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Audio: Tastes like Shakkar by Nisha Sharma

By: Nisha Sharma

Narrated by: Soneela Nankani, Fajer al.Kaisi

Series: If Shakespeare Were an Auntie, Book 2

Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins

Release date: 11-28-23

Publisher: HarperAudio

Contemporary romance/

So I listened to this cos my audio site told me that a certain narrator I like was narrating, well that was not the case.  Hey, audible said the same now..weird. But I am glad I picked it anyway. Because I did like book 1.

In this one we have Bobbi who is a wedding planner etc. She truly dislikes a certain Benjamin after he said all the wrong things at a certain time. She is not looking for love, she is just trying to put together the best wedding ever for her bestie.

Benjamin is not looking for love either. He is busy with his restaurant, and works too much.

But this dang wedding keeps putting them together. Someone is also trying to sabotage the wedding.

They were fun together. When they finally got over their hostility towards each other. But they have some stuff to work through.

And the aunties are back! Gotta love the aunties.

Soneela is awesome, I always loves her narration. If it is romance, or fantasy, she is great at it. 

The male narrator was new to me but he did well with his chapters.

Bobbi Kaur is determined to plan a celebration to remember for her best friend’s wedding. But she has two problems that are getting in her way:

1. The egotistical, and irritatingly sexy, chef Benjamin “Bunty” Padda is supposed to help her with the menu since he’s the groom’s best friend, and

2. Someone is trying to sabotage the wedding.

With aspirations of taking over her family’s event planning business, Bobbi knows that one misstep in managing the Kareena Mann and Prem Verma (#Vermann) party, along with the other weddings on her plate, will only give her uncle another reason not to promote her. That means Kareena’s big day and Bobbi's future career are on the line.

Bunty will do anything for his best friend, even though he has his hands full in finding a new location for his next restaurant while also playing mediator between his brother and father, the celebrated Naan King. When Prem asks Bunty to help with the wedding menu, he agrees, especially since it puts him in close proximity to the delicious Bobbi Kaur. When a mystery shaadi saboteur starts leaving threatening notes, and cancelling cake orders, Bunty and Bobbi have no choice but to call a truce and face the volatile attraction they have for each other.

Through masquerade fundraisers and a joint bachelor-bachelorette trip to Vegas, this chef and wedding planner explore their growing connection all while trying to plan a wedding at Messina Vineyards in a time crunch. But once the shaadi saboteur is caught and the wedding is over, will their love story have a happily ever after?

With the return of the meddling aunties (who are scary good at finding information) and a lot of hilarity and hijinks, Bobbi and Bunty’s romance is an event you don’t want to miss.


  1. That's funny how two different sites listed the wrong narrator, but glad of the lucky chance since you really enjoy it. I've got this one on my wish list to read.

    Sophia Rose

    1. It was so weird! Dunno how it all happened

  2. Well, you know what happens when you aren't looking for love lol

  3. Oh, sounds like a great accidental find!

    1. It was a fun find. And sobs, it was supposed to be Vikas Adam narrating

  4. I do like some wedding drama! This sounds like a fun romance read.

  5. Well, I would be annoyed if the narrator was not as advertised, but I'm glad you enjoyed it all the same.

  6. I may have to try this series. But very strange about the narrator thing! Maybe there was one who had to back out/switch at the last second?

    1. I guess so. But they really should update



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