Saturday 13 December 2014

Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-In Dec 12 2014 and DNF time

This challenge is organized by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

Sat 1 hour walk
Sun 1.45 hour bike
Mon 4 km bike cos I was lazy
Tue 6 km bike and 45 min walk
Wed 4 km bike and 1 hour walk
Thu 4 km bike and nothing as my poor little Lucifer was ill
Fri 10 km bike




Space stuff happens
Something happened, then I gave up. End of story.

Basically the Labyrinth.
It had promise, the story that is. But the writing failed to capture my interest.

So DNF it is.

War stuff happens
So many books, so little time. If it does not impress me at once I just give up and say meh.

Girl meets boy, Drama.
Eh, I have up. I have no idea what the first 30 pages were about. Except for some guy finding a girl in the woods.

SO much easier to give up with freebies, I got tons more. it needs to catch my attention at once.

Woman is angry at world
I am sure I would have enjoyed this one much more if I had read it 3,5 years ago after book 1. Now..SIGH.

Now I was confused, no idea who these people were, what they were doing, why I should care about them. It was like I had started the series with book 2.

Read book 1 again? HA, as if. I have a LOT of books, no way I am gonna re-read a book when it might just be that book 2 actually is boring.

Humans try to save and kill dragons.
I forgot for a moment and thought this was a trilogy.
Was not that impressed with earlier books.  Grew bored.

Girl meets boy. Goblin drama.
This one actually had promise but I could not bother so DNF it is.

Boy needs girl. Drama
What? Just no. I did read a bit but, no.

North and South fan-fiction.

Oh who cares about your xmas, gave up. 

I do not know
Eh, I just did not care
It was a DNF day

All his siblings were killed and he is the spare.
Seriously I need to read fantasy in print. I, and realised I had no idea what I was reading.

Girl meets boy. Reincarnation drama.

Once again I have that sneaking suspicion that if this would have been print, then I would not DNF. 

But with ebooks I get harsh. If it does not catch my attention quickly then it's over, out and goodbye.

Girl wants to impress prince. Falls for old flame.
It was not that it was bad, I just found myself being sooooooooo bored. And the heroine was a twit. The hero, whatever.

So I DNFed it. I did not even care to look at the end.

Xmas stuff.
Yawn, DNF. See this is why I should not have Dled a lot of xmas freebies.

Boy meets girl. Drama
This was the one I came the longest with but this was stupid, so DNF
More xmas stuff
I am on a I do not care spree today

Baby drama
It's the season to DNF, la la la la la.

It happens...a lot


  1. Oh so many books I haven't tried, I'm sorry they weren't for you.

  2. I have three of these on my reader but haven't had time to read. I'm with you on DNF if it doesn't grab you early. Too many good books waiting to be read.

    1. I am glad I learned to DNF, why read what you do not like

  3. Girl meets boy, Drama.
    Eh, I have up. I have no idea what the first 30 pages were about.

    You have up...what exactly? ROFL!
    Poor Luci, poor kitty.

    1. Ana, you meanie, you know I do not see where my fingers go on the keyboard

  4. The 12 days of DNF? LOL so sorry my friend. The winter foliage looks wonderful though.

  5. 1) Poor kitty. Everyone is getting sick.
    2) hahaha I am so sorry you had so many! I think you having been saving up your DNFs ;-D

  6. Your comments cracked me up! I remember seeing Tyger Tyger around and thinking it looked good. I don't have an ereader- but I can see how it would be much easier to not finish free ebooks. ;)

    1. So easy! I DL, I give up, and end of story

  7. Whew that's a lot of DNFs. I read one from Risk...not so fab.

  8. The cover of Untamable Rogue makes me giggle.

    I haven't had the best of luck with the Christmas novellas this year :-(

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I have read 3....and the rest were all DNFS :/

      He sure does not like untamable

  9. Wow, that's a lot of DNFs. I have a few of those on my Kindle. I downloaded alot of the Christmas e-books.

  10. Quite the collection of DNFs there

  11. ''Seriously I need to read fantasy in print. I, and realised I had no idea what I was reading.''

    HAPPENS TO ME TOO. O.o That's why I read so slowly when reading a fantasy book on my tablet. But, wow girl, you surpassed yourself this time with the DNFs ;)

    1. Haha, I know, many were short stories from a series and I was all why bother.

      But I am glad I am not alone with the fantasy thing

  12. Yeah, I saw that you DNFed City of Dragons. I think that and The Emperor's Knife are the only books I've read on this list. Not surprised with The Emperor's Knife as it's kinda weird and I've seen others who just didn't like it. I did like City of Dragons though.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Maybe I was not in the mood but I did feel the whole series dragged. I was a always a Fitz fan, never a fan of the dragons or the ships books.

  13. the christmas babies cover is too cute, but sorry to hear it didnt work for you

  14. It's interesting that you are more critical of ebooks - I'm the opposite. It's a lot of "extra work" to read and review a paper copy than e-book, so it's got to be good to hold my attention!

    1. I read this article how we are wired differently, and reading ebooks and print are different. Print is better for me

  15. I think I did read the Lynn Kurland book, and Robin Hobb is one of my favourite fantasy authors. Still, not every book is as good. Perhaps I should try to read some freebies as well, and I agree, it has to catch your interest at once. Or at least the first two chapters.

    1. Freebies are, so easy to dnf ;)

      And I do love Robb, but this one, eh. I just could not

  16. I have A Cottage by the Sea somewhere...

    LOLOL, I love your comments. That last book looks painful. Just, no.

  17. I wish I could quit a book so easily. If I do it's in like the first two chapters when I don't feel invested yet. The Robin Hobb and Emperor's Knife ones look good too.

    1. It's very freeing to do it, instead of reading something mediocre

  18. LOL a do not care spree! I've had a few of those myself. Tyger Tyger is on my TBR list, I might need to rethink that one.



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