Tuesday 23 December 2014

Sweet Adventure - Penny Watson

Sven Klaus, Chief Toy Designer for Klaus Enterprises, will protect his family at any cost. He's prepared to battle the most threatening adversaries to do it--frost flowers, snowstorms, Yeti. And beautiful tenacious tabloid journalists.

Andi De Luca's reporting career is built on lies--about corrupt politicians, greedy Hollywood stars, and Bigfoot. Now she's determined to uncover the truth about Klaus Enterprises, and she always gets her story. Even if it means revealing her own secret desires to Santa's son.

After all the lies and deception are exposed, will Andi and Sven survive this North Pole adventure? Or will YETI MAKE THEM DEADY?

Penny Watson presents a 45,000-word holiday fantasy romance, #3 in the Klaus Brothers Series. Includes paranormal phenomena, Christmas spirit, and yes...an abominable snowmonster.
SWEET ADVENTURE can be read as a stand-alone story. 

My thoughts:
I think I have said sweet about them all, but hey, sweet is in the title!!

A sweet novella set before xmas :) There is romance, and a tiny adventure.

But ok the book. Sven is a toy-maker, but he wants to make furniture instead. Andi is a pitbull who has sniffed out a story. Honestly, Sven was adorable and cute. Andi, eh, do you really go from they do not want an interview to they are for certain the mafia who employs kids. She sure has a wild imagination...but, here is the but. She needs to make money for her family. I get that. And she does see the light and fall in love.

The tiny adventure is when they take a trip... ;)

This was really their story, falling in love, the drama thing and then living happily ever after. Nice.

Oh oh, I really like how it started and ended with emails. So fun to read. 

Kindle Edition, 204 pages
Published October 27th 2014 by Penny Watson
Klaus Brothers #3
Holiday pnr romance

Come back tomorrow when Penny is here with a special epilogue! And a giveaway :)

But if you can't wait until tomorrow, then there is a bundle of all books on Amazon for 99 cents :)


  1. Here I am, sitting in my cubicle, whilst you lounge about on vacation. *jealous*

  2. SOoooo cute. Wish they made a Tom and Jerry special of it. :D

  3. Oh this sounds sweet..LOL you made me use the word sweet. I love the sound of Sven.

    1. Too bad it makes me think of grandpa, who is named Sven

  4. Gotta love a happily ever after at this time of year! Sounds like a cute read:)

  5. So sweet my teeth are coming out! ;D

  6. I'm off to pick up the bundle on Amazon. It'll be my Christmas present for me.

  7. Another Klaus story! Have you read Lumberjack in Love? That was cute too.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  8. This sounds like a sweet novella! Cute cover too! Sounds like a perfect read right now. :)

  9. Sometimes sweet is good. Light a fluffy is sometimes what I want. I like the email thing too.

  10. Nice, something perfect for the season :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum



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