Friday 30 June 2017

The Spawn of Lilith - Dana Fredsti

Out of the spotlight, in the darker corners of the studio backlots, Hollywood hides a remarkable secret. Actor or actress, set designer, electrician, best boy, or grip—in la-la land, it pays not to be human. Vampires, succubae, trolls, elementals, goblins—studios hire anyone and anything that can take direction, be discreet, and not eat the extras. (The less you know about your agent, the better.)

Though only human, stuntwoman and struggling actress Lee Striga is a member of the legendary Katz Stunt Crew. They’re the best in the biz, in part because they can fly, and boast superhuman strength.

When Lee lands a job on the movie Pale Dreamer, however, not everyone is following the script. It’s up to her to figure out who—or what—is killing the cast and crew. Especially when Lee goes from stuntwoman to lead role... and the next target.

My thoughts:
I really like this cover, even if it does have the famous butt pose ;) She looks so kick-ass, and she has to be, cos she is a stunt woman. She knows how to fight, she knows how to fall down buildings. Aye she is cool.

There are supes everywhere, but the normal people do not know about them. Lee does know as her foster dad is one.  But there are things not even she knows, but will find out ;)

I liked her. She was a non nonsense kind of person.  Even even though she is not a supe, she still protects those near her (but then she is trained to kick butt too.)

There is this revelation at the end, so with that in mind this feels like an introduction to this world and to her. I got to see her work a crappy job, and then the job that shows the dangerous side of the supernatural world. How on earth she survived the crappy job I do not know, and the I do not mean survive as in dangerous, but in omg that stunt job sucks big time. Not all stunt jobs are awesome.

The second book promises to be interesting. Oh and I guess the tension between her and someone will continue to grow...that will be interesting to see too ;)

A nice first introduction do this world.


Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: June 27th 2017 by Titan Books (UK)
Lilith #1
Urban fantasy
For review


  1. I like the cover too, its interesting. Great review as always, have a nice weekend!

  2. Butt pose haha!
    This sounds like a good new start to a UF series! I'll add it to my list. And I obviously need to meet who this someone is that she has tension with! ;)

    1. Hehe, I hope something will happen in future books

  3. Hmm it sounds good. So its the first of a series?

  4. Wow, this one sounds really intriguing and I love the cover too even with the butt post hihi. Great review!

  5. I agree - that's a great cover and the book sounds fun!!!

    For What It's Worth

  6. This sounds interesting. I like that the main character is a stunt woman even if she is doing the butt pose and has a crappy job.

  7. It sounds good but damn another new series...

  8. I know, what's with those butt shots lol? I mean not that I'm complaining, but they're everywhere. Is it like an urban fantasy check off for cover designers? :)

    Glad it was good though! And I like the original premise...

  9. Nice! I have not heard of this book or series but it seriously sounds like something I would like.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  10. You never know who lives among us, so I do wonder about some of the people I've met. (lol) Loved your review and this sounds like an interesting read. Hugs...RO Happy Saturday!

  11. The cover is awesome! Sounds like a fun read :D

  12. Sounds like a good start to a series! I like a strong heroine.

  13. This does really look interesting. Hahaha, butt pose. :-)

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  14. This sounds like a really neat series. I will have to keep it in mind.



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