Saturday 21 February 2015

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Feb 20 2015 and 2 reviews

Sat, 1 hour walk
Sun, 1.40 h walk
Mon, 7 km bike, 30 min walk, 45 zumba toning
Tue, 4 km bike, 1 hour yoga, 30 min walk
Wed, 4 km bike, 1 hour zumba, 30 min walk
Thu, 4 km bike, 30 min walk
Fri, 4 km bike, 40 min walk

Good week, but a week that made me tired. Everyone else at work was sick and I did infect BF, but I was never anything else than really fatigued.


A dark-fantastic collection of seventeen short stories, seven poems, and four essays.

My thoughts:
A Preference for Silence
A story about how you should not be alone too long

A hunt for a condom goes wrong

You know what, I do not remember all the titles.

There was this story about a cook preparing human flesh for alien invaders. 

Let's see what else. A story about if men had periods.

See this is why I hate anthologies. I never remember the titles, and the stories are so short, and there are so many so if I do not write it down I forget them at once.

But I do remember they were all funny and strange. The poems so far I have skipped.

Edit later:
Ok the end. And like I have said before, I can't remember titles or stories. I think I skimmed two, I skipped the poems but the rest were fun and macabre.

When it comes to anthologies I have to write down the title and what I thought at once, cos else everything goes into each other.

But, fun! 

Kindle Edition, 250 pages
Published (first published 2007)
Sci-fi and other genres

Shadowmagic is a rip roaring fun fantasy adventure novel by John Lenahan very loosely based on Irish mythology where every chapter ends on the edge of a cliff (or at least a high curb.) Join Conor as he grapples with typical teenage problems like, how to deal with a father's high expectations, how to survive in the world on your own and how to woo a beautiful girl - that wants you dead. Shadowmagic a podcast novel for young adults from 12 to 112. 

My thoughts:
A podcast that I listened to, it took 2 months (oh me and audio ;) But it worked fine. I could just jump in even if I had not listened to it in a week. So that made it good.

It's about Connor who after someone trying to kill him, finds out that his dad is a prince from Tir na Nog. A land of magic. All those legends are true. And suddenly he is there too, people are trying to kill him, he is lost and what on earth is going on?!

I think the issue I have with pods is that after every chapter I heard the same thing, omg, dull, took so much extra time. But I wanted to know how it turned out so...

Second issue was that Connor had like a dream in every chapter, omg, enough.

But the rest was fun. He met friends. He had adventures. Good conquered evil and I will def listen to book 2. 

Audio Book, 278 pages
Published August 1st 2008 (first published July 1st 2008)
Shadowmagic #1


  1. You are rockin' the workouts! I hope you stay well.

  2. I gotta give you credit. Your weekly check-in helped motivate me to jump start my own fitness plan. I've been working out almost every day. Hopefully I see results given I don't really moderate what I eat LOL

    1. Yay :D I am happy it did.

      Ahem, well I do not moderate either, I should but *coughs*

  3. I'm really not a fan of the first cover but I understand the thing with anthologies.

  4. Sparks and Shadows sounds wacky. I'm intrigued lol

    Great workout week even with illness and snow!

    Whose the kitty? Not Lucie...

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. It was so weird and funny :=D

      Yes my Luci :D

  5. Wow AGAIN...! You must be so toned by now :) I told you before, I have so much respect for your discipline. Bravo! I love that you persevere with the anthologies of short stories even though it's clear that they're not exactly your cup of tea :) Bravo again! You're one determined, not to mention SUPER-FIT, girl!!! Wishing you an amazing & happy week <3

    1. Ha, toned, not really ;) I would need that other class once a week too but it's on Sundays! And I can't bother

      LOL; thank you ;)

  6. You had great workouts and I love those pictures!

  7. Dreams have things to offer, but not when so frequent

  8. I said this on twitter before but I'll say it again. Your cat is so adorable!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. For being so tired you rocked it out!!

  10. You had a great week and I love the pictures! I hope you stay healthy and have a nice week!

  11. Looks like you are getting a bit more snow!



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