Saturday 6 January 2024

Audio: The third wish by Carolyn Brown

By: Carolyn Brown

Narrated by: Andrea Emmes

Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins

Release date: 12-27-22

Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC

Novella, contemporary romance /

Another short novella since I had  like 3 hours left of that dang audiobook sitesubscription. I mean 20 hours is just insane! Too short, but it was a good deal so I took it. But that is hardly any books at all.

Jessica finds out who her father is and goes to find him. She meets an arrogant SoB (not her dad, just his colleague). Then they meet again. Sorry Jessica, I know he was hot and then turned nice, but he was such an ahole in the beginning so I would have made him suffer some.

Short and sweet when it does get going.

Good narration

Jessica certainly had no desire to get involved with anyone once she’d found out the secret in her background, especially not the arrogant Rocky Rycroft.


  1. I enjoy Carolyn Brown's books. Haven't read many of her novellas, though. I'll have to check this one out!

  2. That sounds like a crazy subscription! I do need to try this author very soon.

    1. It was! Ok i get for someone who reads like 1 audio a month. But for me, nope. You can only do 20 hours. You can´t cheat with listening on high speed. And when they were over it was over. I got it cheap so try it, but it was really expensive for reals. Like...for 20 hours!

  3. eeee this makes me want to dust off a Carolyn Brown

  4. Does she tell you what the first two wishes are?



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