Friday 29 December 2023

Dnfs of 2023

 DNFs of 2023

When I´m gone, look for me in the East: Not feeling it

Smooth as Ice: Narration, nope

Whalebone Theatre:  Not interested

Love struck café: Narration not working for me

Great circle: Nope

The firekeeper´s daughter: Nah

On earth we´re briefly gorgeous: Forgot why

Force of nature: Another one I just left

Where my heart used to beat: Seems I was on a roll

Secretly yours: I could not even feel that this was a Bailey book

Icebreaker: I have opinions ;)

This was dreadfully slow and boring. Every character just felt wrong and all interactions were weird. I gave up. It seems to be NA, but the maturity level of everyone involved was loow.
Never trust booktok. They are all: smutty, awesome! And it is omg so badly written and never smutty at all. They have the worst opinions

Before I let go: gave up

Pariah: One of those that I might still give a second try

The Hunger of the gods: Arghh, what happened?! I loved book 1, but I just can¨t get into this one. I have no idea what is happening, I can no longer keep track of the million characters. The povs change too fast and just utter sadness on my part

Been trying to finish it since MARCH

House Cerulean sea: Not feeling it

Descendant of the crane: Can¨t get into it

Call me by your name: Seems I dnfed a lot and never wrote anything

The burning girl: forgot

Christmas at the Château: WHY is nothing happening!?!?!?!

Simon and the : Did I watch the movie?

Fever dream: Nope


  1. Sometimes some books are difficult to hang on

  2. Starting next year I am going to do 1 or 2 "second chance" to revisit a DNF and see if I like it.

  3. I hope to be as good with DNF's next year!



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