Tuesday 24 March 2015

The God Collector - Catherine Butzen

Their love is ancient history if they can’t catch the thief out to kill them.

Theodora Speer loves her job at the Columbian Exposition Museum designing murals, but a sense of movement—in her art and in her life—eludes her. She meets the museum’s enigmatic donor Seth Adler while working on a new exhibit: a strange cache of shabtis, or clay funerary figurines, accompanying a prize mummy, and something sparks.

Seth Adler’s interest in the Egyptian artifacts and in Theo goes deeper than patronage, but he can’t tell her that. A series of robberies has everyone on edge and when the Columbian is hit, Theo and Seth are implicated. Someone thinks there was more to the ancient Egyptian funeral rites than meets the eye and wants the mummy and his grave goods.

Seth and Theo are forced on the run, and it may be too much movement for strict realist Theo to keep up with. But the man—and the mummy—are more than she realized. And if she can’t reconcile the past and the present, she and Seth may have no future. 

My thoughts:
I think the thing I liked the best in this one was the whole mythological aspect. Lots of potential there. The whole thing of how, and Gods and I just can't mention it in more detail cos spoilers darling. But that was fascinating.

I also liked to hear about Theo's work, who know painting at a museum could sound so fun. I'd totally take her job, but sadly I draw like a 5 year old.

The whole intrigue part was good too. Why was stuff stolen? (again spoilers). And then the hunt to find answers.

But there was one part that I actually thought could have been done better. I never felt the romance. Did they fall for each other? Eh, did not feel it. Hey even raw passion would have worked then. But I did feel like they had a lack of chemistry.

Still, the mythology part...I liked that. I would read more of that. But then I like myths and Gods. 

Ok, but red dress? She wore this nice white one

ebook, 296 pages
Published March 10th 2015 by Samhain Publishing
For review


  1. Sounds like one I'd enjoy, even with the blah romance. The mythology and mystery might make up for it.

  2. LOL! No red dress? Shame, cover designers!

  3. That cover makes her look as if she's pregnant but offcenter.

  4. The Egyptian artifact angle probably interests me most in this story. And museums are indeed wonderful places to work!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  5. *crunches on carrot* Sounds like fun. :D

  6. Oh a mystery,a quest and mythology..yes this sounds cool.

  7. I like mythology too, but I've not have much luck finding some good ones. I'll give this one a try. :D

  8. I would need to feel the romance. I like mythology from time to time though.

  9. Amazing how you managed to say so much without giving anything away :P I'm intrigued (you should totally write book-jacket text!) Give some fresh take on any mythological concept and I'm all in. Good review :)

    1. You really are the best commenter a girl can have :D Too kind *blush*

  10. Yay for the mythology but meh on the romance bit. I love the romance bits so need that.

  11. Fail, cover designers, big fail...I think I will skip this one.



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