Thursday 10 November 2011

2 Reviews: Hotter than Hell & The Disciple by Jemma Chase

Hotter Than Hell
Genre: Paranormal romance/mystery Noir
Pages: 14, ebook
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Published: Oct 13, 2011
Source: For review

It’s summertime in Phoenix, Arizona, meaning it’s hotter than hell. So when Ruby Prince walks into the Private Investigator Nicholas Masters’ offices bundled up like she’s in Nome, Alaska, Nick thinks she’s crazy. But what Ruby wants is to find someplace truly hotter than Hell, and what Nick discovers changes his life…forever.

My thoughts:
A really short story that worked well as it was. 

A private eye meets a woman who wants a place hotter than hell. And he tries to find it while falling for her. A paranormal romance that got a happy ending, and a story that kind of made me curious about her parents met too. Maybe the same way these two did :) 

I really can't say much, because 14 pages! But for 14 pages it was good, and worth reading.

The Disciple
Genre: Sci-fi/Historical/UF/
Pages: 49, ebook
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Published: Nov 2, 2011
Source: For review

In the mid-24th century the vampire threat is so terrible that humanity is on the run and their numbers are dwindling. The only ones willing and able to fight the vampire plague are those in The Order. 

In addition to creating specialized vampire-killing weapons, The Order has protected all the world’s leading scientists. They’re rewarded with the ultimate breakthrough: time travel. But there’s a catch -- if you return to your present time, your mind doesn’t come home with you. 

Now a select team will be sent back to the Middle Ages, to stop the vampire threat before it can spread. They’re the best vampire slayers of their day and age, but once they go a thousand years into the past they’re strangers in a strange old land. Their perfect weapons aren’t working right, their numbers are too small, and the vampires seem to know who they are. It will take the ultimate leap of faith for the team to have a chance to complete their mission -- and survive.

My thoughts:
I liked this story, but I kind of do wish it had been longer, because of the fact that it was good. It has so much going for it.

Vampires has taken over the world, I do like wicked evil vamps, and a group is sent back in time to take them out, well try to. The story is short so it happens fast. They come, they fight, they die, and the source is found. Something that sure would have made a good series. But I must be happy with this short story.

The end, well there is a happy ending, but the big question is there. Did the world change? We do not know and I want to. I guess I will go and say yes, things changed, but evil me says no way ;)

When it comes down to it, a good short story.


  1. I have these to read! Thanks for your review-I didn't realize that they were so short. Glad to know you enjoyed them-that means I probably will as well.

  2. Short stories soon as they start you have to finish.

  3. Those are so extremely short, I think it takes more time to write the review than to read them!

  4. oooh! Vampires take over the world. I'd like to live in that a vampire, not the food. hehehe

    I probably would have wished for the story to be longer too!

  5. I've heard a few other people talk about Hotter than Hell. I can't believe that it's 14 pages but it sounds so good...hum. The Disciple sounds very interesting...bad vamps that take over the world. Yep, I might need to check both of these out.

  6. It's always disappointing for me to read a short story I think is really well done because I ultimately want more time in that world but I get kicked out instead:( I like the happy ending though!

  7. Bucky
    The first one, so short! I did not know that either, but at least the other one was longer :)

    Yes, I borrowed a reader ;)

    *sobs* So true

    Lol, you might have a point there

  8. Missie
    Food source, eh, no thanks, but as a pass. No good alternatives. Those evil vamps.

    It could have been longer, but it is a short story and meant to be. Still it sure had potential

    Then again longer books can make me want more too so I guess we are never happy ;)

  9. It does sound like the first one was more successful as a short than the second. Second one sounds good, but I think I would need a longer novel. Great short reviews!

  10. Melissa
    I actually liked the 2nd more :) But it was cos of that reason I would have wanted a novel

  11. *sighs* I do like my fair share of short stories....but most of the time I wished that they were longer. Which defeats the point I guess. Great reviews!

  12. Those short stories might be a fun thing to read!

  13. I like the sound of these, I've just read a couple of short stories, (first in years) that I really enjoyed and wished they were longer :)

  14. The Jemma Chase book sounds good, but 14 pages? That's very short.

  15. Oooh, a time travel vampire story. I don't think I've ever come across one of those.

  16. By the cover, I was expecting The Disciple to be more Victorian and Gothic. Deceiving...

  17. Carole
    True, if I coudl choose I woudl always pick a book over a short story. But sometimes it's nice with short ones

    It was great cos I was in a hurry and wanted something to read

    I only started reading them when i borrowed an e-reader, there they work

    very short, but it works

    It's a time for everything ;)

    Well the cover works with the end of the book

  18. Hotter Than Hell sounds like an interesting short story as does The Disciple. If you wished it was a longer story, that does mean it was good :)

  19. That's exactly why I don't like short stories. They always leave me wanting more.

  20. Darlene
    That's true :/

    Yes it sure made me want more, ina good way :)

  21. I've found that I seem to enjoy UF and PNR more as short stories then full-length novels so maybe I'll give these stories a try. They sound like fun.

  22. I like the premise but like you, I like longer stories with room for great climax build-up... might try this one... might....

  23. Simcha
    really? Aha, well then it might just work well for you :)

    I will sure always like those longer stories, because in the end they got more to offer me



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