Tuesday 2 December 2014

Universal Alien - Gini Koch

Being the wife of the Vice President isn’t easy. Especially when your talents lie in kicking butt and rocking out . . .

Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini find out just how easy it is for the wife of the Vice President of the United States to unintentionally insult an ally. Now they have to smooth things over with the Australian Prime Minister, pronto, or risk creating an international incident the worldwide anti-alien coalitions will be able to use to force Jeff to resign and the A-Cs to leave the planet.

But before Kitty can make things worse, a cosmic congruence and a little help from some powerful beings shoves her into another world -- one where she’s been married to Charles Reynolds for years and aliens don’t exist. She’s also landed in the middle of a huge conspiracy and is marked for death . . . but at least that’s business as usual.

Kitty’s not the only one confused, because the Kitty from that world has taken her place in this one. Now Alpha Team and the Diplomatic Corps have to make sure that no one spots that there’s been a switch, while keeping World War III from happening. And they have to do so while keeping this new Kitty in line, because she has views about what to do and how to it, and time is running out.

Can both Kittys save their respective days before it’s too late to go home to the universes they belong to? Or will one Kitty decide to keep the other’s life . . . forever? 

My thoughts:
In this book you do not have 1 Kitty, you have 2!! The more the merrier.

We have 2 parallel worlds (there are more, multiverse and all). But 2 Kittys change place and you can only imagine what will go down.

I do prefer the real Kitty world. The other one was sad, and omg NO MARTINI. That is beyond sad. Instead she is married to Chuck. But Other Kitty shakes things up cos things are never perfect when Kitty is around. Someone is after them in that world. It was fun to see Kitty alone for once, but it was also sad...

Right and in our normal Kitty world Other Kitty comes in and is all wtf? But she adapts cos she is Kitty. And she is helpful with a scandal other Kitty caused.

Omg, are you confused yet? Lol. 2 Kittys, 2 worlds. 1 Martini. 2 Chuckies. I have used the name Kitty was too much in this review ;)

A fun ride, it worked eventhough it jumped from Kitty to Kitty. And I do prefer our Kitty, she is kick-ass.

The hunt for the Mastermind is still on too, and we get some answers. I look forward to the next book. The title has me a bit concerned .  I can't wait.


Paperback, 525 pages
Published December 2nd 2014 by DAW
Katherine "Kitty" Katt #10
Sci-fi romance
 For review


  1. A world with no Martini? Not a world I want to live in! ;-) Sounds like there's a lot going on in this book, but I know with Kitty I'm always guaranteed a heck of a ride:)

    1. I know! Sure Chuck is cool, but she needs MARTINI!

  2. I hate these kinds of parallel universe stories but it sounds like she did a good job with it.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. I know, they can get on your nerve but luckily it worked

  3. haha what a great idea for there to be two of the same main character! It must be cool to see another version of Kitty.

  4. Oh I will have to start these at some point. I have one of them! Baby steps :D

  5. I enjoy these alternate universe reads.

  6. I love alternate universes, and this sounds like so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Yeah, I am VERY VERY confused! I didn't realize she had another series out there, I was only aware of her other Alien one.

  8. I'm so so so late in this series, I think I need to read book 3... but I think I have it.

  9. I'm sooooo behind in this series... :(

  10. Never read the series but 1) that blurb sounds amazing and b) does that cover kick ass or what? (it would kick more asses if the girl had been in the suit as well but whatever). I'm checking this series out so thank you! IT SOUNDS SUPER AWESOME

    1. Totally kick-ass!

      Well Kitty 2 is not a suit girl, and Kitty 1 is too kick.ass

  11. Ha, this sounds like fun! I've only read the first book in the series so far, but I ordered the second and am looking forward to read it.



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