P based books ;)!

  14. I thought it was a unique premise and I really enjoyed it. It really is hard to summarize this story without giving anything away, though.

    1. Yeah, I had a hard time, I wanted to say things but could not



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