Tuesday 10 March 2015

Author Interview and giveaway: Christina Courtenay

Today's interview is with Christina Courtenay. Welcome!

1.  Anything new since your last visit? 
 Last time I was here, I’d just had Monsoon Mists published, the third book in my Kinross trilogy. Since then I’ve been mostly concentrating on my role as chairman of the UK’s Romantic Novelists’ Association (which takes a lot of time!), but I’ve also been writing and had a couple of new ebook releases – The Soft Whisper of Dreams (which is now coming out in paperback) and a Regency novella called Never Too Late. On top of that, I’ve ventured into self-publishing with the second book in my YA series – New England Crush. As I’m extremely non-techie, that proved to be a steep learning curve, but fun anyway!

2. Tell me about your new book, The Soft Whisper of Dreams? - It’s a contemporary romance with some paranormal and suspense/thriller elements. The heroine, Maddie, finds out she’s adopted and an old nightmare comes back to haunt her. When she visits friends to recover from the shock, she meets dangerously handsome Alex, has a disturbing encounter with a gypsy fortune teller and, terrifyingly, her bad dreams seem to be coming true …

3. It says it's a follow up, but can it be read as a stand alone? 
 Yes, it can be read as a stand alone, but I think the reader would enjoy it even more if he/she had read the first book.

4. Would you want your fortune told, or are some things better not told? 
 No, never! I’m extremely superstitious so I’d believe every word and even though the rational part of my brain would be telling me it was all nonsense I’d be thinking “what if it isn’t?” And if I was told something bad, I’d be terrified of it coming true.

5. What are you working on right now?-
I just finished the final edits for a historical romance which is coming out in August called The Jade Lioness.  It’s the third book in my Japanese trilogy (sequel to The Scarlet Kimono and The Gilded Fan) and follows adventurous English girl Temperance Marston as she is kidnapped by outlaws in 17th century Japan and rescued by a handsome samurai.

I’ve also started work on a new time slip novel set partly during the English Civil War – I’m fascinated by that period of history which must have been so difficult to live through when people had to choose sides whether they wanted to or not.  In my novel The Gilded Fan I wrote about it from the perspective of the Parliamentarians (Roundheads) but I’ve always wanted to write about the Royalists, or Cavaliers, so I’m finally doing that now.

Many thanks for having me as your guest!

An e-copy of The soft whisper of dreams

1. Open to everyone in the world
2. Ends March 14th
3. Remember to leave a way to find you. So just comment and go forth



Some dreams shouldn’t come true …
Maddie Browne thought she’d grown out of the recurring nightmare that plagued her as a child, but after a shocking family secret is revealed, it comes back to haunt her – the same swing in the same garden, the kind red-haired giant and the swarthy arms which grab her from behind and try to take her away …
In an attempt to forget her troubles, Maddie travels to Devon to spend time with her friends, Kayla and Wes. However, it becomes clear that relaxation will not be on the agenda after a disturbing encounter with a gypsy fortune teller. Not to mention the presence of Wes’s dangerously handsome brother, Alex.
And then there’s the fact that Maddie’s dream seems to be coming true …
The Soft Whisper of Dreams is the follow-on to Christina Courtenay’s novel The Secret Kiss of Darkness.

Buying Links:
Amazon UK -- http://goo.gl/m7fT6O
Amazon US -- http://goo.gl/YdQsgV


  1. "Handsome samurai"? I would not mind being saved by one of those. hahaha. I must check out THAT series as well!

    But yes, I agree with Felicia...avoid gypsy fortune tellers.


    1. Yes, can't resist a handsome samurai myself :-D

  2. I definitely would NOT want my fortune told either, for the exact same reason! Even if I didn't believe entirely, some part of me would still always wonder if what they said would actually come to pass. Paranoia would be my new best friend. *shudders*

    1. That's exactly it - paranoia! But there's always that niggle of "what if" ... Nope, I can't do it!

  3. That's what I figured - glad it's not just me! :-)

  4. I agree with Jenny. No thanks to fortune tellers. I'm paranoid enough already!
    helenpollardwrites at gmail dot com

    1. I think we're going to put all the fortune tellers out of business :-D

  5. Ahh fortune tellers. They are oh so creepy sometimes. I like that this blends several of my favorite genres. I will have to look this one up. Enter me please.

  6. Can be read as standalone is a GOOD thing for bloggers! Lovely interview, amazing she still remembers her last visit. the peeps I interview don't :/

  7. The Soft Whisper of Dreams sounds good..I love all of those elements. Fantastic interview Linda!

  8. It's nice that we have paranormal and suspense/thriller elements in it, it's always a great mix! thanks for the interview.

  9. Oh same here with the fortunes. That would so mess with my head I'm sure.

  10. Gypsies? Fortune-telling? Rubbish!

  11. Wow, she sure is a prolific writer! I wonder how she can juggle so many projects at the same time... Maybe she taught herself to eschew sleep altogether...? Anyway, I haven't read her, but she sounds like an interesting author. Great interview :)

  12. Thanks for all the lovely comments and I'm glad so many people agree with me regarding fortune telling - it's not just me then! :-)

    Ramona - no, I never sleep LOL! (Just kidding - I type fast :-) xx)

  13. I'm the same way - I'm not sure I could handle having my fortune told, I'm way too suspicious. :-) Awesome interview!

  14. I would never want my fortune told. This looks like a great read.


  15. would love to read this!!!
    the cover is awesome!!

    cyn209 at juno dot com

  16. Wow, I'm anticipating your books that are coming soon. I'd also love to read the ones that are out :)

  17. Double that up for me. love to win and read it

  18. Many thanks again for all these lovely comments! Xxx



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