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Carole's Sunday_ Tarragon Series

Author: Karlie Lucas

Title: Key Keeper (Tarragon #1)
Genre: YA & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
Published: March 2016
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest opinion)

For hundreds of years, the gates of Tarragon have been sealed from the outside. Prophecy speaks of the day the last Key Keeper will return and wake the dragons from their spell-cast slumber, returning them to their rightful home.

Seeking to fulfill her father's dying wish, Anwen Porter travels to the Drakonii Mountains where she meets Tyler, a mysterious local with a secret. With his help, she learns more about her clouded past and her own abilities. But when Courtney, a lovesick mage, tries to insert herself into their plans, things begin to go horribly wrong.

With death threatening at every turn, Anwen must learn to rely on her newfound friends to survive. But how can she unravel the mystery of her heritage when everything is trying to kill her?

This is the first of the Tarragon Series. This follows Anwen who is now old enough to try and fulfill her father's dying wish. She travels to Drakonii Mountains where she meets Tyler. With his help, she is able to learn more about herself, her abilities, and her family's past. 

Always drives me insane when parents in stories like these leave their kid so clueless. Anwen was lucky and knew some stuff, but her dad should've had a diary she would receive when she was older with everything she needed to know. Poor Anwen! Such a big responsibility on her shoulders. Good thing Tyler showed up. I adored him. 

This was a short, but a good read. The first quarter dragged on a hair, but after a certain event I could NOT put this down. 

THAT ENDING! UGH! *drags out 2nd book* I need to find out what happens next. AUTHOR, PLEASE FIX IT!

I'll stamp this with a 3. Some slow parts, but overall not a bad way to start a series! DRAGONS!!!!!!!!! 

Author: Karlie Lucas
Title: Dragon Mage (Tarragon #2)
Genre: YA & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
Published: March 2017
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest opinion)

After hundreds of years, the gates to Tarragon are open once more, fulfilling age-old prophecy. However, Anwen's journey is far from over. The dragons still sleep and she has no clue how to wake them. Forced to retreat from the Mountain, she and her newfound friends must devise a new plan to wake the inhabitants of Tarragon. Meanwhile, the Mage Circle, a group of dragon mages with a vendetta, is camped outside the Gates. Calling on allies of their own, they will stop at nothing to gain control of the Dragon City and all who dwell inside. To complicate matters even more, Anwen's mother has joined the party. But even with the help of all her friends, can Anwen overcome the ordeals set before her or will this 

Book 2 of the Tarragon Series. The last book ended with me being upset and to see what would happen next. 

Anwen and her friends continue on their journey to become stronger and get ready for the next step in their battle. Randomly, Anwen's mother has joined their party to give them aid and well-needed training. There is a lot of dangers they will be facing. 

The story started right where it left off. I feel like these characters had a lot of character development and growth to go along with their training. This made me happy. I actually grew to like Courtney more and I even liked Anwen's mom. We got to learn more why they kept Anwen in the dark. It makes sense on the whys, but I still feel they should've trained her and had her slightly more prepared. Poor girl has a lot of pressure on her to succeed. 

This was an exciting read, especially near the end. I finished this in a couple of sittings. So good. Better than the first book for sure. I'm nervous to start the final book. I have my worries. 

In the end, this was better than the first. I had no issues. I'll give this 5 stars.

Author: Karlie Lucas
Title: Dragon Bane (Tarragon #3)
Genre: YA & Fantasy
Pages: ebook
Published: April 2018
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the author/publisher for my honest opinion)

The Revenants are coming. Only recently woken from their centuries' long slumber, the dragons are unprepared to face them. But when a legend is uncovered, revealing the existence of a lost tribe of mages, hope flickers to life. The race is on as Tyler Durand and Anwen Kaida rush to find this missing tribe while the others prepare for their last stand. But time and numbers are against them, and Anwen fears that even if they find the lost mages, it will be too late.

The grand finale of the series! It was for sure a journey. I honestly suggest binge reading these books like I did. I can't imagine having to wait SOOOOOOOO long. It was nice to be able to just read all of them. 

But yes, this is the final book in the trilogy. Everything is arriving. The Revenants are on the way. Not a lot of time for training and preparing. They have to move fast. Anwen and Tyler go on a hurried mission to find a secret tribe of mages who will be their only hope in the last stand. 

I will admit...I was nervous. I was not sure how everything was going to be okay. I was nervous about who would survive and who would perish! Nervous! That is why I read this all in 1.5 sittings (dang work getting in the way of my reading life). It was for sure a book you will have a hard time putting down because you need to know how this final stand will end. 

It did take a LONG time for everything to happen. A lot of prepping and getting the mages and the dragons up and ready to go. There were a few dry spots, but there was a lot of backstories and learning more about the new characters and even some new stuff about the old characters. It was interesting to see some of Anwen's ancestors. 

Ooooo! That ending. I wanted more. More epilogue, please! Maybe there will be a spin-off following that little red-head girl. She was a touch creepy, but she was interesting. 

All-in-all, a good trilogy! It has certainly been a while since I found a series I have adored as much as this one. The final book was good. Not as good as book 2, but still a good one. I was okay with everything that happened. Can't say what, but it all worked well. I'll give this 4 stars. 

If you like dragons and don't mind YA (it didn't feel overly YA, so yayy!), then I recommend this series. 

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