Friday 10 September 2021

Audio: Mist Rising by Eve Langlais


Narrated by: Carly Robins

Series: Mist and Mirrors, Book 1

Length: 8 hrs and 53 mins

Release date: 08-24-21

Publisher: Tantor Audio


To review

Great narration by Carly Robins. She got the feel of the book and she was a joy listening to. I would def listen to her again.

I really enjoyed this. And I keep thinking about what will happen next!? Eeek, I want to know now!

The world building was not the biggest, but, there is no world. There is their land, and the mist around it. The mist filled with monsters. So intriguing. Why, how? When? Is there more? And the main character Agathe knows nothing, so we know nothing. Except that there are monsters in the mist.

As for Agathe, ok that end had me reeling, like what?! WHAT?! But first, we have an older heroine. One that will learn how to fight, cos hello, monsters. Years pass, and I can't spoil, but yes, I mean that ending! I did not see that coming. I wish I could say more,

Oh and she and her fellow sisters of the shield save a baby. One with purple eyes. Those children are collected and sent to the king because they have magic. And again, I am dying to learn more about the king and magic. She desperately wants to find out what happens with the purple eyed ones.

Monster fighting, some passion, tense banter between two who need to get down and dirty. And questions that made me want more and more. Just one chapter more.

I really want that second book now. It was so light and easy, fun and intriguing. Interesting characters and just the right amount of secrecy that made me want more and more.

Oh and nothing like that other pnr series I read by her. That was humour and sex. This was a totally different feel. Fantasy, secrets and magic


It does not give the right feel to be honest, Feels more YA and pnr?

The mist is rising so lock your doors and stay inside, for the monsters have returned.

On a dark and ominous night, at the edge of the Abyss, Agathe rescues a baby from a monster that should have been extinct. Gravely injured in the process, the elderly Agathe is rewarded by having her youth restored.

But that’s only the start of the strangeness. The child she saves is far from ordinary. Belle has a unique and wondrous magic that must not fall into the wrong hands. Like those of the King. Everyone knows the monarch steals those they called the Blessed—those with the purple eyes. Supposedly, they are the only thing standing between the Kingdom and the rising mist.

As far as Agathe is concerned, they’re victims of the King’s lust for power. What is the King really doing with the Blessed and their magic? To discover the truth, Agathe must insert herself into the court of the enemy. Unfortunately, things are worse than they seem.Can Agathe embrace destiny and not only save herself but also the Kingdom?


  1. Glad you liked it and yes a lot of series debuts leave readers/listeners wanting. I usually try to re-read/listen to them later because I usually pick up things I missed the first time.

    1. I should do that, to see if I could see when it happened, nah, it was meant to be boom

  2. Yeah - the cover doesn't really go with what review says the books is. Sounds like a wild ride though.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. It was so good, had me at the edge of my seat

  3. Monsters, passion, and an ending that makes you want more. Sounds like a win! :)

  4. Wanting the second book is a good sign!

  5. Huh... I shied away from this one b/c like you say, her books are sex and humor, and I didn't want more of that. Now I wish I'd tried it. Thanks!

    1. I was so unsure since the last one I listened to was nothing but sex with lots of men, but this one, nothing like that at all. Very happy

  6. Now you have me curious to know the answers to all your questions and read one with a different vibe to her usual stuff.

  7. This sounds good. I hope the next book is good too.

  8. This sounds good and I like the cover. Glad you enjoyed it! Mist filled with monsters reminds me of the Stephen King novella.

  9. Can't wait to see what you think of the next one!!

  10. Eve Langlais...Eve Langlais...have I never read one of her books? I can't remember that I have?? This sounds good though, might need to check it out.



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