Sunday 17 May 2015

Carole Reviews: Aurelia - Alison Morton

Author: Alison Morton
Title: Aurelia (Roma Nova #4)
Genre: Historical Fiction, What-if, Drama, & action
Pages: ebook
First Published: May 5th. 2015
Where I Got It: My shelf (Given to me by the publisher/author)

Late 1960s, Roma Nova, the last Roman colony that has survived into the 20th century Aurelia Mitela is alone - her partner gone, her child sickly and her mother dead - and forced to give up her beloved career as a Praetorian officer. 

But her country needs her unique skills. Somebody is smuggling silver - Roma Nova's lifeblood - on an industrial scale. Sent to Berlin to investigate, she encounters the mysterious and attractive Miklos who knows too much and Caius Tellus, a Roma Novan she has despised and feared since childhood.

Barely escaping a trap set by a gang boss intent on terminating her, she discovers that her old enemy is at the heart of all her troubles and pursues him back home to Roma Nova... 

This is the fourth book in the series, but worry-not, this does well as a stand alone.

This book would not relent! I could hardly put it down, because I needed to know what was next. I would have finished this book within a day, but I could not keep my eyes open, so I was forced to go to sleep and resume in the morning. When it ended...I was not happy.

1) It ended and I wanted more.

2) The ending was a cliff-hanger and I do not approve of those (even though I am the queen of those when I write...hahahaha)

Okay...I am done. But yes, I adore Aurelia....however....her decision at the end was not to my liking and I am not happy with her. >_>

Anyways, this was an interesting world. Imagine if a piece of Rome lived into this century. When Rome fell a group of its people left and rebuilt a small piece of Rome. It's an interesting concept and I honestly wish this country existed. It would be interesting to visit and learn about. Me...being the nerd I am....want the author to write a book about the history of this country of Roma Nova. This parallel universe is so interesting and it is a great "what-if" story. I do love my WIs.

I do have many questions about this world that I wished was further explained in he book. Maybe they are in the earlier books? I'll have to read the other ones I suppose to learn more about this world and culture. 


Poor Aurelia. She is in for a long and dangerous journey that is not kind to her. Damn Caius...he certainly is a great baddie. He is very complex, manipulative, and certainly a crazy person. Ah, kuddos for a great baddie! They are hard to find in some of these novels lately. However, I do hope to see him later on, because the "conclusion" with him was not satisfying for me. 

This was a really good book! Lots of action, drama, mystery, and a kick-ass heroine! The ending was the weak spot for this novel. It was a cliff-hanger, which I get because this is a series, but I was not happy with it. I am curious to see what happened BEFORE and what is going to happen AFTER. This seems like a fun series and I plan on reading more! I love the world and I loved the characters. I totally recommend this to those that like WIs and a good story. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 4 stars. 

Favorite Character(s): Aurelia (loved her even tho she upset me at the end), Caius (a great baddie), and Justina  
Not-so Favorite Character(s): Aurelia's mom, the "gypsy" (>_> I get it, but I don't like it), & Caius' aunt (mmmmmm). 


  1. Yeah it is an interesting concept. The world would definitely be a different place

  2. You've intrigued me, the setting is original and I can't wait to meet the great baddie Caïus ;)

  3. ha. i love that the book created some pretty intense reactions from you. :)

  4. I love an unrelenting book, I had that experience this week with Archetype. I hate though that there is a cliffhagner. ARGH>

  5. Thanks C!
    I love books like these. I actually read one ages ago where Rome never died

  6. I like the sounds of it but cliffy? Mearg! So not a cliffy type girl. Ah well.

  7. it's terrible when we'renot happy about the actions of a heroine. I didn't know this one but it's great that it's possible to read it separately even if 4th book in the series. I'm so curious about Aurelia now.

  8. Okay, first, the cover is gorgeous. And second, I'm glad this was such an emotional read for you. You made me want to read it right away.

  9. I want this series! Roma Nova? Bring it on even with ugly cliffhangers, anathema sit!

  10. I MUST read this series! It sounds almost too good to be true. I love my wifs too! :)

  11. Great review Carole! Not sure it is something for me, alternative history, and then the ending you dislike so much.

  12. LOL! Great review Carole. You have me so curious about this one! :D

  13. I love it when series can be read as stand-alone novels... even if the cliffhanger element is one that makes me rather frustrated, especially if I have to wait for a long time for the next instalment.
    I think I'm going to have to check out this series, Carole, you're really tempting me :)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews



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