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An Angel for Emily - Jude Deveraux

An Angel for Emily by Jude Deveraux

1998, 320 pages

Emily Jane Todd is a small town librarian who in her spare time delivers books to libraries in need around the Appalachians. She loves her work, and she loves her town. On one of those trips she by mistake runs over a man with her car. He seems to be ok and he claims that he is an angel and that his name is Michael. He is very sexy and even though she has a fiance she offers him a room over the night. Just to see that the poor man isn't totally insane.

But Micheal is something different, she feels calm and beautiful around him. He makes her laugh and he knows things about her that he shouldn't know. He claims that he is there to save her from a great evil, but she has no idea what that could be. He says that her soul is a rare beauty, and she can't help fall for the strange man. She is willing to risk heaven in his arms.

I spent most of the book wondering of the poor guy has had his brain fried out, or if he really was an angel. He sure had a lot of guys after him, FBI, one crazy woman and the mob. This was then a real hard book to place, it's contemporary romance but with this hint of paramormal in it. She has written it in a way that just makes you wonder.

Emily was a nice enough heroine, plain and thought herself as somewhat boring. Maybe cos that was what her ass of a fiancé told her. But Michael saw to just more than her outside, which was beautiful too, but also her inside and loved her for her pure soul.

Still this book is no where near as good as her historicals. Those make me ache while this one was cute enough for the ride. Nothing to cheer over, but could be read cos I do like her style and I sure wanted to know if he actually was an angel. And not that it had any heavy religious inputs but it did have the vibes that just made it too sweet and wholesome. It could have been more, better, cos nothing wrong with the story.

Never did think Michael was sexy either, never got a feel for him, I just wondered if he was insane. But I wanted them together, I wanted a HEA, and could it happen?

But if you want a cute book, with some danger and romance in it then go for it. If you never have read Deveraux then don't start with this one. Start with the lovely historicals and then come back to this one because you will enjoy it more then. *hinthint* Velvet Song ;)

Have a nice weekend :) I sure will, we are having some lovely weather here.


  1. This book sounds cute. A very different sort of hero and heroine, but sounds intersting none the less. Wonderful review.

  2. Evening Barbara,
    It was such an easy read, and took no time at all. And it was sure cute too

  3. Hey Blodeuedd

    I have to agree with you, i enjoy her historicals more.

    She is just one of those author that never does well with contemporary crossover...

    loved your honest feedback on this one - Deveraux is one of my favourite authors - and i love her style as well, that's one of the reason i'll more or less always try something new by her..

    Good commentary on the book...


  4. E.H.
    Some just don't get it right, it was my first contemporary novel by her but I will stick to her historicals.

    But I had to try this one cos I have wanted to read it for a while but they never had it in the library. And it was cute, but ever since I read about Alyx my heart will go to her historicals

  5. Hi Blodeuedd!

    I feel like I could like this book, hmmmm, I like angels...wonder if he was really one.

    The weather here in central Illinois went from lows in the middle 40 degree F and now today, it's freaking summer at over 80 degree F!! It's great, but so hot already!! My body isn't used to it, and I can't turn the air on, I haven't even had it checked yet this year!!

    Been spending most of the day outside, don't know how long the weather will last. Planted flowers, so crawled around on my knees, ouch!

    Dottie :)

  6. Evening Dottie,
    You have to find out that for yourself ;)

    Wow 80, that is warm! We had 65 F, and only 2 weeks ago it was snowing so a very big difference. So too warm, and too fast. But it will surely drop now again cos nope not supposed to be that warm this up north.

    I was outside a lot too, tomorrow will tell if my nose is red or not :)

  7. Hey Blodeuedd:

    OMG I haven't read a Deveraux novel in aeons, literally. I previously liked her historicals but this one sounds kind of "out there"! lol

    Wonderful review, I love this: "I spent most of the book wondering of the poor guy has had his brain fried out, or if he really was an angel." LOL

    That said it all! Awesome. :)

    You have a great weekend too.

    Warm Regards

  8. Hmmm...never read this author but I enjoyed your review, Blodeuedd. Although I must say that the book doesn't necessarily sound like something I would enjoy. However, your talk of her historics piqued my interest. Which would you recommend?

    :) VFG

  9. The Velvet books by Jude Deveraux are my favourite. I have just been thinking about re-reading them again! Also The Taming! Haven't really enjoyed her contempory though.

  10. I am iffy about contemporary romances. I have never read anything by this author though. I definitely think I will try some of her historicals though!

  11. I love her Always & Forever books.

    There's an award waiting for you at my place

  12. Morning Lea,
    It was my first Deveraux in ages too, which is weird since I have 4 unread historicals by her at home.

    So will get back those instead :)

    Her historicals are lovely, you should read the Velvet Books. My fav velvet Song is in there. First one I ever read by her. Nice 16th century I think, England and Scotland.

    Oh I loev those so much! And I so need to re-read too. it has been ages. I actually think I have The Taming, but unread. Need to fix that.

    Do try her historicals, you can always stay away from her contemporary ones. She is just better suited for the good old days in my opinion.

    Thanks :D You are too sweet
    haven't heard about those books, gotta check them out.

  13. VFG asked what I was going to...which of her historicals would you recommend. I've never read anything by her either. I'll look into her Velvet books.

  14. I just ordered three of the Velvet books! They sound just like what I like in an historical :).

    Thanks, Blodeuedd :)

  15. Hi Amy,
    That was quick! :D I sure hope you'll love them! :D
    Velvet Song will always be my personal fav. And they have a bit of everything in them

  16. this reminds me a bit of the film with John Travolta as an angel called Michael. Probably not a bit like it, but it grabbed my attention.

  17. Hi Scrap girl,
    Oh yes the Travolta movie, nope nothing like that one, but had totally forgotten that movie

  18. Hmm... I don't think I would really be interested in reading this one. I kind of want to know if he was an angel or if he was crazy, but that is about it.

  19. Chrissy,
    My thoughts exactly. That did keep me going, but not loving it.



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