Monday, 13 November 2017

Audio: Third son's a charm - Shana Galen

Fiercely loyal to his friends and comrades, Ewan Mostyn is the toughest in a group of younger sons of nobility who met as soldiers and are now trying desperately to settle back into peaceful Society. Ewan trusts his brawn more than his brains, but when he's offered a job watching the Duke of Ridlington's stubbornly independent daughter, he finds both are challenged. Lady Lorraine wants none of her father's high-handed ways, and she'll do everything in her power to avoid her distressingly attractive bodyguard-until she lands herself in real trouble. Lorraine begins to see Ewan's protectiveness in a new light, and she can only hope that her stoic guardian will do for her what he's always done-fight for what he wants. 

Audio CD, 11 h
Published November 7th 2017 by Tantor Audio
The Survivors #1
Historical romance
For review
My thoughts:
I have never wanted to kick a villain so much! Francis was the worst kind of bully and I wanted to break his nose. I really felt it as Ewan looked back at things and experienced things now as an adult. That poor child! That poor man! I loved Ewan so much.

Ewan is nothing but a big dumb brute. Or so say his family. The only real friends he has are the men he fought with. He is loyal, protective and does not say a lot. You just have to love him.

Lorraine says too much. She talks and talks. But she is sweet, and nice, and omg, totally in love with the wrong man. Francis! Grrrrrr. Well she thinks she is in love and I can forgive her. He is a charmer, and the worst man that has ever lived!

And Ewan has to protective this annoying chit, who seems very cute. Yes, the way there is sort of long, and I liked how they slowly became friends and more. But both had issues to work out. Like her liking Francis, ugh!

It was a fun one. I enjoyed it and I would like to read more in this series.

Narrator Victoria Atson
I liked her proper accent, honestly anything sounds awesome with that accent. I liked her voices and the way she told the story. It made me like Lorraine cos she sounded so fun.



  1. Good to know you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing. Greetings.

  2. This cover reminds me of Devil in Spring by LK! Very pretty!
    Ugh I already hate this villain from your review. He sounds like a real piece of work.

  3. Well, your anger towards the villain seems justified. :)

  4. heh glad you enjoyed the audiobook XD and the story. I never listened to a HR on audio I think it would make my earns burn

    1. LOL. Oh yes. Especially when I meet someone as I always listen outside and I am all I really hope these headhphones work, lol

  5. LOL! I love it when you read these kind of novels. It is so entertaining and I needed this today! :)

  6. Sounds fun! And I do occasionally enjoy a villain that I just love to hate :D

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  7. Sounds perfect to listen to and I love the sound of the tension and romance.

  8. As much as I've tried I have a hard time listening to audio, and usually end up falling asleep.(lol) Isn't it good to find a villain that's so believable, and a fun read? Hugs...RO

  9. Not a Duke... but a Duke's daughter! Close enough. This sounds like a rewarding listen... seeing the good guy win in the end!

  10. I have this one coming up this week. I am so glad to hear how much you enjoyed it.



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