Saturday 26 November 2022

Saturday Movie: Christmas with you


This month we decided to review 'Christmas with You'.

I am in green and Carole is in red.

Title:  Christmas with You
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family
Released: 2022
Rating: PG-13
Site: On Netflix 

Follows a pop star who's got a career burnout and escapes to a small town where she finds not only inspiration but a shot of love.

Click here for the trailer. 

It’s Xmas time people! Woot woot!

It is finally Xmas movie time!

Yesss! This was my first one of the year so far. Can’t wait to watch more! This was a nice movie to start the holiday off. 

When it comes to xmas movies I can forgive fast and easy love, I mean it is xmas. They do not have a lot of time so if they are suddenly in love, good for them ;)

LOL yep! They have like a week before Xmas so they have to fall in love quickly. I like to think it is a Xmas miracle ;) Santa is cupid!

Omg, Santa is Cupid! Who needs V days when you have Santa. Srsly I just read a book with pretty much that premise ;)

That is hilarious!! But yessss who needs V Day???? I loved this whole premise…they were so obviously perfect for each other. And I loved how they came together. She needed a perfect Xmas song…so she found a wholesome family with a music-loving daughter and Dad. 

She found love and found a family at the same time. Perfect, and omg why did she even bother with that ex. Likes are not that important.

Yesss! So perfect! And that grandma was the cherry on top. LOL. And yesss f that ex of hers. TBH she would’ve gotten more followers and etc when they broke up. People love a good scandal. 

Yes that scandal is more juicy than that boring guy. I am glad she found someone better.

For real! I even think the ex was secretly relieved. He didn’t fight for her at all to stay. Let him date that new popular girl. She deserves love. Maybe they would be happier.

He can chase likes, she found real love. Even if I must admit that FP JR was a bit dull at times, just sayin’

Oh for sure. And dating that new up-and-comer girl will give him what he wants. Plus I’m sure she wants likes too. Ugh. Thank you for saying it….I felt bad thinking about it. FP JR was a bit dull, but……he was a boring school teacher. I wish he would’ve done…something? Maybe they needed more passion earlier on or something. Not his finest acting. 

Phew, yes! He was rather dull. I wanted a bit more passion from him. More anything really. But I did like the end, they felt normal and relaxed. But…but bit full yeah

She had the sexy thing going so it would’ve made sense that he could have drooled more over her? IDK…something.

Ok, I think they need to make a bit more spicy xmas movie, lol. Just damn, passion people. Xmas passion.

Yesss maybe add 10 extra minutes to give it more passion and spice!! I didn’t feel the lust or love until near the end. :/

Yes! I do like that they are all cute and such, but I do want to feel smth before the end. Hear that netflix?! Gives us a smexy xmas movie too. Like at least 2 kisses in it.

They had the perfect scene for the first kiss…under all the lights and whatnot…wasted!! Wasted scene!! Kiss and then have her have inspiration. Sighssss. 

I never realised how chaste xmas movies are! =_= Perfect setting for that first kiss. How did they even make that baby in the xmas prince movies? Because people obvi never do anything in these movies

Super chaste! But normally I can feel their connection and love more. I’m sure the smex is boring af, but they love each other! I didn’t feel the love as much as normal here…not until the very end. 

Total boring, but they are happy so that’s good haha. I did like the movie, but slooow connection. I blame the guy

Same here. It was cute and funny and sweet and chaste and music and so cheesy! Yeaaah I’m sure she would’ve made out with him earlier if he made ANY sort of move. He was all “I’m a boring teacher dad”. LOL

Aye, boring teacher dad. Maybe she will bring some spice into his life. Poor guy is in a rut

Maybe we’ll get a sequel? See some more spice and passion? I can see they will have issues in the future. She is still a star and he is still boring. I would watch a sequel.

Hmm, yes, she gets this other big chance…no, he gets a big chance with his old band! And maybe becomes less boring.

Yessss! I am game for a second movie. He deserves to have some joy…he needs to take more risks and not be boring. She needs to slow down. The second movie can be about them finding a happy middle. 

Let’s say cheers to that!'

Hopefully Netflix is listening ;) 

They need to hire us

Yes! We could make them a lot of money and good stuff hahaha. 

So much money, and I might not give FP another chance. Sorry man. Oh he could be the boing guy that gets dumped!

Hahaha. Yes! Maybe marry the neighbor or something. ;) 
Or a bandmate!

We are on fire. Lol. I would honestly love to make a xmas movie

That would be fun!!!!

The end for now?

Yep! The end for now. I gotta clean my kitchen from Turkey Day. Maybe watch another xmas movie while doing that ;)


  1. I already have my Christmas tree up, it's definitely Christmas time. lol

    I haven't seen this one yet.

    1. Oh that is not for me. though it would be pretty

  2. I'm so ready for Christmas movies!

  3. Oh cute. My friend and I have watched two Hallmark ones so far but they were eh...maybe we'll try this one next.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  4. This does sound totally fluffy Hallmark type of Christmas movie. Glad to hear you enjoyed it despite the hero being a bit of a bore. ;)

  5. This one was cute. I had a tough time getting past how old Freddy Prince Jr. looks now - the hair had to be partially fake! This one reminded me of the JLo movie (Marry Me). Cute.

    You guys need to try Falling For Christmas, too. That was the first one I watched. My girl was working all weekend, so we didn't watch much.

    1. Omg yes!!!! I could not get past it. I know I know, people get old but...

      I have watched it, told Carole to do it too

  6. I always love your reviews together

  7. Yay, time to break out all the Christmas movies!



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