Saturday 27 December 2014

#BookBlogWalkers: Last Weekly Check-In December 26 2014 #FitReaders + fantasy review

This challenge is organized by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

Sat, no idea, I did not write it down on twitter :/
Sun, 40 min walk + 45 min walk
Mon, 40 min walk
Tue, 1 hour walk
Wed, 45 min walk
Thu, 50 min walk
Fri, 1.25 h walk

Good week as I walked on Xmas (that is Xmas Eve) and the day after when we celebrated at my parents. No biking as I am on vacay ;)

Join us for next year when the challenge changes name! :)


Her heroism saved a village from destruction; now Auraya has been named Priestess of the White. The limits of her unique talents must be tested in order to prove her worthy of the honor and grave responsibility awarded to her. But a perilous road lies ahead, fraught with pitfalls that will challenge the newest servant of the gods. An enduring friendship with a Dreamweaver—a member of an ancient outcast sect of sorcerer-healers—could destroy Auraya's future. And her destiny has set her in conflict with a powerful and mysterious, black-clad sorcerer with but a single purpose: the total annihilation of the White. And he is not alone . . . 

My thoughts:
Oh it was so freaking boring! After page 100 I started to skim cos I could not read on when NOTHING happened, 600 pages of nothing.

The heroine, Au whatever was perfect. Happy, kind, beautiful, gods, could she be more boring? I did not enjoy reading about her.

The rest of the cast, forgettable. Only one person in the ENTIRE book stood out, a witch, she was the only character that had been developed.

The book was about..something, they talked and did nothing a lot.

And then there were the constant POV changes. I do not mind many POVS. But through out the entire book: A few pages with one POV, new paragraph new POV etc. I could be reading and then what new POV? When did that happen? It was messy.

I will not read more, I do not recommend it. And YES it would be a DNF if I had not bought the book this week! Darn it.

Paperback, 608 pages
Published December 27th 2005 by Harper Voyager
Age of the Five #1


  1. Ha! That does sound kind of boring. Oh well…may your Christmas books be better!

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  2. Cool initiative, maybe I should sign up for fitreads!

    I too just read a boring book. I feel ya, sister!

  3. Oh I hate when books are boring like that!

  4. 600 pages?!

    The snow looks so pretty. We have none (unusual for us).

  5. 1) Good job! Like I said earlier...lack of snow in Michigan? Odd
    2) *eye twitch* I hate perfect characters. SO boring.

    1. It would be strange here too so I am glad we got some

  6. Whoa, lots of snow! It's good that you are keeping up even in the cold weather, I'd be tempted to stay in :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I would say a bit of snow ;)
      Not that cold when you get used to it, only -10c when coldest

  7. Well the witch had promise but sorry it was a dnf.

  8. Haha boring huh, that's too too bad

  9. Gawd, 600 pages of nothing. I couldn't take it. Your photos are gorgeous!! So peaceful and wintry.

    1. I would have given up if I had not just bought it, sigh

  10. Such beautiful photos. The snow is lovely. I can't believe it's been 12 months since we started this!



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