Thursday 9 June 2022

Audio: The Exile

Narrated by: Amanda Berry

Series: The Bennet Wardrobe, Book 5

Length: 9 hrs and 39 mins

Release date: 11-28-18

Publisher: Don Jacobson

Pride and prejudice variation

To review

This one was more the book that pulled together things from the past and the future. Kitty Bennet is timelord. She shaped events. But at the same time the author does seem to have it in for her. Poor Kitty!!

We never saw Lizzy and Jane. Mary got her moment, Lydia will get hers, and Kitty is everywhere. Shaping the Bennet world.

A philosophical and psychological one. A slower one. Lots of thinking and talking. Not a lot happening, before the end.....yes he has it in for her.

Great narration.I have gotten used to the narrator as I have listened to many by now.

Kitty Bennet, the fourth daughter of the Master and Mistress of Longbourn, had spent far too long as the shadow of her younger sister. The all-knowing Meryton chinwaggers suggested that young Miss Bennet needed education—and quickly—especially after the irregular circumstances that forced the wedding of Lydia Bennet and George Wickham.

How right they were…but the type of instruction Kitty Bennet received, and the where/when in which she matriculated, was far beyond their ken. For, they knew nothing of that remarkable piece of furniture that had been part of the lives of clan Bennet for over 120 years: The Bennet Wardrobe.

After spending 46 years in the future, the Dowager Countess of Matlock returned to Longbourn’s bookroom at that exact same moment as she left in 1811 to tend to many important pieces of Family business. However, she was now a woman of 63 years, some thirteen her father’s senior. Time can deal funny cards in the Universe created by Jane Austen and the Wardrobe.

Of course, the Countess is acting to set in motion forces that will shape the future of Britain—and the Five Families—throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. In the process, Kitty Fitzwilliam will help her youngest sister find the love she craved with the unexpected hero who, as the Duke said, “saved us all.”


  1. I love Amanda Berry's narration work on these, too. Yes, poor Kitty!

  2. Wait... I don't think I ever read your reviews for books 3 and 4... suddenly it's 5.

  3. I'm glad Kitty has her day.

  4. You are def reading a lot of PP variation! I need to get started on one. It has been TOO long

  5. Okay, this sounds wild! But then, most books that play with time usually are.



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