Saturday 14 March 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In March 13 2015 and DNFs

#FitReaders hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About.

Sun, 2.5 h walk
Mon, 8 km bike, 45 zumba toning
Tue 30 min walk, 4 km bike, 1 hour yoga
Wed 20 min walk + 30 min walk
Thu 1 hour zumba, 8 km bike
Fri 1 hour yoga, 30 min walk, 4 km bike
Sat, 1.50 h walk

Good week :)



What, again? Yes again. See, I got 1500 kindle freebies. I am NOT gonna read all of those if they are just ok. So I will dnf it if it does not catch  my attention. As I only read ebooks at work they need to be good enough that I remember them the next day, after a weekend, or even after a longer holiday.

A little death
I read a few pages, I think there was an angel there, or not. Whatever. DNF

A kiss of Venom
I felt a bit lost, and I have read books in this series. Oh well. That was not even why I gave up.

A bit of Bite
I can't remember why I gave up, and it was like 5 hours ago.DNF.

Bound by  blood
I was all, I can read this, then they like jump each other after a few pages and they have known each other a minute..DNF

Mr Darcy's Diary
This book was not bad, it was good. It's just, this was the second time trying it and I am very meh about it. I like my variations but this is not that. This is the exact same events from his POV..meh

Heart of the wolf
This one actually had promise! And it was a pnr! But, I was not in the mood for a just ok book. I wanted more, so dnf


  1. Boo! I liked 'Bit of Bite'. Eh, it was short story.

  2. More DNF's this week, huh? I haven't heard of these, but I understand the need for something more "special". And I don't like books about people jumping each other only after just build up is disappointing.

    And keep up the great work with fitreaders. Horsies!

    Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Hehe, there might have been a few, they all seemed to happen at the same day too.

      It was too early, I just do not want that anymore. If it was just for lust yes, but love nah

  3. Thanks for this Blodeuedd, I am a huge Susan Sizemore fan, and I kind of forgot she went the self published road, and that is why I can't buy new paperbacks. I will have to think if I want to buy her ebooks (as it is not free now)

    1. That is my problem too, I can get the freebies, but I cannot buy ebooks :/

  4. Nice pics. I probably have as many books on my kindle. They weren't all free but I should probably start going through them like you're doing. At least they're on a device, not on shelves!

    1. It's a good way, since most are not even on GR so it's a big big mess

  5. YAY for the working out! I ran a 7K yesterday and I am still sore

  6. I should just go through my kindle books and read a few pages of each and decide..LOL

  7. I haven't read any of your DNFs and I shall not bother now :) I'd had no idea they published a Mr. Darcy's diary - what an idea... Still chewing on that. I love Jane Austen, so this feels kind of sacrilegious. Hmm. Your pics look cold - is it cold over there? :) As for your week's exercising routine... I am pretty much out of words. It's just depressing *shakes head bitterly* For me, obviously. You? You're a star!

    1. I do love all my PP novels, but I have read a LOT. And I do not really need his version anymore, his version of the exact same events.

      Well cold and cold, it was maybe +4c so not that cold really.

      Thank you! *bows*

  8. Aw some cute covers, sorry they didn't live up

  9. It looks like the snow is melting? Great photos!!

  10. Great job on your workouts and I love the photos! Sorry to hear you had so many DNFs but I think I might have some of those books. I hope you find something you like soon!

    1. It does not matter, still got a thousand books left ;)

  11. Bummer about the Cynthia Eden book. I haven't read anything by her in years but I used to like her books.

    I can't believe you snow already melted!

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. It's crazy here, snow, melt, snow, ice, melt, sigh

  12. I need to get back to moving/exercising. Vacation was really bad, I didn't move much and ate like a pig...
    Love Luci's picture.

  13. Oh no a Darcy variation that was meh? That sucks. :-( Glad you had a good excercise week!

  14. Hey, great week in the fit end of things. :) I'm so jealous I can't get to do as much as you. And look at the horses! :D

    Have a great week this week.



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