Thursday 28 May 2015

Retribution - Mark Charan Newton

Having just solved a difficult case in his home city of Tryum, Sun Chamber Officer Lucan Drakenfeld and his associate Leana are ordered to journey to the exotic city of Kuvash in Koton, where a revered priest has gone missing. When they arrive, they discover the priest has already been found - or at least parts of him have. But investigating the unusual death isn't a priority for the legislature of Kuvash; there's a kingdom to run, a census to create and a dictatorial Queen to placate. Soon Drakenfeld finds that he is suddenly in charge of an investigation in a strange city, whose customs and politics are as complex as they are dangerous. Kuvash is a city of contradictions; wealth and poverty exist uneasily side-by-side and behind the rich facades of gilded streets and buildings, all levels of depravity and decadence are practised. When several more bodies are discovered mutilated and dumped in a public place, Drakenfeld realizes there's a killer at work who seems to delight in torture and pain. With no motive, no leads and no suspects, he feels like he's running out of options. And in a city where nothing is as it seems, seeking the truth is likely to get him killed ...

My thoughts:
I know that I do not read a lot of mysteries/thrillers, but I have noticed that I like the historical ones. And with the first book in this series, the fantasy ones works excellent too.

Drakenfeld has a new job. A priest has been killed and he is sent to investigate. We learn to know another country in this world, a people like the mongols who now try to settle in cities. Their queen wants to show the world how cultured they are. I do like learning more about this world, and he shows this new country so that I can feel like I am there too.

It's quite the mystery, who killed the priest? What on earth is going on in this city? I had not plan to read it in a day, but I could not put it down, so in a day it was.

A good mystery, an interesting world. And I do want more. I wonder where Drakenfeld will go next, cos this continent is in trouble. Big trouble is coming. 

A fantasy series I would recommend.


Hardcover, 400 pages
Published October 23rd 2014 by Macmillan
Drakenfeld #2


  1. Never heard of it but I really might enjoy it, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Yes, please a good historical mystery that you couldn't put down, sounds like it is worth the read.

  3. Hmm, fantasy and mystery! I'll have to look for these.

  4. I adored the first book. Still haven't gotten my hands on this one yet, will probably have to hit up book depository as these books still don't have a US release date as far as I know. It's a travesty!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Oh, that must be why the Goodreads page kept looking so strange! And why my library took ages to get the book

  5. I also like historical mysteries more then contemporary ones.

  6. Those are the best kind of mysteries: one-sitting reads. :)

  7. I always like a good mystery like that

  8. Oh I might be tempted as well! Have a great Friday!

  9. I love it when they mix it up! I just finished listening to A Study in Silks, and it had everything - steampunk, a bit of magic, some romance and especially a big mystery in the middle of a cluster of smaller ones. You really can't get bored with a book that sells everything :) This one sounds really good! Enjoy your weekend, Linda <3

    1. I have seen that one around and I have been curious :D I should take a closer look at it

  10. Drakenfeld is one of the series I plan to give a try one of these days. I like the sounds of it.
    And I can read mystery only if it's in fantasy/paranormal genre.

    1. You sounds like me then when it comes to mysteries :)

      And yes you have to try these



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