Tuesday 9 August 2011

Review: Red's Hot Cowboy - Carolyn Brown

Series: Spikes and Spurs 2
Genre: Contemporary western romance
Pages: 384
Published: August 1st 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: From the publisher

When Pearl Richland inherits her aunt's 1950s motel she returns to her roots. Tired of the big city, she's ready for small town life, especially when sexy cowboy Wil Marshall comes in to escape an ice storm. Pearl never thought she'd turn in her high heels and start dating a cowboy, but Wil's got an awful lot to offer if a girl's available for a whole lot of fun, sizzle, and unexpected trouble...

My thoughts:
This one can be read as a stand alone even if it is in a series. We met Pearl and Wil briefly in book 1 and in this book they meet each other for the first time. 

This book is just sweet as butter on fried chicken, oh wait, that wasn't a good one, I am not good at creating these sayings. Brown just this way with words in the book but I am not as good as her. And I love those sayings! This book just makes me want to get a cowboy of my own, listen to country music (which I have started to do) and just enjoy it all. It had me smiling and looking around the room for someone to tell how darn sweet it was. 

On to the story: Pearl had a good job but gave it up to run her aunt's motel. Sure the work was hard, but she wanted change and I liked how she just took a chance like that. She is also really sassy and she meets her match in Wil. A cowboy and farmer to the core, and he is just the man to tame her. Together they were just lovely. It's lust at once, but they still take it sort of slow (I said sort of), get to know each other and realize that they are just meant to be. The book is truly their story, how he courts her and how they get their HEA.

There is also the plot about the help she hires at the motel and I liked Lucy. And of course we meet everyone we met in book 1. There are more cowboys who will fall in love and I can't wait to read about the O'Donnell brothers.

The word is sweet. I love the characters, the way they interact and the whole atmosphere. She makes me want to read more books just like this.

Yes I will say it again, sweet as pecan pie (which I have never tasted but I hope it is sweet)

I like it

And I want to treat my readers to something ;)


  1. Hmm. The pink block with the title really clashes with those red boots.

  2. Your review is too funny. And you do "southern" really well. Pecan pie is sweet and delicious - and fattening! One of the most fattening of all the desserts, which is probably why it's so fattening. Sob.

    This sounds like a great book!

  3. I love sweet books. this sounds like a really cute series!

  4. **This book is just sweet as butter on fried chicken** - I like that line :D because I know how good that feels in your mouth :)

    I am going to have to search this one out :)

  5. "sweet as butter on fried chicken"

    LOL! I love your sayings. So cute.

    And thanks for that special treat at the end. Those guys are as yummy as honey on fried chicken. ;)

  6. Love this cover! Especially the girl's red hot boots. Glad you enjoyed this one Blodeuedd!

  7. Sounds like you'd could get a cavity from this one. So adorable! I love her boots on the cover. And you need to get some pecan pie - you'll love it!

  8. B,

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :)

    As a southerner, I can confirm that pecan pie is one of the sweetest pies out there. My Hubby loves it - and in my opinion, his Mama makes the best. :)


  9. Pecan pie was my grandmother's favorite pie and boy is it sweet (and super-delish)!

  10. Chris
    Hm...aye perhaps, but I like it :)

    Thank you mam, lol, trying my best at Cowboy/southern talk here.
    I really must try pecan pie, we are just so boring with our pies here. Just the same old stuff

    So cute! I am sure you would like them

    Lol, thanks :D I tried my best..and now I want chicken

    I am glad you liked it, tried my best making a good one, though Brown sure has better ones.

    Ohhh honey on fried chicken, now that I like

  11. @VFG
    I want hot boots like that :D
    It was just so fun!

    Lol, it's on my list now. They emntioned it here and of course that is all I can think of, and just a normal big Texas meal

    Good to hear. Oh ya'll gonna make me get some pecan pie, even if I have to make it myself.

    Mmmm, I really want some now :D

  12. Cowboys are not usually my thing, but you make them sounds so tempting.

  13. This book is just sweet as butter on fried chicken, oh wait, that wasn't a good one, I am not good at creating these sayings.

    Lol, still a nice try! I NEVER put butter on fried chicken - it seems I am missing something good... Let's say this book is as sweet as peccan pie and most probably as unhealthy as well...

