Thursday 13 May 2021

A time of blood by John Gwynne

Mass Market Paperback, 496 pages

Published April 18th 2019 by Pan Macmillan (first published April 16th 2019)

Series: Of Blood and Bone #2



I am behind on my reviews, writing my third one!

Where to start. Riv turned out to be a half breed, and all those before her have been killed. Lots of infanticide going on behind the screens of the so perfect angels, who turned out to be evil asshats . Pretending to be all righteous, all while sleeping with warrior women and having their offspring killed. Anyway, Riv lived, got wings, and the there is someone new at charge now who is not all kill the kids.

Drem is running from evil things in the woods. While Riv is all anger, Drem is calm. I like him.

I am all reviewed out. Gotta make this quick.

Lots of things going on. Baddies coming! FU baddies. Grrr angels, they are so evil. And then the end, damn, now I need book 3!

Drem and his friends flee the battle at Starstone Lake to warn the Order of the Bright Star. They’ve witnessed horrors they’ll never forget, such as magic warping men into beasts. But worst of all, they’ve seen a demon rise from the dead – making it even more powerful. Now Fritha, the demons’ high priestess, is hunting Drem’s party.

Concealed in Forn Forest, Riv struggles to understand her half-breed heritage. She represents the warrior angels’ biggest secret, one which could break their society. And when she’s found by the Ben-Elim’s high captain, he swoops in for the kill.

As demonic forces multiply, they send a mighty war-host to overthrow the angel’s stronghold. This could decimate the fractured Ben-Elim. And their allies in the Order may be too overwhelmed to send aid – with Fritha and her monstrous beasts closing in. Like heroes of old, Drem and the Bright Star’s warriors must battle to save their land. But can the light triumph when the dark is rising?


  1. I know that all reviewed out feeling. This sounds like a good series.

    1. And that is why I should write all at once

  2. Ha. I wish I can crank out 3 reviews in one day! That sounds exhausting.

  3. Sometimes reviews are just tough to write.

  4. Wow, killing the offspring is terrible.

  5. I finished my first Gwynne book (The Shadow of the Gods) and really liked it. I've had Malice for years but haven't read it yet.. But this series sounds good too.

  6. I've been keeping up pretty good with my reviews, but then I found a couple books that I'd read LAST YEAR and completely forgot about! So much for my streak ;)



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