Wednesday 25 March 2015

Dark Detectives - ed by Stephen Jones

Eighteen stories of supernatural detective fiction, featuring sleuths who investigate fantastic and horrific cases, protecting the world from the forces of darkness. Each writer offers a tale of a great fictional detective, including Neil Gaiman’s Lawrence Talbot, Clive Barker’s Harry D’Amour, and the eight-part “Seven Stars” adventure by Kim Newman (Anno Dracula).

My thoughts:
Ok,  short words about every story...longer than that and it would be looooong.

In Egypt's land by Kim Newman
Just a short intro. Will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Our lady of death by Peter Tremayne
A ghost is haunting an inn. I liked this one as it was set long ago in Ireland, it had a nice smart heroine too.

The mummy's heart by Kim Newman
The ruby from the first story is now in England and causing deaths.

The horse of the invisible by William Hope Hodgson
A horse is haunting a woman. I still wonder what was real and not.

The magician and the matinee idol by Kim Newman
Ruby 3. 2 new peeps, 25 years later, 20s. Meh

The adventure of the crawler by Basil Cooper
Not one of my favorite detectives. I wanted more action.

The trouble with Barryman by Kim Newman
Ruby 4. 20 years later. I really hope they solve this in the end.

Rouse him not by John Thunston
I liked this one. Short and nice.

De Marigny's clock by Brian Lumley.
Those robber's sure made a mistake.

The Biafran bank manager by Kim Newman
Ruby 5. This almost seemed like the end, but more is coming it seems.

Someone is dead by R.Chetwynd-Hayes
A haunting. I liked the idea of time.slips.

Vultures gather Reuben Calloway by Roderick Shea
Totally creepy ending.

Last Souls by Cliver Barker
A bit too short

Mimsy by Kim Newman
Ruby 6. And it continues. My fav of the Newman's so far. And it's still not finished.

The man who shot the man who shot Liberty Valence by Jay Russell
Eh, wanted more.

The dog story by Kim Newman
Part 7. Ohh the future now, things are coming crashing down.

Bay Wolf by Neil Gaiman
But it was in prose! Eh

The duel of the Seven by Kim Newman
And it ends. With a bang, this should have been a book.

Some I enjoyed a lot, some I did not care for as much. Some were good, some ok, some weird, some brilliant. Just like every anthology. A good mix of things.

A detective here, a detective there, and lots of paranormal happenings. I read it over a weekend, but it would work better with maybe a story per day. Before bedtime ;) 

Paperback, 480 pages
Published March 17th 2015 by Titan Books (first published June 1999)
Paranormal mystery
For review


  1. There's a story about a horse haunting a woman? That's definitely a new take on ghosts! Glad the whole anthology ended on a high note with The Duel of the Seven:)

    1. Yes you read it right, a horse haunting a woman. Creepy

  2. How does a horse haunt a woman? *is curious*

    1. You hear that? That sound of a horse neighing, a horse galloping towards you?

      A horse kicking you. A horse driving you insane`?

  3. I can't get enough of these telegraphic reviews of yours!!! :) This sounds interesting. Detectives are hot :) Also, the equestrian ghost - enough said :D

    1. I am glad you enjoy them :)

      Haha, it was creepy

  4. I'll pass, anthologies aren't my thing anymore. The good one are always too short!

  5. What an interesting mixture...

  6. They can't all do them well

  7. Seems like a good mix. A lot of stories! I didn't expect so many.

  8. A horse haunting a woman. That is all.

  9. "A horse is haunting a woman."
    But I agree with melissa...sounds like a good mix.

  10. Our Lady of Death sounds really good! Glad there was a good mix of stories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on each of them. :)

  11. Al always in this kind of books, some better than others but it sounds good! thanks for the discovery!

  12. I think there is enough you liked to make this one a good read. I love these for bedtime

  13. I'm not crazy about anthologies, I think I pass.

  14. Was it sister Fidelma in Peter Tremayne's story ? I read that series years ago and loved it. I like those anthologies, they help me discover new authors I never would have picked up otherwise ;)

    1. Yes it was :D I liked her, she was cool and level headed

  15. Overall would you say these are paranormal or horror? I can't do super scary horror stuff.

  16. Also totally distracted and hung up on a horse haunting a woman. :-) Glad there were some good stories in the mix. Anthologies are always a grab bag.

    1. You all seem to be :) And it was a weird one



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