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Review: Talk, Dark and Cowboy - Joanne Kennedy

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 384
Published: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: For review

Stunned by the discovery that her lux lifestyle was funded by crime, runaway trophy wife Lacey Bradford is desperate to escape from her ex's criminal cronies and start a new life, so she heads west to find an old love.

But rugged rancher Chase Caldwell has changed, hardened by bitterness and loss. The last thing he's looking for is romance with the first woman who broke his heart...

My thoughts:
There is nothing like a good western, I guess that is why people come to my blog by searching cowboys because I always seem to have something nice to say about them. Perhaps it's because I am country born and bred. But more likely because cowboys are hot.

In this one we have a former geeky farm boy who all through High School was in love with a pretty Cheerleader. But this was a nice cheerleader, not a bitchy one who looked down at him. Still that was not something that would get a happy ending and that brings us to today. Chase is now a hunky cowboy and Lacey is a trophy wife who always did what she was told. She wants to stand on her own legs now, something I applaud. She had everything before, but she was not happy (her husband truly sounds like a big ass.) Chase is afraid to get hurt (poor guy was sure in love with her), but he is a good guy so you know how the story goes. And little by little these two realize they are meant to be. It's a very nice romance, and a bit passionate too. I also like that he is the one that knows from the start and want more. I can't say no to a man like that.

There is also a bit of suspense in it. Lacey is on the run from her ex-husband's shady affairs and someone is after her. Which makes it exciting too.

All in all this is a good romance, a heroine that is really trying to better herself, a hero you can't say no to, a good cast of side characters that you would like to know, a bitchy woman you will want to slap and a creepy "villain."

It made me smile and that is all I ask for. I want to lose myself in a good romance and in the end I would read more books by her. It made me happy.


Hunky torso


  1. Cowboys just don't do it for me. They make me think of hay and that makes me itch.

  2. Rawr! I love the title of this novel and your review makes it sound wonderful. Yes, cowboys are hot and sexy and delicious! I'm definitely going to be checking this one out!!!!

  3. Sounds sweet - glad you liked it!

  4. Right, cowboys are really not my piece of cake. I am glad the book made you smile. Trophy wives - beware!

  5. Not sure it's my thing but any book that makes you feel happy = good book!

  6. Carol
    Oh the hay, well...I liked jumping in the haybarn as a kid I'd live.

    I can't say no to cowboy, rawr!! ;) In my mind they are hot and rugged. So what if they smell, lol.

    it was :D

    Aye, you better stay away from those nasty cowboys.

    True, happy = good :)

  7. That is what I call a hot book cover! This does sound good, I do like western romance.

  8. LOL! You know I'm not big on westerns/cowboys but you sure make it sound so good! I may have to recommend this one to someone in my family. :D

  9. Who doesn't love a hot cowboy??? I am excited to read this one!!!

  10. Great review! Here's yet another book I'm going to have to put on my list to read....:D

    I live in a small town, very rural and cowboy/farmer-ish. But I have to say, I haven't seen any cowboys like the ones in the books! If I did, I'll tell you what I'd be on him like that *snap*. LOL. So maybe that's why lately I've become more of a fan of the hunky cowboy hero--I'm hoping that if I can't find a real one, then at least the fictional ones will have to do. ;)


  11. Hmmmm I've never read a western. Perhaps I should give it a go? Fab review :)

  12. WHY DO THEY NEVER SHOW THE HEAD! GAAAAAAH! lol. Sounds like a cute story. ^.^ I love stories like those, it just makes your day a little better.

  13. A book that makes you smile is a treasure indeed!

  14. "But more likely because cowboys are hot."

    LOL! Too true. Sounds like a great mix of suspense and humor, and of course hot cowboys!

  15. Nice review, sounds like a good book, and a sweet romance. I think I would like this one.

  16. Naida
    It's just something special about them :) I do think I am starting to prefer cowboys over highlanders

    Recommened away :)
    And no cowboys for you :/ That is the saddest thing I have ever heard

    *waves to Chris*

    I hope you will enjoy it too :D

    Book Queen
    Hihi, I hope so!

