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#FitReaders Check-In: November 6, 2015

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Sat 45 min walk and 30 min walk
Sun 1.5 h walk
Mon 30 min walk. 4 km bike
Tue 8 km bike, 1 h workout class, 1 h yoga
Wed 8 km bike, 45 min zumba toning
Thu 8 km bike. 45 zumba toning
Fri, 4 km bike, 30 min walk


One big secret… 
When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would go it alone. Rodeo star Reilly wasn’t the sort of man who’d want to be tied down. But five years later she needs to tell him her secret… 

One tiny blessing… 
Learning he’s a daddy is bittersweet for Reilly, because his little girl is fighting to survive. Her only hope is a new brother or sister. Can he and Lea create a newborn miracle – and a future together? 

My thoughts:
Maybe the Australia setting made this one work for me. Because the heroine was a blind fool. Seriously!? You wonder why Reilly is upset with you? You got pregnant, had the kid and never told him! Then she shows up 5 years later and demands another child. Ok the reason was good, the first girl is dying and needs stem cells. But the way she just shows up, let him be angry cos you stole 5 years of his first child's life first.

So Lea has issues. Daddy issues, and she wanted to do it alone.

Reilly was a good guy. A former rodeo driver, and well, I liked him. Maybe not every thing he did, but I understood him.

We all know they will end up together, but there will be struggles first since Lea is a fool.

Kindle Edition, 256 pages
Published July 1st 2010 by Mills & Boon Cherish
Outback Baby Tales #3

Everyone did Jefferson King's bidding. Except the folks in a certain Irish village he'd "bought" for his latest production. And when the movie mogul arrived in town, he discovered why everyone had turned against him. He'd gotten one of their own pregnant.
True, it looked as though he'd been avoiding Maura Donohue's phone calls; he was a busy billionaire. It didn't have anything to do with their night of passion…one he couldn't erase from his memory. Naturally he'd give the expectant mother a wedding worthy of a King's bride. But Maura wouldn't enter a marriage without love…and Jefferson wouldn't bend to that demand.

My thoughts:
I think when I was 10 and liked harlequins I would have been all awww. But now, well it was good, but come on!

Maura lives in Ireland. Jefferson is a big shot from Hollywood and he is trying to get her to let them film on their farm. We actually meet them when they have know each other for almost a week. They do it, and goes their separate ways. And Maura was all in love and he was all I can't love. You only knew each other for a week, come on!

And of course she is preggers. It is so weird how fast they get preggers in books. Boom. Done. No condom. Duh. Drama. They live happily ever after. But first he is an idiot.

But it was short and I enjoyed the silliness.

ebook, Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited, 124 pages
Published 2010 by Mills & Boon (first published January 1st 2009)
Kings of California #6
Contemporary romance


  1. first - yeah too must stupidity, don't think its for me

    second book - its amazing how fertile everyone is huh?

  2. Great exercise week, plenty of variety in it.

  3. Keep up the good work with the walking. I can't help but think sooner or later we'll be seeing snow in your photos. It's looking chilly.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Soon ;) But we are having a warmer fall than usual so

  4. Those are not books for me. I love the pictures, especially the cabin/log home.

    1. ;)

      Thanks :) It's a sort of barn, they stored hey and other things there

  5. Looks like fall has settled in over there, with winter on its way. BOO!

  6. Way to go on the exercising!

    Hmm, not a fan of the hidden baby thing so nope on that one.

    Haven't read a Harlequin in a while. They can be a nice change up.

  7. Their Newborn Gift sounds interesting to me too - must be the Australia-thing :p And, hey, I can see the autumn creeping in to your corner of the world now! Your workouts are just as insane - WOW! Rock on, my fair lady, rock on ...

    1. I was all really? But the Au thing got to me :)

      Finally a bit of Fall :)

  8. Ah yes for the first one the heroine is a bit silly... they're both new to me

  9. Beautiful pics-- have a great weekend

  10. Sometimes silliness just hits the spot! Why do woman hide the baby from the father...grrr.

  11. I used to read tons of Harlequins. I've gotten away from the sweeter ones, but I still read one every now and then.

  12. I would've love to see Lea gets her comeuppance for hiding the baby from Reilly. Lol.

    1. He does give her a cruel choice.
      I kind of get it and do not get it. Sure one night stand, no contacts, 3 months later, how would she find him? Oh he was famous so ;)

  13. the books aren't my thing but I love your pics and well done on the exercise, you always do heaps!

  14. Both of these would annoy me but Lea...I mean..come on!



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