Friday 1 July 2022

In plain sight by Don Jacobsen

Narrated by: Amanda Berry

Length: 13 hrs and 1 min

Release date: 09-10-20

Publisher: Meryton Press

Pride and prejudice variation / to review

This one was a bit different. Darcy is sentenced to hard labour for 7 years. Whipped, and no one cares of he lives or die. But he still managed to meet Lizzy. No one knows who is is though as he has a false name.

Darcy is without his pride as he is a rather broken soul that starts to live again. And Lizzy falls for a man very beneath her, but all she needs is love.

But there is some darkness too as the man who uses these convicts as labour, is a hard man who does not care about their lives.

Love will always win though but they have a lot to overcome, not to mention that he is still has time to serve!

One thing though, someone else also get a sentence, and that one was rather lenient in my opinion. Oh, and Caroline Bingley is a right B as always!

Interesting take on the tale.

I have listened to many by this narrator now and she is very good. She seems to have a real feel for the era and manages to portray people in different social classes and more.

When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s father slides into an early grave, his son is forced to take on Pemberley’s mantle. Brandy numbs his pain, but Darcy’s worst inclinations run wild. After tragedy rips everything away, he spends years finding his way back to a new life as a man redeemed by a woman’s loving understanding.

Elizabeth Bennet is afflicted with a common regency ailment: observing the world about her but not seeing those beneath her notice. Then, a clarifying act shatters the propriety that has denied her heart the transcendent love she craves.


  1. Yes, this one was so different and edgy in ways.

    1. I like that there are still ways to surprise us

  2. I like the sound of this one. Intriguing take on P&P.

  3. This sounds very different than the original. Interesting!

  4. This is definitely a P&P "variation" that's a bit unique!

  5. I wish I could remember the source material better so I'd understand the comparisons.



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