    Oh what a shame, I hope a cowboy or two shows up ;)
    I fear there are no cowboys here, just farmers. And bf, lol, well he is not a fisherman but hey he lives on a freaking island so I will jsut call him that. Sadly fishermen are not sexy

  17. Melissa
    Never?! O_o
    Lol, neither had I really until like a year back ;)

    I know :/ I heard it's cos it's more expensive to show the heads. But I want faces

    I know :D

    Who can say no to a mix like thta? ;)

  18. Sounds like this one is better than Cowboy Fever. I didn't care for the heroine much in that book. I might have to give this a try.

    Gotta say I am loving the cover! Nice yummy abs! :)

    And wow-thanks for the blog spotlight. I did a double take there for a moment. I feel honored. You rock.

  19. Carolsnotebook, you need to come on out here to Wyoming. They're not always in the barn...

  20. Readers, I'm sorry I'm so late to the party today! I've been having computer issues all day long and just got things straightened out. Now I'll settle in and answer your comments - thanks for your patience!

  21. Carol, you need to come out here to Wyoming. Cowboys aren't always stuck in the barn...

  22. Paperbackdaydreamer, I agree. And this is my favorite title out of all my books!

  23. Mary, I was obviously happy to see the review too! I always try to make readers happy and it's nice to know it's working.

  24. Anachronist, I probably like cowboys enough for both of us! I think a lot of it has to do with growing up as a horse lover. Hay doesn't bother me a bit!

  25. Mel, although my books all have cowboy in the title and take place in the West, I always hope there's something there for everyone. Humor, suspense, lots of crazy critters, and sexy love scenes!

  26. Naiday, thanks! Score one for cowboys:)

  27. Melissa, thanks! I was so happy with this review - she told the story so well! It's always hard to summarize stories and I love it when reviewers do it for me:)

  28. Chris, are you okay?!?! And Staci, I agree with you.

  29. Book Queen, I really do believe in the cowboys like the ones in my books. I don't know where you live, but I've met lots of awfully nice ones here in Wyoming.

  30. Melissa, I highly recommend you give cowboys a try! I think you'd like Chase Caldwell in TD&C:)

  31. Carol Rae, this is the first of my books with a "headless hero" on the cover. "Cowboy Trouble," "One Fine Cowboy," and "Cowboy Fever" all show the whole cowboy!

  32. Stephanie, I agree! Another author who always makes me smile is my friend Carolyn Brown. She writes very funny, heartfelt cowboy books.

  33. Missie, I do try to mix in lots of suspense and humor - but yeah, I love those hot cowboys!

  34. Aurian, I hope so! Readers can always let me know what they think at

  35. Blodeuedd, I'm glad to hear cowboys are edging out highlanders for you...and as far as fishermen go, it depends on the fisherman! You never know...

    Ing, I'm sorry Jodi didn't work for you and appreciate you giving me another try! Lacey is very different - I think you might like her:)

  36. Well, I caught up! I feel bad for the moderator having to go through all my comments:) Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by - you have a great, lively community here! I'll be stopping by throughout the evening, so TTYL!

  37. LOl, well at least it was your comments all the way so I could just post them ;) No spam hiding in there

  38. Thanks, Blodeuedd! And thanks for taking the time to read and review "Tall, Dark and Cowboy." I really do appreciate the way reviewers and bloggers keep romance readers informed. I don't know how you keep up with it all, but you do a great job!

  39. I love that title! It's gotta be a fun bok with a title like that!

  40. Thanks for saying that Joanne :)

  41. Ing
    :D My pleasure, I am spreading some blogging love around and this is your week on my blog :) Such a cute button too.

    You can't go wrong with a title like that :)

    It sure is

  42. I think you have to love a sweet Cowboy romance! They really are my guilty pleasures right now :)



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