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Caroles Monday: The Moonlight child

Author: Karen McQuestion
Title: The Moonlight Child
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction, Contemporary
Format: ebook
Pages: 343
Published: September 10th 2020
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon)

On a cold January night, Sharon Lemke heads outside to see a lunar eclipse when she notices something odd at the house behind her backyard. Through her neighbor's kitchen window, she sees what appears to be a little girl washing dishes late at night. But the Fleming family doesn't have a child that age, and even if they did, why would she be doing housework at this late hour?

It would be easy for Sharon to just let this go, but when eighteen-year-old Niki, a former foster child, comes to live with Sharon, she notices suspicious activity at the Flemings' house as well. When calling social services doesn't result in swift action, the two decide to investigate on their own.

Picked this up for book club a little while ago. It was free for Amazon Prime users so I was excited! Might still be free. 

The story follows Sharon and Niki. One January night, Sharon goes outside to check out the lunar eclipse. Instead, she sees something strange at the house behind her....a young child doing dishes. The Flemings don't have a daughter and why would a kid that young be doing chores that late at night? She tries to let it go. Niki, a former foster child, moves in with Sharon. Niki starts seeing some strange things at the house too. After calling social services, nothing really happens, so the two decide to investigate on their own. 

I literally stayed up until 3 AM reading this. I had to finish it!! How was it going to end? How do these characters all tie in? Are they going to save her??????

It's hard to really write this review without spoiling anything....oof. Mhmmm.

There is a big cast of characters. They tie in but you really don't know how until things start rolling and unraveling. You get a few different POVs - Sharon, Niki, and Jacob are the main ones - but there are a couple of others. Sometimes this can be too much, but the author did a good job making sure the reader knew who we were switching to and it making sense for the story progression.  It was done well. 

You will want to kick Suzette. She was a real witch!!!!!! Evil lady who needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away. 

Just want to clear this up...on Goodreads there is a tag saying this is a horror...but it isn't. There are some tragic elements and a worrisome moment for a certain character, but it wasn't scary. Def can be a thriller and it has mystery. But we, the readers, get to learn a big chunk of the mystery well before some of the characters. 

This was surprisingly good and intriguing. I can't wait to discuss this at book club. This is a perfect book to discuss with others!! This is def a contender for best book of the month...maybe even the year ;)

Overall, I couldn't put this down! I had to know what was going to happen to everyone! This was intriguing, makes you feel, thriller-ish, mysterious....and just a good story. I for recommend this! 5 stars from me. 



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