    And I know where these guys posing as cowboys come from - yes I've visited Lis's blog ;)!!!

  14. I loved this review!!! Butter on fried chicken? It so works! :) Oh and pecan pie? SO sweet! Think melted sugar with pecans.

    Your review has me keeping my eyes out for this series. Btw, thanks for the piccys!!! :)

  15. Cowboys are hot so I think a cowboy romance is a perfect blend!

  16. how about sweet as butter on corn?? LOL!!! I'm going to try one of these cowboy romances later in the year from Sourcebooks.

  17. Cowboy lesson number one: Repeat after me, "Yeeeehaaaa". K, that's all I've got ;)

    And pecan pie is fantastic, providing you like pecans. Great review!

  18. Ooooo look at those pretty cowboys, aren't they fun to look at:) I haven't read a single cowboy book yet. Fail. I need to change that asap!

  19. @Carol
    One cannot help being tempted by them ;)

    Haha, yes what was I thinking, I'd never put butter on chicken. red wine yes, butter no. But yes let's just go with the pecan pie..mmmmm, I love sweet things

    Lol, she does like her cowboys ;)

    Haha, thanks :D I am trying to be all southern/western, whatever works. Mmmm sugar on pecans, I seriously need pie this minute! What is with these books? they always make me crave pie.

    My treat hihi

  20. @Amused
    They are the best and when in a book, oh just slap me over and call it heaven...ok I can't stop and I really can't get these right, lol

    Now that makes sense, lol.
    Yay, I hope you do and I hope I get more :D

    *g* I am real cowgirl now

  21. Jenny
    I know ;) So mighty fine. I had a lot of fun searching for something to show you all today

  22. You had me at butter on fried chicken...and I just ate lunch too! And then you really got me with those hunky cowboy treats :)

  23. Yeahhh I can see this picture!
    I do love your review. If you love books with lots of sayings in it, try the Leann Sweeney Yellow Rose mysteries. They crack me up.

  24. *yay* I can see the book cover now!
    This Spikes and Spurs series sound like fun. I always enjoy a good western romance. I like the western slang too...lol.

    thanks for the visual treats at the end :) yeehaw!

  25. lol! I love the country saying you have there! It's perfect. :D Sounds like a great read. :) Even just as that sweet as butter on fried chicken. ;D Thanks!

  26. I love your review. So cute and honest. And you cracked me up on the "as sweet as fried chicken." Too cute.

    I love country music and adore cowboys so I bet I would LOVE this one.

    How about "as sweet as a Georgia peach?"

  27. I like that the cover really stands out too compared to many other books on the shelves.

  28. This book is just sweet as butter on fried chicken, oh wait, that wasn't a good one, I am not good at creating these sayings. You're too funny. This is a great review. You've totally made me want to check this book out. Thanks for making my to-read pile even bigger. ;)

  29. Thank you for the absolutely FAN-DAMN-TASTIC review! And darlin' pecan pie is very sweet, very fattening and worth every single calorie! Yes, ma'am I'm very southern and they say I write just like I talk...so those sayings just come natural to me! LOL
    Thanks again for your review and promoting my books!

  30. Mmmm...pecan pie, cowboys and fried chicken. *drool*

  31. @Steph
    Lol, I am glad and yes of course I have to spread the cowboy love with hot pics. What kind of reviewer would I be otherwise

    Ohhhh, I shall :D I must check the library at once since they got a lot of cozy mysteries lately

    I will try to make them show. It will not always work, but then you will at least see half the pic.

    The western slang is the best

    Hihi, thanks :D I am getting all country reading this book, oh and listening to a certain country song a certain person mentioned on a certain blog

  32. @Juju
    I am glad I did :) It was just so sweet and that deserves funny

    Sweet as a Georgia peach is lovely and her mum would love that she see is a true southern belle.

    True, I like that too

    Yes you should thank me ;) Think about all those poor homeless books

    I really need food now o-O

  33. I am so glad you liked it Carolyn :D Just keep those sayings coming and I will keep on reading. You'll make a cowgirl out of me soon

  34. I have heard so much about this series! I really need to check it out because I LOVE Cowboys! Thank you for the awesome review and of course the yummy eye candy. :-D

  35. D
    Check it out!!!! Cowboys, mmmmm, love them :D



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