Friday 19 August 2022

What I have been watching

I do watch a lot of tv, wohoo tv! So why not give a shout out to good ones! I should be reading, but hey, I need some tv time too.

Not to mention that when Carole and I do our best of posts I never remember what I watched at the beginning of the month ;)

New season of Never have I ever. Fun times. At least I did not cry this season.

Love and Gelato was rather boring in a way, and why did she look SO awkward all the time?! Seems it is a book, will not read it.

Sandman was good, but then it stopped being about Dream, and then it got not as good. And what I am not thinking that guy is dreamy, you are! No, I totally thought that. 

Never read the graphic novel...I wonder how it is.

Wedding season was great! Funny, cute, and pretty sure I have listened to the audio. No, I have not, but this is what a great contemporary romance would be. So glad they made a movie like this

A Sarah Dessen book originally. But Along for the ride was sort of boring....


  1. OMG - Wedding Season was so good. Even my husband son, who came in when L and I were watching, watched and laughed. It was really a good rom-com. L started Never. We are watching the end of Only Murders in the Building S2.

  2. Love and gelato looks good. I loved the book. I just started She Hulk.

  3. I haven't watched any of these but Sandman caught my eye. Happy weekend!

  4. I plan on watching Sandman at some point. Right now I am rewatching The Vampire Diaries

  5. I was all in for Never Have I Ever, which is one of my all time faves, and like you, there were no tears this time around. I liked Along For the Ride, and thought it had a good message. Totally agree - Gelato was....boring for sure. I enjoyed Wedding Season so much that I actually watched it twice! (lol) Tried to get into Sandman - twice, but just ended up removing it from my list. Sure hope you're doing well, but you know I totally adore seeing you on the 'Gram. Hugs, RO

    1. It did have a good message, still, eh for me
      Ugh Gelato. Such a miss
      Sandman was...yeah, jump an ep or smth

  6. Love and gelato looks fun- I thought the book was neat.

  7. I haven't read or watched any of these. I am very curious about Sandman though.



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