Saturday 30 January 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-In Jan 29 2016 and Crazy about you

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Sat 20 min walk, 1 h cross country skiing
Sun 30 min walk. 3 km cross country skiing
Mon 1 h walk. 4 km bike
Tue 1 h yoga. 8 km bike. 1 h workout class
Wed 4 km bike. 1 h zumba
Thu 8 km bike, 45min  zumba toning
Fri 4 km bike
Sat 1 h walk

Nice week, but it rained so no more skiing. Come on! And no pics either since well we went skiing after 8 PM both days ;)


Climate scientist Chase Anderson races from one project to the next, unwilling to slow down in his quest to save the world’s oceans. He has no time for family or relationships until he crashes into an impetuous blonde with a quirky sense of humor. One sizzling kiss makes him seriously reevaluate his priorities. And his sanity. 

Emma Maguire left her small Cape Cod hometown years ago, seeking the fast pace and anonymity of New York City. She’s not sure what she’s searching for, but when a family crisis brings her home to Provincetown she’s caught in a crazy tangle of half-truths and mistaken identity… and falls for the handsome stranger who broke her cell phone. 

Will untangling the web of lies drive them crazy, or lead to something even crazier – like love? 

My thoughts:
Make it short, make it fast...

We have Emma and Chase. Chase likes the sea and science.
Emma is naive who has not noticed that her friend is a mobster.

Emma and Chase flirt, do more.

There is a bit of suspense...There is drama with her friend.

They live happily ever after.

It was cute

Kindle Edition, 332 pages
Published July 24th 2015 by The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Contemporary romance


  1. 1) :D I wanna learn how to ski
    2) Cute, but gunna skip

  2. I wish I had a pair of cross country skis last weekend! Would have helped me get around :D Sadly, I think it's going to rain here soon too, which is going to make the snow all gross and slushy.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Lol, it would have made it easier yes ;)

      More rain here too, blergh

  3. I bet it was cold skiing at night. Keep it up!

  4. She didn't notice her friend was in the mob? Well that would be a startling revelation.

    Cool! You got to get out and ski a bit.

  5. nice to jhave sute. to warm here like 17°C... no snow

  6. Good job I'm up to 7000 steps a day and I've lost 42 lbs

  7. Love the pic...skiing is so fun!! Its the one thing I will miss when I move later this late summer/fall.

  8. Nice workouts during the week! I've been skiing once and enjoyed it! I'll have to do it again in the near future :D

  9. We had rain last week too. Need more snow.

  10. That looks cute. Boo on the rain. The skiing looks fun :)

    1. It was...well no it wasn't but it was a good workout



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